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An underrated noir drama, 8 October 2015

No, folks, that story is not really a crime one. It would be rather a simple drama shot nearly in a single set - a bank - and giving us a sort of characters study with also a little suspense. The portrait of the poor bank clerk at whom every one laughs at is pretty interesting to follow. Many among the audiences could recognize himself in this guy, shy and uncomfortable in his own skin. I only the presence of this unbeareable music, that we unfortunately hear in those early fifties TV shows. Live shows, I guess. I also would like to insist on some good camera movements, sorts of long shots made in continuity, rear and forward, and also a split screen, almost, actually. Worth watching.

Delightful, 8 October 2015

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Yes folks, delightful and I will explain you why. First, because the two episodes - that I watched in a row like a movie - are both directed by Bob Altman, the future director of JOHN MC CABE and MASH. I knew he made some stuff for TV, but not of this kind. And second because we have here Roger Moore in one of his earliest performances, although he had already played in some American features before, and he is here is a dandy bootlegger character. What exciting. And he has already his famous faces and eyes expressions, the same he will have later in the James Bond movies. I really love his character here, where he seduces the recurrent lead lady of the show.

The directing is awesome for this kind of production, it could have been a classic noir movie. So shame this is not more widely known. If you can get it, don't miss this episode. I also hope this series will be released on day. The copy I watched was pretty bad, probably an old taping off.

Horseracing caper, 7 October 2015

That's the first episode I watch from this TV show. I don't know if it was aired in France. I guess it was not. The typical scheme of the early sixties, the atmosphere of the thirties gangster movies, mob stories, in the UNTOUCHABLES and other big screen items or such topics. Very awesome production design. There were dozens of such features: RISE AND FALL OF LEGS DIAMOND, PURPLE GANG, MURDER INC, PORTRAIT OF A MOBSTER... Anyway this episode is very engaging to continue the series, because it doesn't seem to focus on only one or two main recurrent characters. One of them is Charley, and he can pick horse racing winners. Charley turns out to be a respectable insurance agent. He is not a pure gangster, that's where it is interesting. I will comment many of those other episodes.

Death of a wine broker, 6 October 2015

I much enjoy viewing those old episodes which remind me my young years, in the seventies, when I was a kid. In this episode, superintendent Maigret investigates after the murder of an important wine merchant in Paris, and played by Maurice Barrier. A man who also appeared to be a dangerous womanizer and also a contemptuous and contemptible man, who enjoyed humiliating his employees, disgusting with everyone. That opens to many possibilities, concerning the murder cause, doesn't it...

Except this, there is nothing special here, some good acting from time to time, and from supporting actors such as Barrier - who is absolutely terrific as an evil victim - and the murderer's character, but nothing else. Not many surprises, only for the atmosphere and Jean Richard performance, which was his long time trade mark. Not for young audiences, but only old timers like me. Maybe I will comment more MAIGRET épisodes in the future. I'll see.

Absolutely terrific, 4 October 2015

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This movie made for the small screen represents the quintessence of what I love the most in the film noir. Even if it's not the authentic definition that other movie buffs may give to it. I don't care. This feature was aired on a french channel during the late seventies, but I missed it. I only knew the novel written by Richard Johnson, an ex con like Eddy Bunker. Novels speaking of brutality, violence and total despair for every one, and where only the most ruthless guys survive. So this movie is fairly faithful to the original. A fierce story for a hopeless atmosphere where you don't have to expect any happy endings. What can I say to describe the Telly Savalas or Joe Don Baker's performances? I can't find words strong enough to tell you. Outstanding, fabulous, awesome... I will never forget one of the last scene, where (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) the Joe Don Baker's character - Mongo - dies standing still under the rain. Read the other comment too, it's better than mine.

Pure hopeless seventies style, the kind of movies I have always loved and always will.

One more so good episode, 3 October 2015

Once more this TV series brought me a great pleasure especially with our old buddy Eddy Asner as a vet cop fighting his old inner demons, his existential problems, although helped by some fellow comrades such as Scott Brady. One more typical cop story, and from the inside, as usual for this outstanding series, the best ever made on police officers as they really are.

Not much action however, but I don't care as far as the characters are shown in a powerful way, and above all convincing. Even a blind man, only by hearing, could guess this tale is from Jo Wambaugh. And also as usual, Eddy Asner patrols here with a rookie, and the two of them are delicious to analyse. The conflict that exist between them. I will never get tired of this so seventies show. Never. Directed by the prolific TV film and episode maker Virgil Vogel.

Outpost in Afghanistan, 3 October 2015

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It could be a mix of DJINNS and PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK. It also could be influenced by all those horror military outpost stories that were shown several years ago, and which even continue now. Tales involving lost platoons in the middle of nowhere, in the desert or all kinds of wilderness, lost patrol who had to fight against an invisible unknown evil. This feature is very realistic and carried by a solid acting too. Characters are convincing. But no gore sequences here. And I will also emphasize on the eerie atmosphere, weird, especially the scene where the group of soldiers try to catch the evil spirit who abducted some of their men...Their fellow comrades. Jérémie Rénier plays here the chief of those men. Remember, he also played a soldier in LE GRAND HOMME, last year.

Worth watching.

Disorder (2015)
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Surprisingly good for a female director, 3 October 2015

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First let me explain. I did not mean that female directors usually bring bad stuff, no. See for instance Kathryn Bigeow concerning action and testosterone films...No, but this movie, even involving a very beautiful woman - Diane Kruger - remains rather brutal and very realistic. I say that movie avoids many clichés, especially if you consider the end. For the rest, every one expects the usual ending. But that's here you're totally wrong. Maybe the directing involving the camera movements was not quite good, as the other comment said, but I don't care. I love those two characters, as this ex soldier suffering of post war traumatic disorder. And this cold woman who slowly get interested by this man. But is she really? I recommend it.

Rabid Dogs (2015)
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A rather fair remake of Mario Bava's film., 3 October 2015

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You have to know that this movie is a sort of remake of Mario Bava's Carri Arrabiatti, shot in 1974, where Ricardo Cucciola had the same character played here by Lambert Wilson. He is a common driver and father of a little girl who is held as hostage by a group of brutal hoodlums. And a female innocent bystander is also involved in the scheme. Well, it is a B movie, a noir, brutal and typical of what the french movie industry may try from time to time since several years now. The peak of this film is the end, which is Alfred Hitchcock Presents's ending like. A really pure twist ending. It jumps in your face. Literally. Only the end is really worth. But maybe I am a little too hard with this film. For a first feature - I presume - it's a good try. And I was also glad to see Virginie Ledoyen, after such a long time.

Smooth drama but also an eerie tale., 2 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I warn you, there is nothing exceptional here. It's a psychological drama that could have pleased to Alfred Hitchcock. His shadow stands everywhere in this story where his own daughter plays. I don't think it's just a coincidence. It's mainly a woman's tale. I did not know Pamela Browne, and I find her fascinating, no matter her character. I love her face. Michael Rennie is also on the spot, as the man who murdered his wife, but his presence would fit to so many stories, drama or no drama. Since the very beginning I wondered why this title and I thought of the Sodome and Gomorha tale, with the woman who looks back and is turned to salt; so I watched for a sort of allegory from this tale in this episode story. And I finally made partly it. It makes this episode quite interesting but not that exceptional either.

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