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Jurm (2005)
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Terrible story, direction, and acting, 27 March 2005

"Jurm" is a film which is supposed to be a thriller, without actually being one. The film is very easy to predict, and lacks of suspense. Even though the film begins promising, it completely fails and falls in level afterwards. Vikram Bhatt is not able to maintain the suspense through out the film. The main problem with "Jurm" is that it has absolutely nothing new to offer. What you see has been seen several times before. On the top of that the chemistry between the actors is miserable as well. This is one of the few films where even Bobby Deol isn't able to play his part with conviction. Lara Dutta proves that being beautiful and sexy doesn't necessarily mean that you can act. Thank you! Gul Panag hasn't got much to do in the film. Milind Soman plays extremely artificially, and falls flat in front of Bobby Deol, in spite the fact that he is not playing well either. It is truly sad to see an actor of Ashish Vidyarthi's calibre to choose such a low level film, where he doesn't get the chance to play even 10% of what he is capable of.

"Jurm" is a terrible film with terrible acting and has nothing new to offer. This one doesn't even qualify as being a time-pass movie.

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Not bad, 7 January 2004

Munna Bhai MBBS is a typical feel-good movie added with some clever jokes. The script is a bit weak and predictable but some good performances covers that up. Everybody does it good especially Sanjay Dutt. He is the only actor who could pull-of this kind of role. Overall it's a funny and entertaining film.

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Poor story, great performances, 26 July 2002

This movie has a very poor story, and a terrible direction. What makes the movie survive is Govinda's BRILLIANT comic performance as "chacha ji". Sanjay Dutt plays well, but Govinda takes the show. He is the best in the movie, and makes you laugh like hell. Nice movie to take away your stress... not only once, but every time you see it!!!

Ondt blod (1996)
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Well directed and well played, 18 July 2002

This movie is a very nice one. It goes into the criminal behavior very well, and makes it sound realistic. A great performance by Thomas Bo Larsen, and a good performance by Jens Okking. All though the ending, could have been a bit more unpredictable, but it was acceptable. Ergo: It is a very nice movie, with some very interesting characters, who we get to learn more and more about in the movie. A great time pass!!

Chaplin (1992)
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Brilliant movie, 23 May 2002

It is a brilliant movie, and made very authentic! Robert Downey Jr. does a more than perfect performance as Charlie Chaplin. I knew, that there are actors that can play a role very well, but I didn't know that an actor can play a role perfectly before I saw Chaplin...