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Predictable, typical, and not original at all, 31 May 2008

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I went in to this movie expecting to see a good quality scary movie. A movie that was that made you really scared, but also had a decent story line (not like most of the scary movies that have recently been released).

I thought this movie was horrible. It practically had no story and didn't explain anything that was going on. It was just two hours of a couple being chased around by killers in masks who have no motivation to be killing them in the first place.

The movie was just scene after scene of the main characters running away while the killers followed them with axes and knives. It's no different from any of the other low quality horror films, and should definitely not be compared to The Shining or Psycho like some people have done.

If you want to see mindless horror or people being hacked at by axes, then you should go see this. If you want to see a high quality, creative, original horror film, then don't waste your money on this movie