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Cool Runnings (1993)
An excellent, touching and heartwarming film
18 May 2002
A thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable and heartwarming movie that had me laughing and yet greatly moved at the same time. John Candy provides an excellent performance as a disgraced bobsledding competitor given a chance to redeem his reputation. The other actors involved in "Cool Runnings" are also excellent and add a realistic and wonderful dimension to the show. Several significant issues are touched on during the film -including racism, the consequences and implications of cheating, your ability to do anything if you put your mind to it and so on-but it is at the same time a humorous and delightfully entertaining movie. 10 out of 10.
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G.P. (1989–1996)
An excellent and insightful drama
18 May 2002
"GP" was an excellent and insightful medical drama that provided interesting and enlightening insights into many controversial and previously taboo medical and social issues. The earliest episodes involved an excellent cast of actors that included Michael Craig as the wonderful Dr. William Sharp, John McTiernan as his nephew Robert Sharp, Michael O'Neil as the youthful and modern Dr. Steve Harrison and Sarah Chadwick as the modern, beautiful and outspoken Dr. Cathy Mitchell, Denise Roberts as nurse and medical receptionist Julie Winters and Brian Rooney as Julie's sometimes michevious but generally good-natured and kind son Michael Winters.

Over the next four years most of the original cast disappeared but new talent was injected into the show in the form of new actors/actresses including Judy McIntosh as the mysterious and somewhat reserved Dr. Nicola Tanner, Damian Rice as the controversial but kind Dr. Martin Dempsey, Marilynne Paspaley as the reserved but very professional Dr. Tessa Korkidas and Tony Lwellyn Jones as her psychiatrist husband and the various actors/actresses who portrayed their children. Each of these actors/actresses contributed a wonderful dimension to the show and made it the success that it was. While some of the episodes were better than others, a bad episode was the exception rather than the rule during that period.

Things started to decline in about mid-to-late 1994 when the producers of the show decided to modernize and "jazz up" the show. The emphasis was placed more on romantic storylines and main character relationships, the classic theme was replaced with a new and unappealing tune and the storylines became unrealistic. Good episodes became the exception rather than the rule and the show was scrapped in 1996. Nevertheless, for the majority of its time on air, the show was excellent
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