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"E-Ring" (2005)
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Great Show....Now they'll probably cancel it., 10 November 2005

I love this show. Sorry to those that feel the same. It seems that every show I love they cancel.

Like "Over There" on FX. Though the advantage this show has over "Over There" is that they seem to have the networks support. NBC, seems to actually give shows a shot.

Could you imagine if they didn't give Seinfeld the chance? It had some really lack-luster ratings for three years and then look what happened.

Thankfully, E-Ring doesn't seem to have this problem and people will soon start to find the show.

For those with the earlier comments about realism and lingo...Come on. It's a TV Show and it's designed to be entertaining not realistic. Even true stories add fluff to build up the drama and energy.

Just sit back and enjoy.