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Not uninteresting, 30 August 2015

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Well it's a rather not so bad drama, set in the early thirties, inspired by a Thomas Wolfe novel showing a young author, a novelist who tries to emerge by writing books about the American society, the capitalism in particular, and who also went to Germany during the early days of Nazism. I have never read the book, nor any other book from this author: Thomas Wolfe. But the character here seems to have the same fate as the true author: Wolfe, who died in 1938. And you may confound Thomas Wolfe with Tom Wolfe, the author of BONFIRE OF VANITIES, a sort of look like of Norman Mailer, another great writer who also talked of the American Way of Life with very accuracy and powerful way. Not a bad TV movie, but not foe whole audiences.

Vivid, exciting episode, 29 August 2015

The most perfect example of what this tremendous crime TV show offered us for all those years. The buddy cops scheme. Chuck Connors is a vet cop, not far from retirement, who sees his old pal partner getting retired before him and then has to do his patrol job with a rookie, at least a younger heat played by the young Sly Stallone. Speaking of him, I highly appreciated the other comment about the autograph...Cops confronted with their problems, job and personal ones. Connors and Stallone give here convincing performances for such a story. Connors the rough, tough cop, who may be poignant at some moments, stops at nothing to catch the hoods who shot his partner Stallone. I still think here of NEW CENTURIONS, except this movie, also adapted from Jo Wambaugh, spoke of cops in uniform. Fast paced episode that brings everything you may search in such a show.

Dheepan (2015)
They escaped from hell to finally find another hell, 29 August 2015

Please do not watch this as another vigilante movie from the seventies...Watch it as another Jacques Audiard's excellent piece of work, if not a masterpiece. Many elements here, in the way of filming, especially violence, remind me UN PROPHETE. This is the story of a refugee from Sri Lanka who is in company of a woman and a young girl, all from the same country, but not relatives for each other, even if they impersonate as so...They are just acquaintances to each other, and that makes the scheme even more poignant and powerful. The two of them find a deadly job as caretakers in a french suburb ghetto. With all that means to them. They who hardly speak french will have to fight like dogs to survive in another war, another hell. They will dive in violence and brutality again. But their best weapon will be that use to violence, that violence for which they were all used too, and in far worst conditions, in far worst context. A very gripping social movie that may be watched as a crime movie too. Vincent Rottiers is convincing as a gang leader just released from jail. Although he is not an Arab to play an Arab character. That would be the only drawback of this outstanding film. Great winner of Cannes Festival.

Casino Royale, 29 August 2015

I will just comment this item to point out one thing, which I presume had been said in the other comments. This movie is a real turn in the James Bond franchise. Yes, a real turn. There will be a before and an after Daniel Craig in the lead character. When you watch the opening sequence, the opening chase sequence, you stay glued to your seat. You have never seen that before in the other James Bond series. Never. And I am deadly sure that Pierce Brosnan would have never been able to perform in such a physical way. I guess that the Jason Bourne franchise starring Matt Damon was the original cause to fire Pierce Brosnan from the franchise and replace him by Daniel Craig, more "physical"; so that James Bond franchise may be the equal of the Jason Bourne's one. That's all I wanted to emphasize on folks.

A routine court drama for TV audiences, 28 August 2015

Nothing special about this routine and foreseeable court drama made by the prolific TV film director Arthur Hiller before he became an excellent film maker for the big screen. Joseph Cotten plays here a lawyer who is in charge of defending his friend Lorne Greene accused of the murder of a notorious high society courtesan, a kind of fancy prostitute. And our lead will stop at anything to prove his friend is innocent. Real nothing special, it would never had been worth for an Alfred Hitchcock Hour or Presents episode. The final twist is not really one, but only a little surprise. But it remains an honourable time waster. Playhouse 90 has already given us much better material. Catch it if you can. Rare stuff anyway.

Unfortunately in the Hollywood style crap, 25 August 2015

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I am deadly sure that thirty or forty years ago, this film would have looked the same; and I don't speak here of the special effects. OK, I agree that the Varsovie battle that took place in those years - 1918 - was not very known of the western audiences, but I know that the movies made in the fifties or sixties in Poland did not look like this one. There were more drama lines in them and most of all not those f...happy endings destined for silly and squeamish audiences. We unfortunately find the same problem with Russian, Korean and other countries films, especially war films, maybe not dramas or crimes, which remain very specific to the genuine culture and traditions. But concerning war movies, all look like American ones, and mostly since the PRIVATE RYAN era. Meaning the most realistic scenes battles. Forget it, or only for the historical point of view which may be rather accurate. At least I hope...

Summertime (2015)
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A very poignant movie, 22 August 2015

When you watch this feature, you think of LA VIE D'ADELE, speaking of the same scheme, female homosexuality. This film is gripping at the most, telling us the story of two Young women who met in Paris during the early seventies, when the feminist movements spread all over the world. And don't forget that two years ago, in France, the marriage for everyone laws were on every lip. So it remains in the line of actuality. Cecile de France is terrific here, so is Noémie Chowsky, as the mother of one of the two women in love for each other. A human drama that grabs you from the start to the end. I highly recommend it. Catherine Corsini made here an outstanding piece of work.

Antigang (2015)
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What ever happened to Benjamin Rocher, 22 August 2015

I can't believe it. How can anyone may find this crime action flick worth? How? What a deception for me. After I watched the trailer, I expected the worst, I expected a pure comedy like LETHAL WEAPON, but it is not. You have here some comedy lines but that's all. The main problem is else where. Everything here is predictable, dull, a total mess. Benjamin Rocher gave us several years ago a short film called RIVOUALEN which was a true masterpiece, and after he made LA HORDE, a very exciting horror film too. And I don't understand why he made this juicy straight to garbage can crap. When I go to see a crime flick speaking of Sweeney and bank robbers, I expect a brutal, bloody, crepuscular, dark, bleak feature, as JP Melville did 40 years ago, or Olivier Marchal gives us since 15 years now. I don't expect such a crap. What's happened to Benjamin Rocher? The scene where Jean Reno is hit by a car, thrown in the air and then gets away with only a scratch on his forehead, I realize how deep in s... this movie dove. Run away from it !!!

Not a so unusual scheme..., 20 August 2015

Have you ever seen Robert Wise's BODYSNATCHER, Freddie Francis's DOCTOR AND THE ASSASSINS, Vernon Sewell's BURKE AND HARE or the most know of all: John Gilling's FLESH AND THE FIENDS? If not, of course this story will seem terrific, and it actually is, but if you have seen at least one of those films, well this tale will sound familiar to you. A doctor who always need fresh corpses to use them for autopsies, asks to outlaw undertakers to provide him with recently buried corpses. But the problem happen when the body snatchers run out of fresh corpses. So the simplest way for them to provide the doctor is to provoke deaths... Get it? So this story for this episode is based from those movies where for, at least one or two of them, the very same characters Burke and Hare are used. So in this episode too... See for yourself folks

Perfect scheme for this series, 20 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You find here the perfect scheme for this kind of series; a mix up of crime and terror. An atmosphere that we found in some Billy Castle's features, such as THE TINGLER, I SAW WHAT YOU DID, MACABRE, HOMICIDAL and so on. And most of all, this scheme is the very same as the notorious, the famous Henri Georges Clouzot's LES DIABOLIQUES. See for yourself:a husband plans to get rid of his wife and just after the ghost of this same wife comes to haunt him. In the french film, it was two women who got rid of the husband of one of them. I really like this TV show. I put it on the same scale as Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

One remarkable tale anyway, even if it has many references.

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