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Good psychological story, 24 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Quite interesting plot here, where our lead cop decides to help a young female delinquent, mentally disturbed, and brings her to his home; she is his guest for a little while. But when the ex female convict's parents come to take her, she refuses to go with them. And a little later the girl's father is killed from a distance by a marksman, whilst he is in a glass elevator. So Bronk tries to understand the whole thing, because many elements remain obscure in this case. The girl suffers from bad dreams and is convinced that has to do with her past. And a kidnapping case seems also to be on the spot...That's not the most simple story ever told, I admit. I will add that the camera movements are sometimes unusual here, in the British proceeding, from all angles, maybe to enhance the psychological disturbance of the young lady.

Spy intrigue, 24 November 2015

A rather good episode this spy, or may I say red scare, story speaking of evil Russian agents on the loose, because of a long range rocket file which they want to purchase for the good of their country. And, guess what, in the evil Russian - or East Germany - character, you have Reggie Nalder with his so terrible face. Some good action sequences, like this one, in a café, where a young woman is killed because a knife thrown in her back by a communist agent. It is fast paced, enough to keep you entertained. Red scare intrigues have never been my cup of tea, but I understand that the writers and producers of the series can't always use the same schemes and topics.

Some funny and light touch here too. And a terrific action sequence at the end, with the car chase with the coffins inside.

Not the best, not the worst either.

Smooth and boring, 24 November 2015

I won't remind this story very long, at least long enough to write about it in a few days from now. I would say it is a confused and flat story around war criminal and revenge. I highly prefer the previous episode of the show. But we again find here some gripping lines that don't always fit to the rest and this compelling touch raise the interest of the episode. Jack Palance is quite good, as he was in the few other episodes which I have already seen. I think some action sequences missed in this one, or a lack in the characters consistency; at least some of the characters, certainly not all of them.

I will watch out for other stories of this more than adequate series.

Good routine stuff, just routine., 23 November 2015

As many other episodes of the series, this one is focused more on the atmosphere than on the story itself. You have for instance some very good jazzy sequences, so that you can forget the lack of consistency of the script. Some funny moments too, not so many, but enough to make you believe that this tale is definitely not an authentic noir crime flick. The hunt for a jewels or diamonds bullion did not convince me at all. But it's not a comedy either because, on the contrary, of the rough atmosphere... So, you see, it's complicated to tell exactly how to describe it with details. But if you have appreciated the other episodes so far, don't worry, you'll make it with this one too.

An adequate time waster, not more.

Good piece of work, 23 November 2015

That's the typical British movie which is very rare, hard to watch, such as the next Ronny Neane's feature: MISTER MOSES. Well, this one is purely English in the style. And I guess Deborah Kerr's performance four years earlier in Jack Clayton's THE INNOCENTS contributed for her to obtain this governess character again. One more time. I would not have imagined an American movie give such a story, at least in this period. I won't repeat the topic, this would be useless, but the characterization and directing are perfect and the teenager's play is awesome, terrific, although this kind of movie is not really my cup of tea.

Yes, I am glad to have seen this movie.

Something made me startle here, 23 November 2015

See for yourself, this story named THE GAUNTLET and speaking of the police force escorting a witness woman to the trial of a mobster, doesn't that sound familiar to you? Well, I don't know concerning you, but me, YES, I rapidly thought of Clint Eastwood's movie, made a couple of years later and speaking of the very same - at least very similar - scheme and with the very SAME title...

I already know that no one movie nor TV series buff has seen this episode, at least recently, because this is so obvious !!!

That said, this episode is very well paced, very in the seventies way of showing such topics. I would say it is flawless...Anyway, I far better appreciate this episode than the Eastwood's one. The relationship between Jack Palance and the woman whom he is in charge to protect is very moving.

The screen writers for both features are not the same, I assure you. So, I wonder how the hell did they take the same title for the same scheme. Do they think the audiences are dumb or what?

I am astounding.

Backstage mystery, 23 November 2015

Nothing exceptional in this episode, although it is fairly done, directed and with a good script. I won't repeat the topic, far better explained than I would have done. The only thing is that I would have never expected to see Linda Darnell in such a series, because I did not know she appeared in TV stuff. Otherwise, why not after all? You have no comedy accents here, only fast paced mystery noir story with a solid ending that takes place backstage. Darnell plays the female lead character.

Not exceptional but, I repeat, fairly good.

Directed by George Waggner

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Overlong but worth watching, 22 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I partly agree with the other reviews about this short TV show. I expected a different thing, I admit it. This is not a story about gangsters, that's not a heist feature either; only at the beginning. Yes, I found it overlong and sometimes boring, and also confusing at many times. The editing could have been far better for a perfect following of the whole stuff. It's related to a true story, events that actually occurred a decade ago, and speaking of former soldiers, I should say militia man in ex Yugoslavia, who later became jewelery robbers. So this film also talks about war in Serbia and Bosnia, but no mostly. Tahar Rahim has here a very ambivalent character, whose the ending performance in this tale reminds me the one he had in LES ANARCHISTES.

Unexpected ending too. A real dark and downbeat story. Not for all audiences. I guess very few people will love this TV series.

What a disturbing film for such a disgusting world., 21 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't misunderstand me, that's a tremendous dark, bleak movie which I am talking about. A movie speaking of the hard struggle for a young woman to survive. Unemployed and homeless, she finds shelter in her mother's home and also a job at her uncle's kennel. Jean Hughes Anglade has here the nastiest character of his whole career, as a ruthless and disgusting dog dealer, and especially smuggler too. That's a powerful story that almost made me puke. You have here an atrocious, unbearable sequence near the end, and this movie will remain a long time in your memory. Louise Bourgoin is outstanding here as the female lead, she reminds me Emilie Dequenne in ROSETTA.

Courted (2015)
Excellent court room drama, 21 November 2015

Fabrice Luchini is here at his best in this awesome court room, character and procedural study around a trial about a young man accused of killing his seven years old child. Audiences are hooked by the actors performances. I guess that most of the characters who play here are non professional actors. All long this movie, I thought of course of Sidney Lumet's TWELVE ANGRY MEN, although the Lumet's film is far far better than this one. No lengths here, don't worry. And I repeat, Luchini is here outstanding as a bitter mood judge. A worth watching movie.

The perfect example of what the French movie industry can give.

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