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Good Start To The Saga, 26 January 2003

The Phantom Menace is a good way to start the saga. It was good to see obi wan before he became a jedi master. The Sith are show in a bigger picture with sidous still being number one bad guy with his boy Maul. A good way to get into the films for u under the age of 13.

Scream 2 (1997)
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Good Movie, 9 November 2002

This Movie is nearly as good The First. The old faces are back for more scares. I thought it was better than most follow ups. The Cast is Just as good. Matthew Lillard has a Little Cameo. So Does Rose Mcgoawn Well is Meant To Anyway. I Enjoyed it Anyway.

Scream (1996)
Cool Horror Movie, 9 November 2002

This Movie is good because it opened the door for Films Such as Urban Legend and I Know what you did last summer. It also is a who done it. Unlike Halloween and Friday The 13th Which are Great Films Don't Get Me wrong. The Cast are Great Randy is My Fave Star he brings fun to the film.

Classic Horror, 7 November 2002

This Film was Made Because of The great Scream. The Slaser films Rock. This film has a Great Plot and Cast. Such as Josh Jackson Jared Leto Alica Witt. The Killer is No Dumbass as many of them are in slaser films. And You will be Shocked when you find out who done it.

Bloody Good Film, 17 September 2002

This Film is Good very Bloody Good. Ridley Scott Did A Great Job With This Movie. He Has Great Cast In This Movie. Jerry Bruckerheimer Did Good Aswell. The Cast Inc's Josh Hartnett (40 Days 40 Nights) Ewan McGregor(Trainspotting) And Tom Sizemore(Red Planet) This Film Rules.

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Beats Livewire, 15 September 2002

This Show Beats Livewire to The Post. This Show Is good if You Miss Smackdown. You Will get a good run of the past weeks Show. Livewire got out dated. This is good for the interviews aswell. The Brand Thing Has Changed the whole of the WWE.

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Brillant Film, 9 September 2002

This Film Is So Great In Everyway Possible. The Cast Is Brillant and The Action Is Brillant. The First Hour is really just a Build up the back story and so on. The 30 mins Fight at The Famous Pearl Harbor is some of the Best Action Ever. The Film Takes A While to get the action But it worth the wait

Scream (1996)
Better Than Nightmare on Elm Street, 9 September 2002

This Is The Best Work That Wes Has Done. This Film Rules Of Nightmare On Elm Street Were You Know The Killer from the word go. But With This The First Time you see it you have the Fun Of Finding Out Who Did It at the end. The Cast Were Great Neve Campbell Was Great as Sid. David A did well as the Cop. Skeet Ulrich Did Good as Billy. Jamie Kenndey Was Funny As Randy. And Matthew Lillard Did Great To Bring Alive Stuart.

Lots Of Sexy Women, 9 September 2002

When I was siting down to Watch This Film I Thought it was going to just a Bunch of Girls Cheerleading all the time But was I Wrong. This Film Has Some Very Very Funny Sences. The Leading Lady Torrance Shipman(Kirsten Dunst)is Very Cute And Funny. Her Rival Who is Played Gabby Union Is Also Very Good. Very Good Fun Loved It and Will Watch It Again.

Scream 2 (1997)
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Good Flim And Better Than Nightmare on Elm Street, 9 September 2002

This Film Was and Still Good and is the Fastest Follow up To Come Out. Wes Does A Great Job Again. The Old Cast is Back With Some New Faces. Yet Again Neve Campbell Plays Sid Very Well David A Is Funnyer Jamie Kenndey Brings Randy To A New Level of Fun. And The Lady Herself Courtney Cox is Back and Harder Than Before Playing Gale. The New Faces Are Good aswell Tim Olyphant Does Well As Mickey. Jerry C Does Alright as Sid New Boyfriend. A Very Good Twist at The End.

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