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Dreadful!, 30 May 2016

I was looking forward to this "New" show I wanted for it to be good but had my doubts it would work. I was a big fan of the old show and I would not call myself a fan of driving and cars. The other presenters simply did such a great job. as for the new presenters I didn't expect them to be this bad, simply no chemistry between Matt and Chris. Matt did his best but Evans just didn't click. The only good point about episode 1 is the new star in a rally car segment. I will watch again as it surely can't get any worse, It may be unfair to base my review on a pilot episode. But I am more and more looking forward to the new Clarkson and company version on Netflix.

Sex Tape (2014)
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Cameron Diaz Naked, 21 January 2015

Cameron Diaz Naked. Did I grab your attention? That should be the tag-line of this sorry excuse for a comedy. It's a recommendation of sorts. But after one view of her Butt the movie becomes tiresome. It tries hard to be raunchy but is just too unfunny to work.

A couple decide to spice up their love life by making a sex tape. Of course the obvious happens and the tape gets circulated to their friends by way of I pads the husband just gives away. (Who just gives new I pads anyway?)

There is a feeble attempt at a family relationship story-line, but it just doesn't hold your attention for long enough and you sort of reach for your I pad or tablet to pass the time until the movie finishes. Kind of ironic really, and a great advertisement for buying an i pad, so you don't have to watch this mess. But i actually laughed once or twice during the end credits. SO my recommendation is if you have this on DVD skip to the last 5 minutes you will have saved yourself an hour and a half of your life and still see Cameron Diaz's Butt and had a laugh as a bonus. 1 hour and 30 minutes i give 1/10. The final 5 minutes 4/10

Garage (2007)
An Irish Gem. Shortt is fantastic', 29 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

May contain minor spoilers.

Rarely have i been so captivated by an acting performance. Something can be said for the fact that not a lot happens in the first 35 minutes or so yet I was intrigued as to where this was going.

Pat shortt is nothing short of unbelievable (if the Irish readers will pardon the pun). Shortt plays Josie, a quiet, lonely man with no relatives living locally and no friends to speak of. Everyone either bullies him or treats him like the village idiot, someone you never give a second thought to. He has never traveled far form the village he was born in. Any attempts he makes or has made to become intimate fail.

The only thing in his life is his Job (At a local garage/shop) and his only pastimes are drinking at the local bar, and walking alone in the countryside.

A chance of friendship comes from a 15 year old boy who is hired to help at the garage at weekends. Will this young kid treat him like everyone else or could this be a genuine friendship or possibly be misunderstood as something darker.

It certainly a bleak movie but very well filmed on what was surely a very small budget. The Irish landscape almost feels as bleak as the movie but that only adds to story.

Being from Ireland, I can say that there is at least one Josie in every town. Where you can sometimes be surrounded by people and be lonely. and in rural Ireland where there are less people about the loneliness could be unbearable. In fact the world is full of Jessies that we don't pass a second thought to.

Unless you are from Ireland you may need subtitles for this movie. It's normal speaking and slang and an Irish native will have no problem understanding the phrases. This was a bold move by the makers, It's an Irish movie but the theme is universal "Loneliness" they have made no attempt to Americanize the movie by toning down the language and accents. So many "Orish" movies are ruined by an American cousin or foreign visitor come by just to appeal to an international audience. The people in this movie are Irish, and that's how we talk.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie yes it's emotional, but brilliant.

"Z Nation" (2014)
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Poor man's walking dead maybe but give it a chance, 20 October 2014

When I saw the Asylum's logo at the beginning of the show I didn't have much hope for it. But I decided to give the show chance and after the so so episode one the show became quite entertaining. sure some of the visual effects are a little bit ridiculous especially the north pole base, but the zombie gore is usually well done, and the show has plenty of funny moments as well as some ultra violent moments, yes the acting can be a little hammy at times and I'm not sure what DJ quails role in the show is, at least up too episode six . his character seems to be a little unnecessary. Still Z nation is not very original but does have something to offer the genre. If you give the show a chance I am sure you will start enjoying it as much as I do. 8/10

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Why such great reviews?, 18 February 2013

I'm watching this movie based on the excellent reviews here. Well I have to say what is wrong with you people. A very clever idea so badly made. The acting is laughable Malcolm Mcdowell does his best with the terrible script , but frankly he doesn't know how bad the script is because "HE CANT HANDLE.THE TRUTH" Oh god! The lead actor has as much acting ability as a chair and everyone else just looks embarrassed. Your local amateur drama society would do better. This''could have been good if handled by anyone with a bit of talent. So I felt so strongly I had to give this a negative review as I can't believe I haven't seen one here . ill Give it 3 for a good idea that must have been stolen from somewhere.

"edit" It gets 1 for the terrible cop out ending.

Avatar (2009)
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3D Effects Mind Blowing, don't waste your time watching it in 2D, 19 December 2009

I saw this movie in 3D, it was the first movie I saw in 3D so I can't compare it to anything else. But I have to say in spite of the fact that I arrived late to a packed house and got a lousy seat, it was still a neat experience. there is a real effect of depth to the environments, although I wish i could say the same for the story or characters. The story has been done 1000 times before in a different setting. Outsider tries to inveterate enemy, falls in love, sees the error of his ways and becomes part of, and fights for the clan he has tried to destroy. sort of like the story of the American Indians done in many a western.

The acting is average, The story and script well below average. So all you are left with is some eye candy in 3D, and that keeps you entertained when the story gets dull and slow. but it is worth the price of admission, but only in 3D. Brilliant technology but not much substance

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Pretty Good, 10 April 2009

Terrible Title for a movie, but surprisingly it turns out to be a very effective B-Horror. I have to say the first half hour of this movie had me on the edge of my seat, very taut and well written, and acted, In fact, had this movie had a different title I would have given it a 9. It begins with a late opening supermarket about to close, and an armed gang breaking in, and taking everyone hostage. What are they doing there? What are there Motives? Very effective first third of the movie. I'm not saying the rest is bad, or anyhing like that, in fact its good, only the budget of the movie seems to catch up with it in the final half.

Kudos to the Director, as he has done very well, with the money he had to spend, and he dissevers a bigger budget. Whoever came up with the title for this, Hang your head in shame!!

I hope to see more like this. As B-movie horrors go, this is pretty good.

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Disturbing!, 17 December 2007

I have to disagree with most people here; I think the acting was very good, particularly by the too young leads, a great Script and Amazing Directing by Gregory Wilson, who is surely a name too watch out for. The movie is low budget, as something containing this subject matter could never get the big budget glossy treatment, but cast and crew have done a great job. So technically despite the low budget everything is top notch, which makes what goes on even more disturbing. And the fact that it is TRUE. I haven't red the book but I did see the dissimilar at the end of the movie that states. Any similarity to actual persons is purely Coincidental…. So I was hoping the events that just unfolded on the screen were entirely made up. But too my horror, on the DVD extras, Director and novelist state this is what happened

Be Warned! This is a very difficult watch. Not because it's a bad movie, because it's a good one. It's not anyone's idea of entertainment but I do think movies like this should be made, if not done in an exploitive way, which is what I think the filmmakers have managed to avoid, although I did find the nudity unnecessary. Hard film to rate, but for acting and Directing 9/10

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Worst movie ever!!, 31 May 2007

I can't believe I sat through this, nothing what so ever to recommend. You would be better off watching an Ed Wood marathon of movies, which would be far better made. The visuals and effects are terrible. The plot, from what I can remember (I have tried to forget, but details still haunt me) is simple and has something to do with the opening of a mummy theme park You know, like Jurassic park but with mummies. it's beyond a bad movie, as bad movies can be fun, even a laugh. No laughs to be had here. Thankfully I can't remember an awful lot so I can at least spare you any more details; in fact even reading a review of this movie is time wasted, go watch paint dry it's more exciting. I mean it, if you think this review is bad then go watch Mummy Theme Park!

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Sick, 7 March 2004

Now I am against censorship, but not at all costs. I like gore movies and sick and perverted stuff in movies. Although a lot of what is in Faces of Death is faked, but there are real autopsy footage and animal slaughter, footage of the aftermath of a plane crash, and a scene of a suicide which I believe is real, which has no place in the movies.

I have seen a lot of horror movies, sick stuff from all over the world and that's fine, it's the movies (make believe). But why anyone would watch this to be entertained is beyond belief.

Why did I watch it you ask? Well I have an obsession with finding and watching banned MOVIES (Make believe) and since this was banned by the BBFC who also banned everything from The Beyond to Zombie flesh eaters. Naturally I was Curious.

Movies should Entertain or teach or enlighten, not satisfy some sick perverted lust to see dead people being cut open. Or body parts lying around after a plane crash, Yes things like this do happen, but this movie has no artistic redeeming quality whatsoever.

If you are a fan of horror movies or extreme cinema, then don't watch this, you might find mildly entraining the faked stuff like the executions and the bear attack. But the real stuff will just repulse.

If the director is to believed, he received death treats, and I am not surprised. I wonder what he would think about showing his wife or mother's autopsy in faces of death 7

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