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Must see for all who buy their food!, 11 January 2010

If you buy your food in a supermarket, then you must see this show. It tells where the meat we eat comes from. It shows the best practices in the United Kingdom, including those in the slaughter house. It isn't intending to be a horror show, although it does also compare how animals fare in those unlucky farms where Tesco and Safeway get their ultra cheap meat from.

The presenter is quite matter of fact and is generally quite fair and even handed. I keep having the feeling that the RSPCA must be partially funding it because of the animal welfare questions, but it's not a flaming weird production. They have everything from vegans, vegetarians, homemakers and junk food junkies on the show.

No, I haven't changed my buying habits at all. But I can't look at meat the same any more either. I find myself also praying for the welfare of the animal that gave its life for that meat and I will use meat much, much more carefully, and if possible wasting nothing.

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As bad as the A & E Andromeda Strain, 16 November 2009

A & E likes to re-make classic productions. Why not, then they own it and can sell it. I've only seen the first two episodes, but their recent make-over of that immortal cult classic "The Prisoner" has good points and bad points.

I like the desert scenery. It's a cool looking little resort community. It must be in SouthWest Africa. One look at the desert and the vehicles says that.

I don't like them losing their memories. Obviously they want to find out why Six quit his job. (After all, that's why they were tormenting the original Six.) Well how can he tell them why he quit if he doesn't know himself? I don't like raising families in The Village. I guess it's required if they want to further the image that The Village is all there is in the universe, but that can't logically be. After all, who builds the buses and the taxis and the TV sets and grows the food? It's not done in that desert. Therefore, there is an outside.

I am very torn on this Two. It seems we know too much about him. Part of two's menace in the original was that he was an ever changing blank slate.

It's two days later. I watched it all the way through. I tried, I really tried. It stank. I am deleting this one from the TIVO and am considering suing A & E for stealing four hours of my life. It went from not good on the first night to bad on the second to dead and disgusting on the third. Writers should know that love is the weakest and cheapest motivation for insane and bizarre behavior, especially instant love. But I don't think the writer had it in him to do any better.

The Plan (2009) (V)
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Disappointing, 19 October 2009

I hate to say it, but the Galactica stable are really losing their touch.

The story is half stock footage from the series and half filler. OK, we learn some details like HOW Ellen Tigh got out alive - but we knew she did. We see some trivia, like who Caprica Six met just before the raid, but who cares? We see some familiar Cylons in unfamiliar and unexpected places, generally risking throwing off continuity.

We don't see the things I really wanted to know. I wanted to see the Cylon worlds. I wanted to see WHY the Cylons chose to attack, and why now. I want to see WHY they chose to infiltrate Earth, and why that way. I want to learn the Cylon choices and motivations and psychology.

Oddly, the costume designer was shown in the credits before the writer. I guess the writing is less important than the consulting producer and other illusory titles. Jane Epperson wrote this one, as well as being the executive producer. Ron Moore wasn't in the critical credits. Where was he? Perhaps if he'd spent more time on this than Virtuality he'd have gotten one good product.

While the visuals were good, what I feel is the now increasingly tired end of a series. How long will they keep scraping the bottom? I guess as long as they think they can make money at it.

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Peter and Walter, very clearly laid out, 16 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The show was about ... well another normal Fringe item. People going nuts, seeing crazy stuff, going crazy, killing without reason and then dying of old age in moments.

We see Walter for some reason REALLY hating Seattle. Why wasn't explained. It may be a bad plot device or it may fit in later.

Expect to see a lot more "Seattle" focused stories. The shooting moved to Vancouver to save money.

After a lot of slashing and hacking and contriving and scheming, we finally get to the end. The whole thing is resolved.

And then we get to the interesting part. It's Peter's dream. He's a boy. He's asleep in the dream and gets up, and sees his father and is very upset for some reason. What's interesting is a poster in the background for the 11th Challenger mission. In our universe, the Challenger blew up 73 seconds into the 10th mission. So Peter was originally from the other universe. This fits of course with the tombstone for Peter shown late last season. Walter kidnapped the other version of Peter from the other side and somehow unbalanced everything and caused the entire "Fringe" mess.

Is there another Walter on the other side trying to get his son back? Will the Walters meet? Stay tuned for this and other bizarre possibilities.

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Creepy, sexy fun!, 16 September 2009

OK, it's not great.

Vampires are in right now. So, how does it compare to other vamp series. Let's compare it to Moonlight. There was a mysterious leading heroic vamp who was turned by a very ancient female vampire against his will. He was almost an anti-vampire, rebelling against her, and he is oh so dashing. He's even a war hero. Then there was the blonde heroine human, who falls in love with him almost against her will and despite her many encounters with evil vampires.

Yet, not even all the evil vampires are so evil. Some are complicated and strange, having personal loves that are beyond what we expected, especially the mysterious, foreign vampire leaders and their ways.

Wait, if we compare this to True Blood you find exactly the same characteristics, right up and down the line. I guess it's not surprising. There are only so many things they can say about vampires.

True Blood does add a few things to its mythology. It has a universe where vampires have "come out of the coffin." Some hate them, some love them, and most just ignore them. Are vampires still the romantic creatures of the night if they do not hide? The other series I compare True Blood to is another HBO series, Rome. I loved Rome. It was a guilty pleasure, rich and bizarre. There was one thing you could be sure of in every episode, and that was a good screwing scene with some marvelous titties hanging out. We got that in True Blood too.

Mmm, sex and campy vampires. Yeah, definitely fun.

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Modern meets period with bizarre results, 31 August 2009

Let me start off by saying that it's better than most of the pot boiler Sci Fi channel movies. It makes a tiny bit of pseudo science fiction sense.

I'll start off with a pet peeve of mine, ridiculous gun handling. They mixed extremely modern guns with period guns with no rhyme or reason. Modern Smith and Wesson revolvers in stainless steel with modern target sights and ventilated ribs are used side by side with ones that almost could be period. It's sloppy, very sloppy.

It's no gem. It's pleasant, something to watch when you've had a bad day and are just in the mood to relax to something mindless. Unfortunately I found many of the characters ridiculously bad. The worst was the woman bounty hunter. She was just too 21st century politically correct, but she wasn't the only one.

Virtuality (2009) (TV)
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Oh so politically correct and oh so predictable, 12 August 2009

Virtuality is the pilot of yet another "Long voyage into space" series. It competes directly against Defying Gravity, another show in the same genre.

My first thought was that I would not want to trust my life into the hands of this crew. They're a bunch of wimps. I can not believe that they could possibly be the best that Earth would send on a trillion dollar space voyage. We have a crew of comfort junkies who are not even physically fit. The second officer and chief engineer is in a wheel chair. I am for affirmative action and reasonable accommodation as much as the next guy, but a space ship on a twelve year mission is not the place for a paraplegic. What if something goes wrong? So what are the "oh so lovey and oh so politically correct" cliché' gay couple doing on the ship? All I have seen them do is cook, cuddle and complain! And what about the girl who was using a video game on the ship's bridge while on duty? And that leads me to the next complaint. Our crew of futuristic video gamers clearly are having a major malfunction with their Nintendo WII. It's playing its own games with them, and those games involve their own deaths. As the Captain of the ship, I'd order everyone to surrender their 3D goggles and for the system to be used only for authorized and required functions that are directly related to furthering their mission. Instead, they keep on playing until I became oh so bored.

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Indescribably Awful, 9 August 2009

Without a doubt "Devil Girl from Mars" is the single worst science fiction movie I have ever seen. It isn't the low budget or small cast. "The Man from Earth" was made with a smaller cast, fewer sets and with no special effects, yet I'd rank it as sublime.

This movie lacked something critical, and that was a decent script. It didn't have even a decent premise. It was just a chop suey of bad movie clichés with dialogue that made you cringe.

It had no compensating virtues. The acting was poor, like the cast had been held hostage. The special effects were ludicrous, even for that time period. The robot was a joke. It looked like a guy wearing a cardboard box suit, which it probably was. The space ship was quite passable, but when that's the only virtue for the movie it has little indeed. The costume for the title character was absolutely cliché, black evil and short tights.

Deceived (2002) (V)
Bad, really, really bad., 24 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a Christian. I believe Jesus is the son of the living God, the only begotten of the Father and the only name whereby we can be saved. And I believe this movie stank!

The movie's theme was the broadcast from the pseudo-extraterrestrial source that really was evil. Strange and horrible things happen. We see the evil of government, the evils of telepathy and mind control and the evil of phony religion and the evil of phony news broadcasters, and in the end the cute couple are saved (physically as well as spiritually) and make it through just fine. They even make a convert.

And it was still BAD.

Lou Gossett was just utterly wasted. I do hope they paid him double. The rest were cheap Canadian actors.

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Something light and pleasant, 19 July 2009

It's not great. I'm not sure if it makes good even. But it makes for an hour of light fun.

Park your brain at the door. The plot is hokey and the special effects are contrived. You can guess a big part of the story if you try. But the action gives you a relaxed time.

It's techno-babble, blatantly impossible. It's not even logical. For example, they have this system of an overhead pulley to drop Artie in desired areas of the warehouse. A bicycle would be far more practical, faster and safer. Yet they put it in for the impact of it.

The show risks getting bogged down by the odd ball goodies. If they can't progress the characters, they will be bogged down by repeating the same slapstick act. They will need very good writing to pull it off.

Ah, the writing. That's the missing element in almost any TV series. We'll have to wait and see.

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