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No bad TV show, but could have been better., 25 June 2017

I only discover it now, although it was aired in France ten years ago. What a terrific mini series. It is certainly not in France that such a story could have been told. See for yourself; a story where veterans, war vets, openly talk against their own country, against their own government. That's certainly not in France that such a tale could have been shown. In America, the main advantage compared to France, is that you can talk about ANYTHING if it makes money. Period. In France, that's not the same. The channel who produce such a topic would have IRS inspectors the following day dig into their accounts...See what I mean? The director Yves Boisset was the victim of such a system. France, human rights country and its hypocrisy. And I am French. So, that said, back to this terrific series, you can think of RESERVOIR DOGS, HEAT and TAKING OF PELHAM 123...And it is obvious that such a story is far better made for TV show, than for theatrical release in a two hours feature. In a series, you have plenty of time and room to emphasize on characters and develop situations, with plenty of characters. The gunfight in the subway tunnel, however, in the sixth episode, is rather corny, totally unbelievable.

I am surprised it was produced by James De Monaco, the director of American NIGTMARE series crap, for the big screen this time.

Good characters study here, thanks to the series concept. The main drawback, weak point, is the fire fights sequences. The characters shoot tons of ammo without even changing the barrels of their weapons. I don't speak of the absence of impacts on most cars and walls during the shootings, at least the last one, not the first, involving the SWAT team trying to get into the bank, which is the best gun battle of the entire show. I don't understand why the film makers don't care about such important détails, which are nothing to be cared about. That remains childish to argue about this but, sorry, that upsets me.

Fortress (1985)
Lord Of the Flies meets Deliverance, 25 June 2017

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At first sight, it seems to be a Disney Channel stuff, a movie destined to kids and families for matinees shows. But, believe me, it is not. The first part is rather lousy, flat and uninteresting but the following is worth watching. You have different paces in this TV film. This is definitely a survival and the natural settings are beautiful. But I am not sure that this was so close to the actual events it was inspired from. This was much fiction, more spectacular than the reality, for obvious reasons. The final sequence is mind blowing, unforgettable. So, before showing it to your kids, beware. Yes, the most unusual here is the difference of paces, some parts for children, and other destined to adults, and not sissies. Curious but highly interesting. Great Aussies piece of work. Some elements are difficult to be believed in. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

After the kids, stabbed to last gangster to death in the most brutal way, bloody feast, the return to their school duties, as if nothing happened. I am not sure that this really happened this way. And the last image of this terrific little movie is also unforgettable.

K.O. (2017)
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Interesting story, 24 June 2017

That's the perfect kind of story that the French movie industry shows to us since a long while now. At least, the basic line, not the whole. The topic is about a ruthless big executive, played by a very convincing Laurent Laffite, who works for a big broadcasting company and who stops at nothing to be the nastiest possible with his fellow colleagues and employees. The perfect SOB...As Lambert Wilson in CORPORATE. But one day, he has a big accident, or more exactly a colleague of his, as revenge, tries to kill him and then his life collapses. You have here a very strange and eerie tale, which is difficult to tell without spoiling it...But this film makes you think of many things about the true meaning of life. And love. Useless to be an intellectual to appreciate this film, only be smart and that will make it.

Ava (2017/II)
Blindness, 24 June 2017

What a poignant but simple tale of a thirteen years old girl who lives with her baby sister and single mother and who discovers one day that she will slowly get blind in a few months. Then she becomes awry, especially as a teen. She steals a dog from a vagrant, a gypsy in his twenties, a wayward young gypsy searched by the police. With him, the young girl will try to get pleasure in life before getting prisoner of the forever darkness. You can think some minutes about a sort of BONNIE AND CLYDE scheme. A desperate but no totally hopeless story however.

Effective war drama from UK, 23 June 2017

I did not know this film about French Belgian resistance army. I did not know either that Chuck Crichton made such non comedy features, and I am not disappointed at all. And Simone Signoret gives here one of the three French partisan character she had - and maybe more, I don't exactly know - in her career. Before Jean-Pierre Melville's ARMEE DES OMBRES and René Clément's LE JOUR ET L'HEURE. She is awesome here and I don't understand the reviews against this movie. I just discover it after decades of film passion. Later is better than never.

Force (2011)
Terrific piece of work, 19 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One more time, I am amazed by the crime films from India, despite the fact that, since many years, I was very cold, careful, afraid to watch only one of them. For me, Bollywood was exclusively colourful and singing comedies. Nothing else. Then I discovered UGLY - which is not Bollywood type, although being an Indian flick - I changed my mind. This one - FORCE - has the particularity of being a mix-up between pure action and film noir. Not thriller. Of course, you may have some examples of such schemes, in Korean movies for instance, but it remains very surprising. You may find film noir, crime dramas with action, but they are never action movies. See what I mean? In this picture, you also see dancing and musical scenes - which seems to be an Indian trademark. So, when it occurs, I proceed the same I did with Roy Rogers or Gene Autry's singing westerns from the forties, I press the fast forward button and that's it. These sequences are totally useless for me. The ending is particularly a surprise. I won't spoil it further. But it is definitely a pure Bollywood crime drama in the best manner.

Amusing drama which is not so funny after all, 18 June 2017

This little TV movie reminded me another one starring Kirk Douglas called AMOS, with the very similar scheme. Elders in a nursing or retirement home and the way they are treated...It is unfortunately far beyond the awful truth. The reality, in many of those "resorts" is often more outrageous than we see here. This remains rather lighthearted and less dramatic and heartbreaking than AMOS. And it seems that John Carpenter was involved in this...That's surprising. Good time waster anyway.

Interesting French war drama, 17 June 2017

You have here the kind of tale that Rachid Bouchareb could have given us, if you consider his INDIGENES and HORS LA LOI. You already had some French films about African soldiers during WW2 in France, such as LES ENFANTS DU PAYS, back in 2006...The true story of a Black soldier who fought among the French army and who was later involved with the French resistance forces. A true compelling and poignant story, gloomy, but so well acted with a young Black actor who looks like Yaphet Kotto when he was thirty years old; same face, same eyes. Do not miss it.

Free Fire (2016)
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Sometimes boring, sometimes great, 17 June 2017

That's the kind of stuff that Walter Hill could have given us thirty years ago, a highly testosterone action film made essentially for and by men. But Hill would have given something quite different. You have in this film many talks before endless gunfights. So it could be a mix-up between Walter Hill and Quentin Tarantino heirs generation. Something of RESERVOIR DOGS of course. All long this movie, at least the second part, you have the feeling that the men firing at each other will never die, despite the tons of ammunition fired. That becomes sometimes boring, you can take a nap and then wake a couple of minutes later, you will have missed nothing. But the overall feeling is that's a not so bad crime drama, although not the Ben Wheatley's best piece of work. And the seventies tribute, clothes, hair cuts, cars, telephone, is somehow amusing, offbeat. Very in the Ben Wheatley fashion. He is a sort of British Quentin Tarantino.

Wùlu (2016)
Over the top crime drama from Africa, 15 June 2017

I have always craved for crime flicks from all over the world: America, UK, Europe, Israel, Asia, Iran, Australia, and of course Africa. And this film is among the best for me. The tale of a young man and hoodlum who decides to get involved in the drug traffic, high scale traffic, to at last get out from poverty. It is a social crime feature, so realistic and played in the best manner. Actors are excellent, and you have here a shooting sequence aboard a car which is far better than most US made ones, a so realistic scene that glues you to your seat. You find here the rise and fall scheme of a hoodlum, which you have in most gangster movies from all over the planet since so many years. A real must see. Far better than Hollywood billion dollars super heroes craps.

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