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A good way to get new fans, 4 October 2008

What can you say about "The Clone Wars"? Well as many of you already have said it's a way for the franchise to pick up some new fans from the younger viewers. As for me, being the age that I saw ESB and ROTJ when they first premiered at the cinemas, it found the series... en-joyful. If you are a real star wars fan and are thirsting for more about the universe and, as I have, read all the books from the expanded universe (ofcourse not the young jedi ones and well, fell asleep after vector prime but anyway back on track)you will like this, maby not in the beginning, I know the voices are not the real ones and jada jada. Just sit back relax and think that this is STAR WARS, it's not supposed to be a "sundance winning indie" it't franchise and we LOVE IT.