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No where near the expectations, 4 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before some days, this movie was creating huge hype due to promotional events and trailers on Indian TV Channels, on Internet media. This hype resulted, that in my small city, with few cinema halls, there were 10 shows per day, all house full for first 3 days. Reading the reviews (from biased internet websites) I went on to see this movie with expectations of laughter, fun, of course extraordinary performance for SRK. One expects that much from SRK & Farah Khan whose last flick Main Hoo Naa was great.

But in the cinema hall, I was irritated by this movie. I wanted to get out before it finished, even if "Picture to abhi baki hai". Lets see where things went wrong for this movie.

1. Story was already known, similar to greatest hits Karz of 70s. So no thrills while watching the movie. Everything was expected. Producers should learn about keeping it a secret like Lagaan, which they failed to do.

2. I expected fun & laughter like Main Hoo Naa, but here there was only one scene where you can laugh that too even involving Akshay Kuman, not SRK. Remaining Jokes were not fun at all.

3. Director created a masala film, but put too many songs in it. First half had few songs which were not needed, worst was second half where songs were not necessary at all. If one wants main lead to recall his memory, put some meaningful event for it to happen. Director inserted a boring song involving 31 stars (10 minutes long) for SRK to recall his previous birth.

4. SRK delivered good performance as always, but I thought he overacted in this movie, annoying at times. Shreyas Talpade & Kirron Kher were wasted, not much for such talents. Actually I was annoyed by the fact that in second half Kirron Kher after meeting SRK "Om Kapoor" was still wearing clothes like those of some village old age women.

5. Very good movies this year like Chakde, Bhool Bhulaiya, Jhonny Gaddar makes this weak movie worst. Script of this movie is weak.

Farah Khan & Sajid Khan seems to be believing that involve many stars in a song & it will be a hit, no matter how bad the movie is.

Lastly I am so much angry about some people who reviewed this movie, given 9/10, just were biased with this movie.

One good thing about this movie is new comer Deepika Padukone, she really enlightens the screen, plus doesn't look like a new comer at all.

Final Verdict, Movie is just an average, not lives up to the hype and expectations created.

Heyy Babyy (2007)
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Total Crap, 4 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a total crap. Don't see it. Having seen some good movies lately like 1971, Omkara I thought that Indian movies are finally becoming meaningful. This disappointed me totally.

Trailers of the movie were shown in such a way, that viewers would expect it to be an all out comedy. One thinks that Akshay Kumar in a fun film will be full of laughter. Guess what you won't laugh at all. There are few comic scenes, but won't make you laugh at all. Besides that it has Desi masala content which now people had enough from Bollywood movies, so no one likes them anymore.

Songs are all over the place, never blending with the situation anywhere. And there is an unexpected tragedy waiting for you, which no one wants to see. It gave totally wrong impression from the trailers.

Director Sajid Khan should understand that he has made a movie for masses, and adding many songs & actresses in one song can't make a film any better. He should learn something from others. Script is also dull, it has no soul, never holds one during the movie. On top of that it has predictability in the end.

I have given 5 ratings just for good efforts by the cast.

Final verdict, no content, only songs, total crap.

Don't even dare to watch it.