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I won't bother writing anything about each film, as I wouldn't want to give away the endings, which are all shocking in one way or another.
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This is a list of actresses who I feel aren't getting the great roles they deserve. It's not necessarily a list of my favorites (I don't think Meryl Streep is losing any roles for lack of being famous enough) but only a list of women whose fame is considerably less than their talents warrant.
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First, let me say that some films which some people consider sci-fi won't make my list simply because I don't see them as sci-fi. For instance, Brazil is my favorite movie, but while dystopian, it is not substantially a science fiction movie as the differences between its world and the one which produced it are more organizational than reality (as in "the physical world is different here") based. I also only will include a single film from favorites that fall within a series.
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The ten best movies from 2001-20010