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Logan (2017)
A Non-Fan Had A Good Time, 10 March 2017

First off, let me say I am 76 and have never been a fan of "comic-book" super-hero movies, including Superman, Star-Trek, and the Marvel comics. (though I was and am a collector of the EC Horror comics from my youth). A younger friend of mine told me about "Logan" being quite good, and that it pays homage to "Shane", which newspaper reviews also noted. Well, it so happens I went to see Shane when I was 12, sixty-four years ago, and it was the first film that moved me to tears and showed me what a movie can be as a total experience. So after seeing how well received this film was, I was willing to see it, and I have to admit, despite the intermittent bone-crunching violence, which seemed over-the-top, the film held my interest, had some genuine heart, and was quite entertaining, and even enjoyable at times. Admittedly, for me, showing scenes of Shane was the highlight, along with the surprise dialog near the close. Thus, a 7, overall, which probably would be a 9 or 10 if I were a Wolverine Fan and in my 20s-40's. The only caveat for me is that the violence is so frequent and overdone that it actually seems counterproductive, as it is so extreme, it would only take one hit to knock out or kill an opponent, even a "mutant". Oh well. Enjoy!

Moonlight (2016/I)
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Slightly Better Than Manchester By The Sea, 8 March 2017

Wow! I was really looking forward to seeing this after it won best picture, as it obviously was groundbreaking in dealing with a young black boy growing up gay. But as it turned out, this film managed to be minimally involving, probably because there was little dialog, and it was split into 3 sections, where not much really happened. I think the problem was that they chose characters living in the lowest echelon of the black community, where drugs and prostitution are rampant, so that the characters were not particularly interesting. Also, it didn't really deal much with the gay aspects, so ultimately, it was rather boring, and didn't result in the viewer experiencing much empathy beyond the first section. The young boy barely spoke, but suffered greatly. But then suddenly it shifted to young adult, so a lot of the emotional connection had to be regenerated. Anyway, like "Manchester By The Sea", this was a major disappointment, though a little less boring, and very well acted. "LaLa Land" should have won!

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Realism Doth Not Necessarily A Great Movie Make, 8 March 2017

I only gave this slog a 3 because the acting was decent and the scenery was pleasant. That critics could rave about such a relentlessly depressing, slow, monosyllabic, endless film is beyond my comprehension. I am 76, and am not looking for action or simplistic violence, but by the middle of this bore, which I saw on DVD, I and my 2 other seniors were making jokes about how boring and slow this film was. There was not one moment of genuine humor, nor were any of the characters really interesting, except maybe the 16 year old, who looked 20, and behaved and talked more like a 24 year old. Even Casey Affleck's performance, while realistic, was not especially demanding, as it was the operational definition of monotone. Always morose. What a monumental disappointment for me, as I had been really looking forward to it, based on critical raves.

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Wonderful Time At The Movies, 7 March 2017

Finally saw this today (March, 2017), and like others, enjoyed it thoroughly, and resent the extremist PETA for hurting this wonderful film about what wonderful animals most dogs are. I am 76, and found myself intermittently laughing and in tears. PETA and their fans won't rest until no animal is ever eaten, while comparing the eating of chickens to the Holocaust. Anyway, I found this to be one of the best and most enjoyable family oriented films of the last few years, and can't wait to purchase it as soon as it is available on DVD. I sincerely found it to be far better than either "Manchester By The Sea" or "Moonlight", which were lauded more for their themes than for their entertainment value in my opinion. Notice that about 75% of the reviewers here rated the film 10. Compare that to "Manchester", whose acting may be better, but not the enjoyment or emotional intensity or humor. Thank you Lasse Halstrom.

The Harvest (2013/I)
The Best Kind of Thriller, 2 October 2016

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This has turned out to be one of my favorite thrillers in recent years. Repeated viewings with friends have reinforced my opinion, as all have really praised and liked the film. I have realized that some of my early doubts about whether the dialogue had errors was because some references related to events the film had not yet revealed. The only reason i didn't give this a 10 is because both the DVD case and the "page" where you press "play film" have a picture that ABSOLUTELY shouldn't be seen before viewing the film, for maximum impact. The twists in this film during the second half are terrific and terrifying, and those who say they saw it coming from way off must be clairvoyant, for I sure was caught by total surprise. I love "horror" or "thriller" films that stay close to reality, rather than those that deal with demons, religious curses, and monsters that don't resemble anything that has ever been seen on the planet. This one absolutely does, and anyone who says this is like a "Lifetime Movie" would have to list some that compare to this, as I sure haven't seen any.

Snow in August (2001) (TV)
Great TV Movie Spoiled By Literal Ending, 6 February 2016

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I knew nothing about this film going in, but it grabbed me almost from the first frame. I found myself choking up and totally absorbed, as the boy faced the dilemma of whether to be a "stoolie" and do the right thing, or keep quiet and let a vicious beating of an elderly Jewish store clerk by a late teen anti-semitic thug go unpunished. The first 75 minutes were riveting. I won't give away the ending, but suffice it to say, I am always disappointed when Biblical stories or allegories are presented literally in film. It may make for an ending that is deserving, but it avoids dealing honestly with the conundrum the story has presented. What was very touching and realistic, turned into a fantasy, and even if that's what the book it is based on did, I still felt seriously let down. Were it not for this, I would have rated it a 10.

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Score Is Great And Familiar Faces Of Old But Little Else, 27 December 2015

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see the overwhelming number of negative reviews here, expecting the Star Wars fans to heap grandiose praises on it. There is little original here. The pacing is better than the prequels, the score still gives chills, and the effects reflect some of the improvements of late and the 3D, but the plot and dialogue is SO simplistic, and the movies length is out of proportion to the story itself, which is mostly a rehash of the original triad, updated. While there is no vulgarity, the dialogue is still aimed mainly at the middle school level, and the violence, while sanitized, is prevalent throughout. For die-hard fans, negative reviews will have no effect, but if you are not in that category, you aren't missing much if you miss this.

It Won Me Over Despite Contrivances, 8 November 2015

This comedy-drama contains what the great critic, Roger Ebert, used to call the "idiot plot", where a secret is involved that, if revealed early on, would shorten the film to a half hour instead of nearly two hours. Nevertheless, "People Like Us" is ultimately a very satisfying and enjoyable film. Chris Pine plays a single man about 30 who learns his father has just passed away, and has left him a package with $150,000 to deliver to a sister he didn't know he had, from an affair. He seeks her out, while really wanting the money for himself, and finds she has an 11 year old wise guy son from one of her many previous one-nighters. The film really takes off from there, with a fine cast featuring Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer, and has some wonderful moments, as well as some hard to believe ones. But in the end, I believe most viewers will be glad they saw it and consider it a good, or even excellent film.

3 Idiots (2009)
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Enjoyable But Falls Far Short Of "Taare Zameen Par", 11 July 2015

I like Bollywood Films for the most part, and especially "Like Stars On Earth", "Outsourced", "Slumdog Millionaire", and "My Name is Khan", but "3 Idiots", while certainly entertaining and having a message that is a corollary to "Taare", it suffers from uneven storytelling, going from silly, broad, caricatured comedy one minute, to serious, realistic, highly emotional moments that elicit tears. Some characters are so over the top as to be almost Keystone Koppish, and others very genuine, and still others, rather inconsistent. Still, overall, an entertaining watch with a very worthwhile message to follow your dreams and make your work seem like play.

Sinister (2012/I)
Great Creepy First Hour Turns Formulaic, 16 May 2015

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Somehow I was unaware of this film, which apparently did okay at the box office in 2012, three years ago, and was amazed at how tense and creepy it was for the first hour or so. Ethan Hawke and even Fred Thompson, plus a literate script and fine performances had me totally involved. But then, it became rather repetitive, poorly lit, and increasingly hinting at a supernatural explanation. IMO the best horror films are based more on human evil, and less on ghosts, evil-spirits, ancient curses, or religious beliefs being substantiated. The set up was so good, I predicted the ending would be a letdown. Even though it did have a twist, it still was completely unbelievable, at least for me. Still, it was done so well, I gave it a generous 7 for keeping me interested and hopeful it would be a keeper, like "Uninvited", or "TCM". Worth seeing, but not repeatedly.

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