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Themes of friendship and determination, 14 December 2003

This movie is a wonderful film about friendship and determination. Two dogs, a retriever and a bull terrier, and a Siamese cat go on a quest to find their family and take care of each other along the way. The interaction among the pets is absolutely amazing. The love they have for each other is evident throughout the film.

Some may find the film a little boring because there is no dialogue for long portions of the film and of course it has an "old movie" look to it. The remake, Homeward Bound, is funnier and more action-packed, but I still prefer the original by far. The music and beautiful scenery alone make this a must-see.

This was an emotional milestone for me as a child. Anyone who doesn't cry their eyes out watching this movie has a heart of stone! Based on the book by Sheila Burnford.

Tommy (1975)
The play's the thing, 7 November 2002

I had seen the stage show and heard the album before checking out the movie and I was seriously disturbed when I finally saw it. I thought a lot of the scenes were way too much information for me. The plot itself is pretty bizarre and I know the music is a higher priority but both really seemed that they were overshadowed by the visual parts of the film. Every scene is bright and colorful and kind of a sensory overload, but I could have done without a lot of the scenes, like the Acid Queen and Cousin Kevin. I was, I repeat (in capital letters), Seriously Disturbed.

My problems with the film relate to the plot and the music. I really didn't like the film's alterations in the plot like the updating of the time period (fifty-one instead of twenty-one), the lack of the mirror's role, and the change in the role of captain walker. I also thought that the music was not a priority in the film. The songs seemed mediocre and it seemed as if they were kind of an afterthought.

It is entirely possible that I only preferred the album and stage show because I experienced them first. I also saw the probably edited version on television. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

One thing you can say for the movie, similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is that it's an experience!