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Family Guy (2006 Video Game)
I have this game and it is brilliant
18 May 2008
hey guys Natter45 here, I recently got this game from my mom a few days back from tesco because it was reducely priced.

I played this game through out the week and i got it completed it is great fun to play and do, you get to play a stewie/brian/peter in this game and boy they are brilliant, mainly what started the whole game off is when bertham says he is going to take his satellite dish, but then once you get through the first level, it causes everything to happen, stewie trys to find bertham, peter is under the impression that Mr Beledere has kidnapped his family and brian trys to find the father of seabreezes pups, it has some great things this game, like the cutaways in the game like in the show eg. the sky hook, sexy party and the most disturbing thing ever cutaways, they are really great but brian is a little let down he really should had some attack comands, or even some items to distract people with.

but all in all it is a real fun game to play, these guys should make a second game, featuring more episodes, more players and even more cutaways, also add in a multiplayer mode too

well it will show 9 stars but more likely 9 1/2 stars in my view

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Black Sheep (2006)
It looks good
17 May 2008
Hey everyone, i've seen some parts of the film and i must say it looks brilliant, although i didn't see it at all yet, i somehow amuses me in a way, KILLER SHEEP for a concept in a movie now that is rich and a class idea, but the best bit is the sheep transformation in the movie, it was like the 80's type tf's no cgi and all done in costume, but i recently saw this scene on youtube and i had faved it.

But what could happen is another one Black Sheep 2, with the virus spreading to another country in the world and people try to survive until the aid comes to stop it, featuring more weresheep, some fights with humans, and also add in a person who is infected but controls himself in the transformation process through out the movie.

But top notch film, and great job for it
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Headcases (2008– )
Headcases.... not at least funny
10 May 2008
I just saw the first episode of head-cases on Youtube and i must say it is okay but not that funny, but hey come great cgi work and they did excellent on it, but the more you watch it just gets stale when i saw the Madonna part i was so turned away from it, who the hell made the idea of Madonna being a guy, but hey i'm not putting it down but DeadRingers has more comedy than this show, and also classic comedies, even Harry Hill's TV burp is better, all i'm saying is that other shows can rack more viewers then this show, but there is one thing about the show WHY IS ROWAN ATKINSON A TORRIE!!!!!!

but its was okay but not really funny as any thing else.
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