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BRILLIANT, 17 July 2003

This film is truly hilarious. Some people mightn't like it, but if you're Catholic and fairly broadminded, it's a scream. Annette Crosbie as the nun, and Ade Edmundson as the deaf Priest are the best performers- save for Herbert Lom and Robbie Coltrane who really make this movie come alive.

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Love Thy Neighbour is a strained expansion of a popular 1970s TV Sitcom. It's dealing with race relations between West Indians and White British makes it popular with the humour found in Working Men's Clubs, but the cracks do show.

At times the humour is funny, but very rarely. It's forgettable.

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Grotesque, but very funny, 18 April 2003

This film is probably one of the most grotesque I have ever had to watch. But it is also a masterpiece of writing and comic genius. Barry Crocker is brilliant as the naive Barry McKenzie, whilst Barry Humphries is superb as Edna Everidge.

There is also excellent support from the likes of Peter Cook, Dick Bentley, Dennis Price and William Rushton- actors and comedians who did what they did well.

An all-round classic: should be made compulsary viewing!

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Brilliant!, 9 October 2002

Getting Sam Home is a brilliant feature length outing for the lovable rogues Compo, Clegg and Foggy. The script is touching as well as humorous, not forgetting the wonderful dialogues between the terrible trio. A must for everyone, surely!