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The directors whom I hold in highest regard, they have helped to shape me as a person and I will forever be indebted to them. I'll leave you with a quote from Orson Welles speaking of his film Othello, a quote I'm sure all directors can identify with:

"There are too many regrets, there are too many things I wish I could have done over again. If it wasn't a memory, if it was a project for the future, talking about Othello would have been nothing but delight. After all, promises are more fun than explanations. In all my heart, I wish that I wasn't looking back on Othello, but looking forward to it. That Othello would be one hell of a picture. Goodnight."

Quick note: When directors often work in twos I have only listed one of them; e.g. Just Michael Powell for Powell/Pressburger.
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