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Good script, 25 August 2016

This episode is not an exceptional one among the series. Two cops investigate around several murders. Nothing special. And beside this, you have the usual but so well made the private lives of those same cops, their private affairs, especially Bill Shatner. He is very poignant and convincing here and you have a very touching element in this tale. I can't explain exactly what, I prefer let you see by yourself. I can't tell you anything more unless to spoil the story. Good screenplay and good acting.

The ending doesn't look like a POLICE STORY one, if you compare with the others.

Open city, 25 August 2016

One more novelty for this tremendous series. I will repeat myself after my previous comments about this TV show, but I have never seen any topic talking of the pornography business and snuff films. But the frame of this episode looks very like a POLICE STORY episode, unlike the previous one I commented yesterday. You have here the unavoidable car chase, as in any seventies tale. A buddy movie scheme, two police officers investigating. At this time, the mid seventies, pornography and snuff movies - and not speaking of kids involved - was a harsh subject to be spoken of, but it has not the disgusting and so powerful impact that 8MM - with Nick Cage - had in 1999, two decades later.

Another aspect of the police work..., 24 August 2016

I don't remember if there has already been, in this TV show, an episode talking of a police officer fighting for life after a major accident. Another fight very different of the one we usually see in the jungle street. Yes, it is definitely a very different episode, not action with gunfights. But a story about friendship and hope, about perseverance and success. It could have been for anything else but a police story series topic. To make short, if you have shown me this episode without telling me which series it was taken from, I would have never guessed it was a POLICE STORY episode. Worth watching. It is great that, in this show, we can enjoy so many parts of the police work, all parts, even the most unforeseeable ones.

A sort of documentary disguised as a police academy story., 24 August 2016

Kurt Russel plays the rookie in this episode. We have already seen him in another story of this series, in a different character, although a cop too, a more experienced one, if I remember. It is not a classic routine daily cop burden here but it focuses, in the first part, on the cop instruction, drills and so on. And of course of the friendship between the rookie and another policeman. It emphasizes on the training for the patrolmen, with of course some tensions between the lead and some of his colleagues, fellow police academy academy colleagues. Some funny moments, not a total noir tale, but not a POLICE ACADEMY story either...It explains how hard it may be for a young cop to belong to the force and learn his new job. Interesting but nothing special. I will point out that this episode doesn't talk only about the rookie, but also about some of his partners.

One of the best scripts in the series so far...., 23 August 2016

I have already seen nearly all the episodes of this tremendous show from the seventies...Nearly. And this scheme of police officers accused of firing on suspects in an abusing way, this topic has already been talked about. Even in the WARNING SHOT scheme manner; do you remember, the story where the authorities could not find the weapon which the victim was supposed to fire at the cop with... But the novelty here is that you have different cases and policemen involved...and also even a security guard in a supermarket. I appreciated to have here a longer, twice longer, episode which permitted to spread the story and so take time to develop characters; one thing not always very easy on shorter lengths. I find here some new series kind of screen plays, with so many stories in parallel, which eventually collide. Yes, definitely one of the best and interesting episode of the series. You have here a top performance from Jim Farantino, especially in the scene just after he shot the Black suspect. Watch him, shaking on his legs with his face in sweat. And this topic about policemen firing on suspects, especially Black ones, is still forty years later a so hot matter. Look at the news pages...

Mexican border story, 22 August 2016

As far as I can remember, that's the first time this show speaks of Narcotics on the Mexican border, and not only the LA Streets. It is quite different from the other episodes, because it focuses less on the private lives of the cops and rather insist on their jobs or stake out routine. It is also a rather action packed and violent story with some gruesome and bloody sequences. No, I persist, this is a good episode but definitely without the POLICE STORY trade mark. But after all, why not? Because it remains a police story, but just different from the rest of the show.

Good episode indeed.

Alpha (2013/I)
A damn good surprise from Spain, 21 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, I am surprised that no one has commented it yet. I think that's a sort of HEAT from Spain, or at least a film very under the Michael Mann's masterpiece influence. Not the same story nor the same scheme, but the same characters drawing and symphony, same photography and scenery, and I would say the same production design. Movie about friendship among real men, in the old fashion way, a story of professional armed robbers who, disguised as elite police force, attack heavy, important drug shipments with the help, the information, from a rotten policeman...The leader of this bunch is a gangster whose childhood friend is just discharged from jail and the other friend a cop on his tail. Those three characters were all friends two decades earlier, and you can guess the following. The police supervisor is also the mob informer; and the cop, friend with the two others, suspects him to deal with gangsters. So, the supervisor asks the gang leader to get rid of his cop friend.

You have a love segment that has nothing to do in that film. But it doesn't spoil it, and that's the most important.

A director to follow...

Police woman story, 21 August 2016

Another POLICE STORY episode with a woman as the lead, and this time without Angie Dickinson. It is Stella Stevens which it is the question here. She works as a undercover police officer in Narcotics brigade. And besides this, the story focuses on her private life as a wife. The same scheme as we found in many other episodes of the series, but with male cops instead of females. So interesting scheme. OK you can tell that we will have this too in POLICE WOMAN series a couple of months later, or even the same year so far it began in 1975...But it remains interesting anyway. Alex Cord is fine here, and I am not sure if he was in POLICE STORY before or even after. This episode really emphasizes on domestic problems of the female police officer without forgetting her job details too. A real performance for such a short story which also brings us to Las Vegas. Nothing special besides this but worth watching. Good ending with a reverse scheme, as I have already explained.

Are there only one Black soldier in the Marine Corps?, 19 August 2016

Sorry, I am French and maybe my question is dumb, but I wonder why the hell we see no Black soldier in this fantastic series, so realistic? Maybe there were no Black soldier in Iraq after all, but that seems very improbable to me. You have only white and Chicanos born troopers. NO BLACK at all !!! And no viewers seem to have noted this. For the rest, this is of course an awesome series... But, please, if any one can help me with this question? You can reach me with my e mail above. Thanks. But maybe the producers and creators of the series avoided Black folks in this series, because there were many of them in THE WIRE show...

Moka (2016)
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More drama than a thriller..., 17 August 2016

As it has already been told above, the scheme here is very close to another movie released last year at the nearly same time: LA VOLANTE, also starring Nathalie Baye, where she played the character, at least an equivalent of Emmanuelle Devos' one here. But the character she offered last year was a victim, whose the son was killed by a hit and run driver and a desperate mother who became herself a murderer, a cold blooded killer. Unlike here where Emmanuelle Devos remains human; and that makes it a drama. Yes this movie I am talking about today remains a drama more than a crime film. I preferred LA VOLANTE. But both actresses, Nathalie Baye and Emmanuelle Devos are convincing enough to keep you entertained.But nothing special besides this.

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