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what makes south park great, 21 August 2012

The characters: Stan and Kyle are Trey and Matt's cartoon counterparts and the two characters often exhibit the views and opinions of the creators themselves. These two main characters are best friends (as are Matt and Trey) and usually are the voice of reason. Matt and Trey also voice their tales of morality via these two. In the earlier seasons this would come in the form of "you know, i learned something today". Eric Cartman on the other hand is the personification of evil. He's a manipulative, racist, sexist, antisemitic trouble maker and has an increasingly contentious feud with Kyle (a jew). Kenny, on the other hand, is an underprivileged fun loving and altruistic character who's always there for his friends. These four dynamic characters are the center of most episodes and they are what make this show great. They offer a look into the human psyche. They also give the otherwise cynical show somewhat of a heart. They keep the show from being a dark and self-righteous satire.

The adult characters on the other hand are usually the center of the satire and often exhibit hypocritical and incredibly buffoonish behavior. They serve to present the overall hypocrisy of America as a nation. It is through these characters that Matt and Trey show what is wrong with this country (the elementary school teacher with the unresolved daddy issues, the inept school counselor who is a big time hoarder, the president of the country who doesn't seem to care about beavers, etc.) In fact, the only sane adult whom the children connect with is Chef, the kind advice-giving cafeteria worker.

The episodes: what i love about most south park episodes is that they always juxtapose a seemingly simple situation with some underlying social criticism. and they blend the two so well. It's hard to believe each episode is made in only one week, considering how well crafted it is.

Terrence and Philip show: This is not a huge part of the show. The Terrence and Philip Show is a Canadian TV show that most kids in town are obsessed with. It mainly features fart jokes and is despised by most adults. I brought this up because when I watch south park i feel like the four kids watching the t&p show. Most of my elders don't understand why i watch this "simple minded cartoon". but to me it is more than just kenny lighting his farts on fire. To me south park is a brilliant and hysterical satire that I can never get tired of watching. And I believe this is how the kids must feel when watching the t&p show.

Antichrist (2009)
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if you're able to get past the visual torture, this shall be a treat., 19 June 2012

Although i don't doubt that this is one of the most disgusting movies anyone would ever see in their lifetime, i believe that Lars von Trier's usage of such explicit cinematography is not without a purpose. What is the purpose of this movie, one might ask? Why show the audience such graphic and presumptuously grotesque images? Well, von Trier's purpose is to explore human emotion, and to do so in such a dramatic and a detailed manner. Thus, the graphic scenes and interactions help him achieve such precision. Antichrist is a movie about a couple whose baby dies as a result of their negligent behavior. The baby falls out a window and plummets to the ground as the couple were having sex in their bedroom. Naturally, the couple are stricken with grief following their toddler's death. The death takes a special toll on the mother who collapses during the funeral and spends months in the hospital.

Her husband, who is a therapist, suggests they go to their cabin in the woods (terrible idea) in order to cope with their grief. Their arrival in their cabin home soon turns deadly as the wife slowly loses her mind. Von Trier's depiction of a grief stricken wife is done with so much precision that it makes the audience feel a part of her mourning. The interactions between the anonymous wife and husband have a gloomy and dreary tone. From start to finish, the movie does not seem to convey an ounce of positive energy or optimism. Von Trier's main purpose for this movie to show a couple of things. First, he is showing how much of an impact certain life experiences and emotions can have on the human mind. He takes a basic human experience such as grief and stretches to the absolute extreme. Secondly, Von Trier is showing the evil side of nature. To begin with, it was the couple's natural instinct (sexual urges) that led to their own child's death. Also, the moment they arrive at the cabin, the wife is haunted by the sounds of falling pine cones cricket sounds, resulting in long sleepless nights. The husband also encounters a talking fox who exclaims "chaos reigns" in a rather ghastly voice. This proves that nature is not a peaceful and soothing place, as they had assumed it would be. Therefore, Von Trier is suggesting that nature is the ultimate antichrist, a place where all things bad happen. Although i find this to be exceptionally cynical, since i am a nature enthusiast myself, he does have a point. When a person is going through grief and depression (as was the case with the director himself throughout his adult life) nature does seem to be the evil-doer and it loses all its value as a safe and relaxing place. This does not mean nature becomes evil when a person is depressed. It simply means that a person's view of it becomes tainted and that person is only able to see the evil side of it.

I can safely say that despite the many disturbing scenes and images, Antichrist is one of the most well-crafted and detailed movies I've ever seen. it might make you stay up all night. You might even walk out in the middle of it. However if you ever decide to sit through the entire thing, I promise it's a movie you won't soon forget.

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one of the worst i've ever seen, 19 June 2011

Nowadays, It takes something extraordinary for me to write one of these reviews and this movie is extraordinarily bad! So here goes. I feel like Rob Zombie was confused as to what he is supposed to do with this movie. There are so many things that were wrong with this movie. I don't even know where to begin. First of, what the hell is this movie about? There's no definitive or structured plot. It starts off as cops chase bad guys type of scenario but it quickly spirals into this lazy and bland piece of crap. The plot was dumb and could have been better... a lot better. And the actors were so unconvincing and unfit for their roles. They just looked like they wanted to get it over with and go back to whatever they do when they're not making terrible movies. The characters were so annoying half the time and just awkward the other half. The characters in the nude scenes were probably the only appealing aspect of these otherwise bunch of unattractive people. The tall guy with the long hair looks like Jim caviezel in the passion of the Christ and he was not scary or threatening at all. He just looked like he was depressed or something. That fat clown guy needs to see a dentist quickly and as scary as clowns can be, this guy was just laughable. And the girl, apart from being extra attractive, did not look like she belonged in a family of killers.

Other than the annoying characters, the movie was filled with way too many subplots, unnecessary melodrama and excessive blood and gore. I can go on and on. But it's not worth it. Please don't ever watch this movie. It's flat out one of the dumbest things ever. They say you'll appreciate this movie more if you watch house of a thousand corpses first; but I say avoid both or any other terrible Rob Zombie movie... which is like all of them.

Easy A (2010)
Emma Stone is Hot. This movie is too., 17 April 2011

So i haven't done one of these in a really long time, but I just had to for this movie. Easy A is the most adorable and entertaining high school movie since Mean Girls. Everything about this movie is done to perfection. Emma Stone is as charming as ever. The Scarlet Letter based plot is effective. And the Juno-esque dialogues never fail to amuse.

Easy A starts off as an average teen comedy with the protagonist and the best friend along with the obnoxious antagonist. But what makes this movie different from all the other mediocre films is its intelligent narration and its fast-paced yet deliberate story-telling. And unlike other teen comedies, Easy A doesn't just throw vulgar and clichéd jokes at you and expect you to laugh. Instead it is presented in a subtle and ironic manner.

This film also contains many rich and relatable characters. To sum it all up, this is one of the best teen comedies of recent years.


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Top notch Tarantino material, 25 December 2009

He does it again. The king of blood and gore once again proves that he can keep audiences entertained for almost 2 and a half hours. Inglourious Basterds is a Tarantino classic in many aspects. One, it offers plenty of violence and bloodshed. From Start to finish, heads are blown off, people are shot fatally and scalps are cut off gruesomely. Second, it has Brad freakin' Pitt. Tarantino movies always have one or two stars and a million up and coming actors. In this case, Pitt and Roth shine out while the rest of the supporting cast do an outstanding job of portraying their minor roles (not to forget Melanie Laurent.) Third thing is, the direction is wonderful. The sound effects, the camera shots, all the cinematographic aspects are excellent.

In short, Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is an exhilarating action flick that is full of entertainment from start to finish.

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Reaches neither the depth nor the complexity of the book but still pretty damn impressive, 16 July 2009

HP6 is a dark and emotionally thrilling masterpiece. It combines magical awes that appeal mostly to children as well as mature and dark themes that appeal to almost everyone. It discovers the dark and mysterious past of you-know-who and leaves the audience aching for more as its two and half hours run time go by in a flash. The film contains dazzling visuals and terrific cinematography. It is indeed a satisfying experience that will please just about everyone. One thing is for certain though: in resemblance to the Rowling novels, the film series seems to get darker and more mature with every passing film while keeping an incredible PG rating (in the exception of HP4 & 5). This film not only has some bangs and booms but also explores the theme of teenage love as the three protagonists find themselves tangled in teenage romances. Overall a top notch film worth seeing over and over. Cant wait for the arrival of the Deathly Hallows.

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Good movie., 14 June 2009


Drag me to hell is one of the best horror/ thriller movies of the decade, as well as one of the best PG-13 thrillers ever made. Without exaggerating I jumped off my seat at least 15 times during this film. It is not just the fact that demons and ghosts are in the movie, but it is all about how Sam Raimi directed it. He refrained from presenting an overwhelming amount of blood and gore (come think of it this film didn't even have any blood and gore in it) and that is the beauty of Sam Raimi's direction. Unlike his previous entries such as Evil Dead 1&2 (filled with Zombies and violent and bloody scenes), Drag me to hell relies much on loud bangs and eerie musical scores that can make anyone jump off their seat at any given time. Although I've never heard of Lorna Raver before watching this film, her disturbing and creepy character kept giving me nightmares for a couple of days after watching the film. The plot of the film is also short and to the point There were as many characters as needed to be and all the actors played their roles perfectly. And not to mention the explosive ending I didn't see coming. This is the perfect horror film and I LOVED IT. I can't recommend it enough.

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Childish and not as good as the first, 14 June 2009

This second one tries its best to outdo the first one but this is in no way as good as the first. Battle of the Smithsonian had too much childish humor and way too many characters with a wobbly character build up. In the second one Jedediah and Octavius were the only two characters I sympathized with (and only because they were in the first one). I'm not praising the first one here, but at least it had an original plot and momentous humor. Battle of the Smithosonian also relied too much on the performances of Stiller and Adams- as well as, although to a smaller extent, Azaria. Although it had its moments, Battle of the Smithsonian fails to improve on its predecessor.


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the cliché-ridden script is made up for by Jackman's captivating performance and the awesome action scenes., 14 June 2009

I can't remember a single negative thing I noticed in this film while watching it, but once I was done watching it I felt like there was some kind of void in the film. I felt as though the film was missing something, maybe it was the cheap special effects or the repetitive narration and plot build up style. Either way this film was missing something that kept it from becoming a classic. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Jackman's performance as Wolverine as well as Liev Schreiber's as Sabretooth. This movie is not near to the depth or the intelligence of X2 or other superhero films but it manages to deliver mindless entertainment worth the price of the ticket.

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An improvement for the season, 1 May 2009

Season seven has been quite mediocre. The jokes have been redundant and the cutaway gags have been too long. This episode displays more of the same but has more originality as far as plot and jokes were concerned. in the episode Stewie begins a using steroids in order to gain some muscle after a Joe's daughter kicked his butt. In the process Stewie develops a macho stature as well as an obnoxious behavior, picking on Brian and others around him. However, there was a sub-plot which took up almost as much time as the main plot. the subplot was about Chris dating a popular girl at his school and the whole thing was just not quite family guy material. it was just filled with dry dialogues and not-so-funny jokes. overall the part about Stewie and his steroids was quite funny and for this I say the episode was an improvement for the season.

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