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Ruins your spirit, 10 December 2007

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Besides the ill formed humor and shallow slapstick's, I never could find humor in seeing a group of individuals being mobbed for having opposite beliefs.

The plot has depicts how a family is mobbed for refusing to celebrate Christmas, and to me this reminds me to much of countless other stories from the 1960's south, Salem witch hunt, Communist Russia to Nazi Germany. Even if the setting is innocent, the contents is the same.

In the end the Kranks are redeemed by fully complying with the Christmas festivity, and all is well, I guess as well as all those Jews that converted to Christianity during the first half of the 20th century.

If you are tolerant and compassionate, don't watch this movie, it will provoke you and ruin your Christmas spirit.

If you didn't understand anything I typed in this review, just go ahead and watch the probably will like it.

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Frustrating movie, 15 November 2007

Frustrating to watch, and hard to believe Williams would agree to cast in such a gamma style movie. Moore is her usual self, portraying the casual girl from next door act. In other words, the acting is horrible. This movie rides from one slapstick cliché to the next. If you find a guy getting hit with a baseball in the nose funny, or crack up seeing a reverent with his kid apprentice stake out in a van or role on the floor laughing on the site of a guy carrying fake babies through Macy's you may want to see this movie. On the other hand, you may also then want to see professional counseling. Also, if you find an jokes associated with the clergy as generally funny and have a (very) low threshold on the quality of these jokes, this may be your holy grail (this is the type of joke you're in for). For my part, I am happy it is over, but unhappy for having sat to the end.