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Because it is snowing and I am bored, thought I'd try and nail this down. Obviously everyone on the internet cares what my favorite movies are...

By no means conclusive...

I've included some of my favorite lines from each in the descriptions.
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Films with the best depictions of Autumn, in my opinion.
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Just my attempt to list my top 10 favorite television shows.
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My favorite villainous roles in film
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My best guess at a top favorite list, which will end up being entirely too long to mean anything and will certainly not be conclusive or exclusive
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Some of the films I make a habit of watching at least once a year.
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Movies which really hold a special place in my heart or I love for reasons that are sometimes hard for me to explain. Movies which have informed me as a film viewer, an amateur historian and a prospective writer. By no means a ranking or attempt at a "top list"
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Top 10
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Favorite 10
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Don't really fall into any specific genre other than "crime"
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I managed to keep it to somewhat practical in number, with some difficulty. No particular order.