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This is for enlisting all the Horror films that I have seen so far in this new decade (2010-2019). So it'll be an ongoing process & I hope I can continue it till 31st Dec, 2019! Time to time recommendations, suggestions or even criticisms are always welcome from any good horror movie fan. Some of the entries in the list you may find "poor/crap/weak" or "not so good/decent" but I think they will eventually be eliminated in coming years as we are just in the very earlier phase of the decade at the moment. I hope there will be more awesome movies made in coming years.
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a list of 418 people! :D Just recommend/suggest the names that you felt should be added on the list.

[There is no particular order; added & ranked them randomly]

This is a simplest way to give a little tribute to all those amazing women for their undeniable daring efforts to making a scene in the movie or an entire film so special for us. I'm not an expert on their field of works but just a fan who is trying to show some respect.
As far I noticed, there is only 1 or 2 similar list is available on IMDB & very few on the web. So the 'nerds & experts' who thinks this list is ridiculous or funny, I'm suggesting & requesting you to go, spend your time & make a better one than this as long as you care so much.
Please keep the recommendations coming. I've already changed the listing several times based on the recs as I'm trying to add all the deserving ones chosen by the fans or 'experts'.
Btw, regretfully I'm excluding those who still haven't add any picture to their IMDB profile; No pic...No entry!

Keep up the good work, ladies! We love you all. Thank You:)
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A follow up to my list of Best Hundred Horror Films of the Decade: 2000-2009
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Who you think is the most badass in the bunch? :D

Discuss here:
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Pick your favorite House of Horror...
(Note: Castles & cabins excluded)
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A remote cabin in the woods or a research facility at Antarctic, an abandoned old town or castle with a dark secret or a large spacecraft with small group of people on space...the settings of a horror story always play a key part to develop & construct the very base of horror that helps to develop the required atmosphere, creates & stimulates the game of fears with the audience & if delivered effectively, it often stays with us for a long time that can even become a part of our favorite nightmare. As horror film lovers we all know over the years, how brilliantly the horror filmmakers have taken us to so many creepy & unholy places on earth & its beyond that we all often love to talk about & dream to make a visit with our friends. So here I present you a list of 130 Best Horror movie settings/locations ever made.
While compiling the entries, I've categorized them under 5 sections:

1) Houses, Apartments & Cabins
2) Hotels & Motels
3) Camps, Parks & Wilderness
4) Towns & Islands
5) Hospital/Asylum & other facilities

(As there's limited amount of images available in IMDB archive, therefore couldn't able to show all the appropriate/related images for all the settings in the list)
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Each letter of the alphabet representing the best of Horror! 26 letters...26 awesome horror movies :)
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Done some changes recently as I earlier missed some great films that deserved to be in the list; seen them lately & included them straightaway by removing some lesser great films which I added on my next list of "Horror Movies of the Decade 00-09: Honorable Mentions (".