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Very Funny for a Particular Crowd, 30 May 2014

I came into this movie with low expectations, but when I came out my face hurt from laughing so much. To be fair, this is a movie has an uninspiring plot and appears to be poorly edited. While the lousy editing may bother some, I thought it was intentional and actually worked well, poking fun at the hundreds of not-that-well edited westerns.

If you're expecting an actual western, don't. This movie put a lot of work into satirizing westerns, and I think it did a pretty good job. Personally, I'm a very casual western fan, just enough of one to understand a lot of the satire, but not enough of one to be "offended" that it "tainted the genre" or whatever critics are saying.

I saw one promo for this movie that claimed basically claimed: if you liked Ted you'll like this movie. I actually think that's a pretty good characterization. This movie is PACKED with R-rated humor that is ridiculous and over-the-top, and I loved that. The "serious" love story plot line is, to be fair, not that great (or serious). Charlize Theron did a great job, but Seth MacFarlane is no Mark Wahlberg. Seth is much funnier, but the romantic moments here don't compare to Ted. There's a reason MacFarlane usually plays voice overs, but his physical appearance didn't make him any less funny.

So in summary, if you like the idea of making fun of westerns, liked the humor in Ted, and can come in with an open and understanding mindset, I think you'll really enjoy this movie.


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Incredibly Gripping, 15 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie isn't for everyone. It isn't for people who are vehemently anti-torture. It isn't for people who need a feel-good story with a happy ending. That being said, this movie had me literally on the edge of my seat for 2 1/2 hours and is a fantastic f-ing movie.

People will want to compare this movie to the hurt locker, which is fair in the way that it locks you into scenes and is a war movie. The hurt locker was more of a pure war movie, whereas Zero Dark Thirty uses more dramatizations and has a more coherent direction, while still being an incredibly suspenseful movie.

Some people might criticize this movie for a lack of character development, but they are really missing the point of this movie. It's not your typical Hollywood movie that introduces a protagonist and develops him/her until the conflict is resolved. This movie is about tracking and killing Osama Bin Laden, and the way they used the main character as a metaphor for America as a whole was really impressive, even while refraining from your typical, often boring character developing scenes.

Much more than your average action movie, Zero Dark Thirty was a combination of badass scenes, phenomenal editing, and music, and a fantastic (mostly) true story with epic scope that I can't wait to see again. This is the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, and this is coming from a huge batman fan who also just saw Django Unchained a week ago.

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Surprisingly entertaining if you can stand the gore, keeps you guessing, 22 July 2010

If there's one thing that will instantly deny a movie a 4 star rating its an entirely predictable plot. This movie certainly does not have that.

Yes, I admit, this movie is not for everyone. It's pretty gory, but don't go complaining about it as if you weren't expecting that coming in. Lots of people die, there's a lot of blood, but if you can take or even like that sort of thing, it works to the movie's over-the-top personality.

The one thing that stood out to me in this movie was the prevalence of really long, seemingly low-action scenes. The mastery of this film is that in these scenes, you are still entertained because the outcome of the situation is entirely in doubt, and you find yourself coaxing along the protagonists through their sticky situations. The opening scene of the movie is a great example of this.

I find the use of multiple languages interesting, I guess some might not but I certainly don't think it detracts from the movie at all.

The ending to the movie is yet another example of an extremely long scene, and is a true work of art in the way the plot keeps you guessing and emotionally invested in the outcome.

I definitely recommend this movie, so long as you can deal with a good deal of gore.

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In the top 10 greatest movies of all time hands down!, 4 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie might have been the greatest movie of all time.

Think about it, it was the first movie ever to do so many things, or if not the first, the one that really trademarked the techniques. The other day I watched Avatar, and at the end, when the dragon-like creature flies off into the sunset, its wings formed an X and I said, "oh hey, they totally ripped that off star wars." The save-someone-by-flying-in-from-above from seemingly nowhere move came from Star Wars and the Millennium Falcon, the list is endless. The whole idea of "the force" has been re-manifested in so many ways, avatar being a recent example, again. The more I think about it, the more groundbreaking this movie was.

And I haven't even gotten to the special effects breakthroughs, which is what the movie was known for at the time. I'm not really an expert on that stuff but suffice to say Star Wars had the best special effects by far of any movie at the time it came out.

The Acting was terrific, and though the sequels were almost as astounding, they couldn't quite match the first one. A truly special film that every person should see before they die.

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Not your typical war movie, 8 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will admit this movie is a love it or hate it kind of movie, and I can understand why some people didn't like this movie due to what some people claim unrealistic scenes and plot. This is understandable, as with all movies, if your disbelief is not suspended, you're probably not going to like the movie.

That being said, I found this movie highly thought provoking and exhilarating. It is pretty much neutral on the war, it shows the true horrors of war but in the end the main character decides he wants to go back for more, because defusing bomb's is the only thing he really loves. I thought that scene at the end with his kid was spectacular and gave a very interesting perspective on things, one of if not the best part of the movie.

This movie is like an effective pitcher, it throws you whatever you aren't expecting. This is one of the movie's best qualities, along with having brilliant sound, editing, and camera work. The plot is practically unpredictable, which makes the most dramatic scenes inside the "hurt locker" even more dramatic. This movie should have you on the edge of your seat.

The Hurt Locker also provides many interesting perspectives and insights on the war, despite being unbiased. Character development is surprisingly well done. When I think back on the movie, at first you hate the main character, then love him, then feel sorry for him when he becomes psychologically affected by the perceived loss of the Iraqi kid. The mentally traumatized soldier also gives good perspective on what war is really like.

Overall the Hurt Locker is definitely worth watching, a true "rebel" of a movie that is brilliantly put together with a surprisingly terrific plot in a controversial subject matter

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Surprisingly Deep, 3 September 2009

This movie is not in the same category as Knocked Up, Superbad, those types of movies. No, i thought it was too until i saw it. FSM carries some surprisingly deep stuff. The plot was not actually that predictable; i was pretty much wrong about what was gonna happen. The 4 leads do a pretty darn good job of acting their roles, though Kristen Bell's character is a little confusing, she does a good job in it. Seth Rogen is pretty darn funny in this movie, although i have to say, it wasn't THAT funny. There were some parts that i laughed a lot at but overall there was more romantic stuff than i thought there would be. A solid romantic comedy overall.

Taken (2008/I)
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Very solid movie with a TON of pretty good action scenes. Gripping, 30 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is highly exciting, definitely a watch if you're in the mood for some action. I wouldn't call this movie entirely moving, although, if you're the type that's easily spooked and are female this movie could put you on edge for the rest of the night as it did one of my friends. The action scenes i have to say were pretty believable except for this one car scene where the background got a little mixed up but overall very well done. The lead actor, i forget his name, does a particularly great job with his role, the scene from the trailers where he tells his daughter that they're going to take her is pure thrill, and the scene where he goes to the room where he's taken and puts on his detective hat is really cool and believable. I definitely recommend this movie, i gave it 9/10 because i only give 10's to movies that are not only well made but very moving which this one wasn't quite for me.

Very Powerful, Another Stellar Performance by Will Smith, 20 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will Smith does an excellent job in this movie. It really will have you curled up on your couch crying or almost crying in the middle, but then beaming with joy at the very end. Smith's son also does a terrific job. Really cuts to the core of American values.

The best part of this movie is the way it plays yo-yo with your emotions. One moment you'll be sad that Will Smith is in such a bad situation with the crazy machines, then your happy that that his son likes basketball, then your angry at the day care place, and frustrated that will smith has such a hard time trying to be a stockbroker. Then your happy again that they get to go to the 9ers game, but you feel awkward because they don't have a car. Then your sad again only to be happy by the end. It truly is a roller coaster worth riding.

I highly recommend this movie

Just OK, 20 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where to begin... First off read the book if you haven't already, its excellent. Also keep in mind i'm a pretty nice grader. The cast was hit and miss. Alex is too old. They went for the teenage/ pre-teen girl viewer, knowing that the guys who read the book are already bound to watch. But they should've gone with more of a Daniel Radcliffe kinda thing, and taken a younger character, and have him age throughout the series, along with the female characters to please the ever-aging audience (those who read the books). However, I think that Sabrina's character was good, in the small role she played (admittedly greater than the book) and both villains were well cast as well. Jack was awful. She looked more like Jack's girlfriend than her caretaker, and the way they inserted her into sections of the plot, such as the fight scene were admittedly a decent attempt to seduce the male viewer (she's pretty hot).

If you've seen the adaptation of "Eragon" the plot and feel of this movie are very similar, with fairly large plot holes, and a lightning fast pace with almost zero character development of any characters other than the main one. If you read the book you could follow along but at the same time you were disappointed with the plot additions and subtractions.

In fairness this movie is more exciting than Eragon, although just as unbelievable. While the cast was poorly chosen, they do a pretty good job overall, although Alan blunt is too goofy, and Sabrina's character is blander than unflavored toothpaste (although shes pretty hot, if thats any consolation).

All in all this movie is OK... I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone other than young or pre-teenagers, but not those who are the types who hate movies of books. As for the loyal series readers, i don't think the movie will mess up your image from the book too much, except maybe MI6 is pretty lame, but otherwise its pretty good. Overall 6/10.

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100% the best first half of any movie of its kind ever and i end up wanting to throw a cello through a window, 29 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I only give this movie 8 stars because there were so many things that were phenomenal! The acting was simply outstanding. The character of Ginny had so much potential if they'd only written the plot to include more scenes with her. There were so many directions this movie could take. After about 1 1/2 hours, when Ben and Hal were in the competition, all of a sudden, the movie took a sharp left turn for nowhereville and left me so angry. Angry at Hal, angry at Ginny, angry at Hal's Dad, but mostly angry and the director. There are a hundred different endings that could have been executed even OK to make this a 10 star movie, but no. If they'd followed the obvious plot and had Ginny and Hal win despite their differences, it would've been generic, but executed so brilliantly that it would have been a great movie. Then, they could've had Hal and Ginny come back together and win the debate, and have her switch back schools or something. Hell, they could've even left their relationship broken or something if only they'd focused more on her character, on how hard it was for her to leave Hal like that. They could've elaborated on the other misfits she tried to get to debate. They could've had Hal and Ben go and beat her, or get second to her, and have a happy ending where they get back together. The kid threw a cello through her window for Christ sake! Everyone watching wants them to be together in the end! And even if they threw out all that, they should've reversed the father scene (although they should have made it better, he was the only bad character in the film) and the pizza scene, and ended it with Hal flawlessly asking for a piece of pizza. Maybe one of those, "what happened afterwords" kind of epilogues on the screen would've been nice. You know, just to make you feel good. I would say the last option, and maybe the best would've been to make the movie significantly longer, and tie up ALL the plot lines in one super-ending that occurred somehow after the state championships. Maybe if they'd made Ginny only a junior, and they had like another year. i don't know. Or they could've had her do the same thing as Ben in state's and then epiphanize about how much she liked Hal. Just anything other than the ending they chose.

Overall i feel disappointed, somewhat angry, and somewhat sad. This movie had unbelievable potential and just threw it away. The plot felt remarkably incomplete, with all the plot lines left open, even the "how to deal with life" plot was left open by the poor execution of the final car scene. So... with a 10 star first half of the plot, 0 stars for the second half, 10 stars for acting, 10 stars for filming i averaged that to end up with 7 1/2, and i round up to 8 stars. If you read this far you're a loser but i appreciate it.

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