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"The Jury" (2002)
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A Learning Curve ,has to be seen., 17 February 2008

I found this series brilliant. The sensitive acting and timing were unusually spectacular. Gerard Butler(Johnnie Donne) was exceptionally convincing as the recovering alcoholic.He has personal experience of this and it must have taken huge courage to play this character as he has admitted that it was a very dark period in his life. Well done Gerry. He gathers belief in himself as the trial progresses and is shown to be the strongest of the jurors and the most factual. He carries a lot of the weight of the series with his perceptive interaction with Derek Jacobi who is in prime form as the defending council. Rose(Helen McCory) is sympathetic and portrays real emotional energy in her delicate handling of the at first fragile Johnnie. All the other characters lent weight and credence to this series I have seldom seen better. Tim Healey lends charm and cheekiness with his practical advice and fatherly treatment of Johnnie. Overall this one could be an anytime any place series as this situation unfortunately still exists. It should be shown again as there is a lot to learn from the doubts and fears of racism and our present day attitudes need redress.

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one more kiss, 27 December 2006

This movie shows a sensitivity and finesse that do all of the actors huge credit. I became quickly immersed in the story line and thought how delicately it was handled. Gerard Butler seems to have a rare ability when it comes to this type of subject. His character Sam was a delight a rare man who showed true compassion for the young girl suffering from cancer. She was so brave and matter of fact that she scared me. I have commented on Gerard Butler before and each film I see convinces me that here we have a rare talent. He is truly a master of his craft. Thank you for so much enjoyment even if I cried a river. Wonderful Stuff more please.

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phantom, 22 November 2006

I have not much experience of writing this sort of preview so I'm afraid this comes straight from the heart. The movie I felt was one of the best I have ever seen and I have seen all of the phantom films.Yes I'm that old.(but I wear well) Gerard Butler has one of the most thrilling persona's I have come across in a long time .Not only is he beautiful but he portrays a depth of acting that is rare in this age, He obviously gives a lot of thought to what he is doing.He became the phantom. His passion in his voice had me in tears. Maybe I felt a little personal about him as I am also a Scorpio and I know we give 100% and a Celt (welsh). Dear Frankie was also a piece of pure pleasure. Dracula 2001,my daughter Sarah thought the same as I fantastic( she is very analytical.trainee solicitor)I am looking forward to the 300 film and I know that Priest will be another one to enjoy.Thank you Mr Butler you have restored my faith in the acting profession.I wish you the best of luck,and thank you.