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Oooohhh, I remember this from my childhood!, 14 January 2017

"For Better or for Worse: The Bestest Present" is a Christmas cartoon special that was produced in 1985, and first aired on American TV on this year. It was directed by Sebastian Grunstra, who also directed all sequels except from "A Storm in April".

Basic plot: During a rainy day before Christmas Eve, Michael and Lizzie are taken by their mother to a shopping mall. When they return to their home, they discover that Lizzie's stuffed bunny is gone...

Being an IMDb user, I haven't written a single review for a long time, until now when I just happened to accidentally find a somewhat rare Christmas special I haven't seen for many, many years since my early childhood. "The Bestest Present", that is the first of the "For Better or for Worse" TV-specials, is a very cozy cartoon that is suitable for everybody. The animation is very easy but nicely done, and the story is very easy to follow. Now in this afternoon prior to this review, I almost took to tears in one scene thanks to the childhood memories I've got from watching this, when the father comforts Lizzie by singing a goodnight song to her.

In my early childhood, we used to have the TV-special as recorded on VHS, and I think it was dubbed in Norwegian of course, since most cartoons for kids are dubbed in my country. What I have always remembered are: That funny dog drinking from the toilet, the car driving to the shopping mall, all the raining, and that stuffed bunny. But since my English and memories weren't as good as today, I've never remembered the title, until I finally discovered this cartoon today, something that made me happy.

If you like watching cozy animated Christmas movies/specials suitable for all audiences, I'll highly recommend you to find this, and watch this at least once. Some other Christmas stuff I'd like to recommend include: Any Christmas specials from Rankin Bass like "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", as well as Disney's "From All of Us to All of You".

My overall rating: A well deserved 9/10.

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Pretty unique 3D-platformer game with Mario and co., 18 December 2015

"Super Mario 3D World" is a 3D-platformer game which was released for Wii U by Nintendo near the end of November 2013. It is a sequel to "Super Mario 3D Land" which was released for Nintendo 3DS.

Basic plot: Our famous heroes Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are about to enjoy the fireworks outside of Peach's castle, when they discover a Clear Pipe. Lots of items and a green Sprixie Princess burst out from the pipe. The Sprixie Princess needs help, and tells the heroes about six of her fellows having gotten kidnapped by Bowser. Bowser suddenly emerges from the pipe and kidnaps her, so Mario and company have to save all the seven kidnapped Sprixie Princesses...

This is a game which I got during Christmas Eve 2013, and I enjoyed from the first second I began playing it. Besides from the different 3D-worlds and the various challenges, I also liked the new items, including the Cat Suit which allows the heroes to climb up high walls. And if that isn't enough, I also liked the idea of having up to 4 players to play the game, and not at least choose any of the four characters. I, for the most part, played as Peach.

And if you are interested, an another character named Rosalina can be unlocked in the first Bonus World.

Conclusion: If you enjoy anything related to Mario and company, but yet haven't play this game as of today, then I recommend you to buy this game, if not only play this one at least once. My overall rating: 9/10.

Bubble Bobble (1986) (VG)
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One of the legendary classics in the history of video games., 21 November 2015

"Bubble Bobble" is a video game, originally made as an arcade game in 1986, and later ported into other consoles like Commodore 64, PC, Game Boy and Sega Master System to name a few.

Basic plot: Simply put, this game involves Bub and Bob, two dragon twins who's girlfriends have been kidnapped by Baron Von Blubba and must be saved.

Through 100 levels (or 200 if you played the Sega Master System version), Bub and Bob must shoot bubbles from their mouths in order to trap their enemies, and then defeat them. Food can be collected every time, and items which are mostly useful against enemies can be collected as well. If you manages to fulfill some challenges, a secret door may appear on certain stages.

This is one of the best and legendary video games I've played for Sega Master System, a console my family still owns at their hut. Most of the stages the player(s) have to go through are pretty easy and funny, the graphic is very nice and easy to look at. Even the whole game-play is very easy as well. And who doesn't remember the good old music mostly played through the whole game...? This is a very famous game most people around the world must have played already.

Seriously, this is one of the Sega-games I've been playing the most, some other games being "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Alex Kidd in the Miracle World" and "Lemmings". Sometimes, as long as I and my big sister played this game, we had some trouble trying to find a Magic Candle, a special item which allows the player to automatically light up all later stages which would normally be played through as black screen. Otherwise, we used to have lots of fun playing this game.

As I have mentioned already, this is a game most people must have played already. If not, then I highly recommend you to try this game. Trust me, you won't regret even one second of playing it. In my opinion, this game highly deserves a full rating of 10/10.

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One of the better animated movies coming from the Soviet Union., 17 October 2015

"Tayna Tretey Planety", also called "The Mystery of the Third Planet", is a Sci-Fi/Cartoon movie directed by Roman Kachanov in 1981. It is produced by an animation studio called Soyuzmultfilm.

Basic plot: In the late 22nd century, a little girl named Alisa, her father professor and a pilot are on a space mission to find some rare animals for their Moscow Zoo. Instead for what they are supposed to do, they stumble on a case which involves Doctor Verhovtsev, who holds a conspiracy against two legendary captains. And so they are given a chatter-bird, which is the only clue for this mystery...

I recently finished watching this film in Russian, before writing this review. As I have already watched multiple animated films from Soyuzmultfilm, I have to confirm this as one of the best animated movies which were made in the Soviet Union. For something made in 1981, the traditional animation is very typical for something made in the same country, and the setting is pretty similar to various Science Fiction/B-grade movies which were made during the 60s to late 70s. You may even be hooked both by the animation and how the plot unfolds itself, like I was. The background music is pretty great as well. This 48-minute long film is a great movie to be watched by whole families.

Are you into Russian animation, as well as anything set in future and space, then this animated movie is really worth to find and watch. In my opinion, I think this film deserves an overall rating 9/10.

Some other animated films from Suyuzmultfilm I'd like to recommend, include: "Maria, Mirabella" (1981), the "Maugli" film-series (1967-1971 and the 1973-movie), and "The Humpbacked Horse" (both the 1947- and 1975-version).

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Sailor Moon meets Chibiusa..., 28 September 2015

"Bishôjo Senshi Sêrâ Mûn R", or simply known as "Sailor Moon R", is the second of the five seasons of the "Sailor Moon" anime series. It was produced by Toei Animation, and originally aired on Japanese TV from 1993 to 1994.

Basic plot: During the first arc, Ail and Ann (two aliens disguised as humans) are seeking human energy in order to restore their life tree. Usagi and her friends, who had forgotten their lives as Sailor Senshi, have their memories restored...

In the second arc, a little girl named Chibiusa is sent from her future to search for the Silver Crystal. The new enemies, including the Black Moon Clan, the Ayakashi sisters, Prince Demando and Wiseman to name a few, are searching for the same crystal as well, in order to take over the future. Sailor Pluto also makes an debut in this season.

Several months earlier prior to this review, I made a review about the first season: It was a great classic within the world of magical-girl-anime. In common with the said season, "Sailor Moon R" is a pretty good season. It has cute animation, good soundtrack and an okay plot, as well as a good portion of humor, dramatic, romance and not at least action. The first arc in this season is basically a filler arc, but the Black Moon arc is pretty interesting.

As I have watched the Japanese version of this anime, the eye-catch which shows the Sailor Senshi as Chibis (short humans) is simply my favorite sequence, by the overall eye-catches shown throughout the entire "Sailor Moon" franchise. For those who don't know what an eye-catch is, it is simply a short sequence made for a commercial break.

Dali's epic song "Moonlight Densetsu", which was played in the first season, also serves as the theme song for the second season.

Conclusion: If you like watching anime made in the 90s, as well as anime dealing with magical girls, then this one may be a good choice for you. However, it is strong recommended that you watch the first "Sailor Moon" season before this. My overall rating: 9/10.

Fantasia (1940)
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Disney's musical masterpiece, 19 July 2015

"Fantasia" is an animated movie from 1940, produced by Walt Disney and directed by multiple directors. It is the third Disney animated feature having been made, the first two was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) and "Pinocchio" (1940).

Basic plot: In this film, eight segments are set to pieces of classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski, while music critic and composer Deems Taylor makes an introduction to each of the segments.

Just to point out some of the segments: In "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Mickey Mouse attempts to try out some of sorcerer Yen Sid's magic tricks. "Rite of Spring" deals with the evolution of life on Earth, from volcano eruptions to dinosaurs. In "Dance of the Hours", animals like hippos and alligators perform a comic ballet in four sections. In "Night on Bald Mountain", a devil summons evil spirits and restless souls from their graves to Bald Mountain, so they can dance and fly through the air...

Not only has "Fantasia" been a great part of my childhood, but I'll confirm this to be a great favorite within the world of Disney animated movies. Here, the classical music and the animated segments fit perfectly with each other. The animation is just wonderful for something made in 1940. And besides from Deems Taylor introducing the segments, this film proves the fact not all movies need to always have dialogue in order to make a good story. It is also amazing on how "Fantasia" still holds the record for being the longest Disney animated movie, with the running time of at least two hours.

Favorite segment: In my opinion, "Rite of Spring" wins.

Most funny segment: Here, "Dance of the Hours" takes the cake.

Most scary segment: "Night on Bald Mountain", clearly.

This is how I grew up with "Fantasia": My family used to have this film on a British VHS originally released 1991. Together with several other animated features like Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and Toei's "Panda no Daibouken", I could watch "Fantasia" many times without getting bored. "Night on Bald Mountain" was the only segment I couldn't manage to sit through. And I thought "Rite of Spring" was kinda creepy as well, thinking about how the Earth (which looked like a giant fireball) came closer and closer to the screen. The rest was no problem, as I watched it with pure pleasure. Prior to my big sister getting the same film on DVD several years ago, my family decided to get rid of the VHS.

In my opinion, when it comes to musical animated features, as well as Disney movies, then nothing beats "Fantasia". This film can be watched by everybody, both children and adults. If you still haven't watched this film, then I highly recommend you to watch this one at least once. My overall rating: A well deserved 10/10.

Princess Minerva (1998) (V)
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A kinda funny anime OVA., 20 June 2015

"Princess Minerva" is an action-packed Comedy/Anime, directed by Mihiro Yamaguchi, and produced by Group TAC and Toho. It was originally released in Japan during 1995.

Basic plot: Princess Minerva longs for the action and adventure of a hero's life. So she enters a fighting tournament as a idol-singer-martial-artist, where the winner is offered a fortune. But most of the women who take part in the tournament aren't fighting for money, but lots of other stuff like pleasure, revenge and for the heck of it. When one of her dearest bodyguard friends gets kidnapped by an evil sorceress, Minerva must become a true hero to save her.

This is one of the kinda funny anime OVAs I have seen, by those which were made in the 90s. It has lots of action and humor. The animation is pretty typical for anything of the 90s, and so is the humor. Most of the time where characters fight or get exposed to something bad, it mostly end up in a silly situation. I sat and giggled several times, thinking how silly the entire anime was. The fighting tournament itself was kinda interesting, and I should wish I could see more of it.

Conclusion: If you enjoy watching action-packed but humorous anime of the 90s, then this one is a good choice for you. My overall rating: 7/10. Some similar anime include: "Detatoko Princess" (1997), "Don't Lose, Makendo" (1995) and "Megami Paradise" (1995).

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One of the most bizarre Hentais Japan made in the 90s., 9 May 2015

"Inju Daikessen", also known as "Mission of Darkness", is a pornographic Sci-Fi/Anime produced in 1997. Like with "Idol of Darkness" which I wrote a review many months earlier, this one was directed by Kotaro Ran, and produced by Pink Pineapple.

Basic plot: A meteor lands on Earth. Later on, women are being violently impregnated and then brutally killed by an alien life form all over Japan. Scientists, politicians and the National Guard will do anything to stop the alien, but only make things worse. And so they get a big surprise when an over-sized alien woman appears on the scene...

By those adult animations Japan made during the 90s, I'd like to say: "Mission of Darkness" has to be one of the most bizarre animations of this kind I've ever seen. I mean, I was seriously speechless when I watched as multiple women's stomaches grow big with alien fluid, and then eventually burst with lots of blood splatters. There are a few more brutal scenes on the way, but I think I'll leave it there...

An another bizarre scene involves a hilarious event in which the military people hire a bunch of call girls, hookers and various attractive women, and take them outside town in order to lure the monstrous creature into the place. How will this situation turn out, just find it out by yourself...

The animation itself, however, is very typical for any of the Hentai OVAs Pink Pineapple made during the 90s.

Since this OVA is in reality pornographic, and pretty violent and gory in some scenes as well, this anime is strictly forbidden to be watch by anyone under 18...and not recommended for any weak-hearted people as well. On the bright side, if you like watching any adult animation involving aliens, tentacle rape and any sexy female character in the size of Godzilla, then this OVA is really for you.

Mainly for the bizarre and hilarious moments taking place throughout this anime, I'll give this one an overall rating of 9/10.

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The classic Sailor Moon, 19 April 2015

"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon", also called "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", is a Magical Girl-anime which debuted on TV Asahi, a Japanese TV-channel. It is based on the manga illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. It was produced by Toei Animation in 1992, and is the first of the five seasons Toei made during the 90s.

Basic plot: Usagi Tsukino is a 14-year-old school student who is clumsy and crybaby as always. Always failing at school and getting scolded by her family. One day, she meets Luna, a talking black cat which gives her the power to transform into Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon, she must defend the world from falling into the hands of the Dark Kingdom and it's ruler Queen Beryl. But she can't do all this alone; Her friends Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury), Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter), Minako Aino (Sailor Venus), and even Tuxedo Mask will all help her to defeat the evil power.

By all anime series I've seen so far, this one is a timeless classic within the world of Magical Girl-anime. When I first saw this and "Sailor Moon R" online during the first half of the Easter holiday 2014, those seasons did go straight into my heart. "Sailor Moon" is simply a cute show which has nice and colorful animation, as well as humor, action and romance.

Nice to see how the epic relationship between Usagi and Mamoru Chiba is building up over the course of this season. And it was great to see how the girls fight off one monster-of-the-week after another. Funny how Usagi and Rei always have to bicker with each other, just to have that said. XD.

The only thing is the fact, while the "Sailor Moon"-franchise has been released/aired in many countries over the world (including Sweden, USA, Germany and Italy just to name some), it has never been released in Norway. Which is a great shame, considering the fact it's a classic show anyway.

Just for the sake of some trivia, Toei Animation also made a second anime adaption of the manga, a web series called "Sailor Moon Crystal" which began to get uploaded during summer 2014. This anime follows the manga's storyline more closely than the original anime did in the 90s.

For the sake of an another trivia, I have a bunch of Sailor Moon-figurines which I've got in Christmas Eve 2014. The pretty expensive set I have was originally made as a part of the Japanese 20th anniversary celebration.

Do you like watching anime consisting of magical girls, but yet not having watched "Sailor Moon", then this one is definitely for you. My overall rating, both for this season and the rest of the anime series, is clearly a 9/10.

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I can still remember this Weston Woods animation..., 19 March 2015

"Strega Nona" is a short animated film from 1977, based on the children's book by Tomie DePaola. It was directed by Gene Deitch, and produced by Weston Woods Studios.

Basic plot: Strega Nona is a female witch doctor who is known all over Calabria (Southern Italy) where the story takes place. She has for a long time helped many villagers with their troubles, including curing headaches and helping women to find their husbands to name a few.

A young man named Big Anthony secretly watches as Strega Nona uses her magic to produce lots of cooked pasta. When Strega Nona one day leaves her residence under the young man's care, Big Anthony decides to try the same: To produce a lot of pasta...

This was one of the Weston Woods animated shorts I saw as a little boy. Now, when I think about it, this short film had some nice and funny drawings, and a very easy storytelling which any children should be able to follow. This film happened to follow the book very closely.

I remember this short film, mainly because the local library where I'm working used to have this film on a very old VHS. This VHS, which was released in Norway by Nord Video during the very early 80s, also had three other shorts being: "Googles" (1974), "The Three Robbers" (1972) and "Changes, Changes" (1972). Such a nice but funny childhood memory I'll never be able to forget...

Because of this film following the book closely, and this film being most of all one of my childhood memories withing the world of short animated films, I would like to give this a rating of 7/10.

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