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Fan Plot:
Agent Maria Hill aproaches Peter Parker in behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. to investigate Norman Osborn through his friend Harry, since it seems Osborn is implicated in a series of crimes commited by a brilliant Os-Corp employe known as "The Shocker". With the help of investigator Jean Dewolff, peter discovers Os-Corp is just a facade for an evil organization developing very dangerous technology.
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Actresses that would make a good job playing a Bond Girl. Present day or in the future.
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The cast I would like to see in Bridesmaids 2, which would be about Annie's wedding with Rhodes.
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As the previous Charlie's Angels are getting older and the TV show reboot was not succesful, I figured the movie franchise should be rebooted with a whole new cast.
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In order
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Some of the guys I'd like to see as James Bond, either present-day or in the future. Craig is cool, but I think they should be thinking on replacing him.
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We've seen it a thousand times and it never gets old. Actors in their twenties going to high school to create a movie every teenager likes, but parents can't stand watching for over 30 minutes. These are my favorites, and the ones i believe have passed (or will pass) the test of time.
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As there are rummors of rebooting the Fantastic 4 franchise (and I personally think it's a great idea) I thought I would make a list of the people I'd cast for the film. What do you think? Who would you cast?