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Total Recall (2012/I)
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Garbage on film!, 4 August 2012

Total Recall - What a waste of money and talent! Unfortunately, none of these 2 aspects are a part of this film.

You have high paid actors, 2 female A listers, a highly gross budget, and a lot of money spent for nothing! I am not sure what the purpose of remaking this film was for. The Swarzenneger original was a clever and entertaining film for it's time. If the original was bad, then I would understand why some studio would have an interest in remaking it. Building the creativity of the story.

However, the original did it's part and for what market or audience it was originally intended for, the original did the trick and this is just a sloppy makeover. A film of this kind has but one purpose - to hopefully, ride the coat-tails of the original (without really adding anything clever) in order to try and build up the bank bucks on another unnecessary sequel. Shame on you!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days....a very funny and enjoyable movie!, 4 August 2012

We went to go see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie-Dog Days and were pleasantly surprised as to how funny and entertaining it was. This is a really good movie for anyone who likes to laugh. You can't help but love this film because it will touch you on so many levels.

A very relatable story about growing up and family dynamics...this film hit home in so many areas for my husband and I. The actor who played the main character (Greg) in the movie- Zach Gordon -was just wonderful, and so believable. He has a bright future in Hollywood. It was hard not to root for him. Steve Zahn(who played Greg's dad) was great also and so was Devon Bostik as Greg's older and tormenting brother. There hasn't been a good, solid, fun movie like this one in a long time.

This movie isn't just for kids. No matter how old you are you can't help but enjoy this movie. I really recommend that if you like good, fun film entertainment, without all the $200,000,000.00 dollar special effects,hands down,this is, definitely, the "go to movie"!

thoughts about Georgia Rule, 26 November 2007

I thought the movie was better than expected and certainly better than the critics stated. All the critiques that I read all spent about 70% of the review discussing Lindsay Lohan's problems, which have nothing to do with rating and reviewing the movie. I very much disagree with the majority of the movie critics and I am sure there are 1,000s of others who agree with me. I thought the cast was mostly excellent. The boy who played Ethan was good and cute. I had not seen him before. And the three women did an excellent acting job, even though Lohan may have been acting herself (so what!). Both Felicity Huffman's and Lohan's performances are as good as those female actors of past years who have been up for Academy Awards. Just about everyone I spoke with who saw the movie liked it very much and were surprised at how good it was.

I give Gary Marshall credit for taking on a very difficult story and telling it well in the short amount of time available for a movie on screen. I don't second guess a director for what he takes on, nor do I require one to stay with a certain style or story just because he has done it before. Those critics who want a more comedic style from Marshall can stay up late and watch reruns, on cable, from those styles they want to compare to comedic movies of the past. The rest of us will move on and enjoy movies that show diversity and interesting topics without the majority of movie critics biased mis-judgement.