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Hilarious, but the weak link in the trilogy, 27 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(There could possibly be spoilers, so read at your own risk. And if they are spoilers, they're not big)

This movie was hilarious, no doubt saying that. But it is definitely the worst of the three. It's not as fresh as the first, or as original of jokes as the second, but it still has its great moments (The cameos were hysterical). Although some cameos didn't deliver anything but stupidity. Can somebody answer me, what the hell was Britney Spears and the Osbournes doing there?!? I didn't hear a single laugh out of anyone in the audience when those two cameos arrived. Here are my pros and cons of the movie:

Pros: 1. Once again, the hilarious cameos. I will only say that Danny DeVito's was hysterical. 2. Fat Bastard (who, surprisingly, isn't there long enough)Minime, and Dr. Evil steal every scene they are in.

Cons: 1. Once again, the useless cameos. 2. Goldmember, was not funny whatsoever besides his strange dutch accent. He was there to gross you out with his skin problem. 3. Foxxy Cleopatra was unfunny also and is just there to wear cleavage (I didn't mind but she was the worst girl of the three). 4. Ridiculous and sometimes, just stupid, bathroom jokes. 5. They steal many of the past two movies jokes and put them in this one, which was aggravating.6. The absence of Heather Graham's character wasn't a good thing. 7. Michael Caine's character was a little bit aggravating but had many funny jokes. 8. Last but not least, the worthless ending. I was so anticipating the ending to see what happens, but it ends up stupid.

So as you can see there are many more cons than pros but I will still recommend you to see it, but only if you like bathroom jokes, which I don't. Rating 7 out of 10.

I Am Sam (2001)
Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning give powerful performances, 28 June 2002

Everybody says that Sean penn's performance was just like everybody else who plays mentally challenged people. they are all wrong. He is excellent and has one of the best performances ever. So does Dakota Fanning, she is excellent. It's quite a touching and sad movie. They have one big flaw. If Sam can take care of Lucy when she was a baby, he can take care of her when she's grown up. She's more mature.

Overall the movie is excellent and almost perfect. Rating 10.5 out of 10. (Tied for 2nd Favorite Movie)

Like Mike (2002)
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Pretty Stupid, 28 June 2002

Now, movies are now run with music superstars. Britney Spears in Crossroads, Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember, Busta Rhymes in (the awesome) Halloween: Resurrection, LL Cool J was in H20 and Deep Blue Sea, Master P was in quite a few films, Snoop Dogg in Bones, Eminem in 8 mile, etc. Now it's Bow Wow's turn to step on the court. Hereb is a direct quote from MTV's own Gideon Yago: "Lil' Bow Wow finds the shoes with the letters MJ inside and has become an all-star basketball player. Trust me, hilarity ensues."

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I can go on for a while but hilarity doesn't ensue. The plot is pretty stupid. Bow Wow and friends find old shoes with the faded letters MJ in them. They then go to a basketball game and, coincidentally, Bow Wow gets the chance to win some money if he goes head to head with Morris Chestnut, who plays a good basketball player. Once again, coincidentally, with his good shoes he wins. Now, what are the odds. Apparently, the letters in the shoes must mean Michael Jordan. They could've meant Michael Jackson and he could've been doing the moonwalk on the court. And then he keeps doing awesome, stupidity ensues, stupidity ensues, etc. The actors give good enough performances but the stupidity hurts it.

Overall, I'm having a good day today so I'm not going to kick it too bad and give it that bad of a rating. Not recommended. Only for family, it could be good but not for me. Rating 3 out of 10.

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Excellent! Better than the first!, 27 June 2002

I'm sure Barry Sonnenfield was thinking, "Why not make a sequel (to Men in Black)? It made over 200 million bucks and there's no reason to not make more money, right?" He's right. There is no point in not making a sequel to a great movie. Just better make sure that you don't make a horrible sequel to a great movie (like Grease's pathetic sequel). Trust me, he didn't. Oh, he definitely didn't. Here's my review:

The movie is excellent. Perfect. It's no Coming to America or Training Day but it is definitely awesome. The movie is basically what you see in the trailer. Agent J (Will Smith) is doing his work as a top secret agent and making sure no one learns about aliens. K, on the other hand, is a postal worker. Yep, a postal worker. There just happens to be an evil alien (Lara Flynn Boyle) who needs something before the world will be seriously screwed. One problem. K knows where that is. It is J's job to locate K, deneuralize him, and rid the world of the scum of the universe... again. They reprise the role of Z, played by Rip Torn. They also have a few new characters, T and Rita. It is a great movie. Sure, the trailer gave away some good jokes but they have enough more to please us all.

The acting...what do you think. An Academy Award winner, an Academy award nominee, two VERY sexy ladies, and talking worms. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are excellent as always. They brought a little more to there characters and worked there jokes perfectly. Lara Flynn Boyle is one of the sexy ladies and was awesome as the villain. I can't choose if she or Vincent D'Onforio was better. The other sexy lady is Rosario Dawson who was very good here. Patrick Warburton was there for a little while and his character was good. The worms. I liked them as much as I like hemorrhoids. Enough said. I don't loath of them as much of Jar Jar Binks but I still didn't like their presence. The found a few chuckles out of me but not enough. The dog was pretty good here. I think his name was Frank.

Overall the movie is definitely awesome and VERY recommended. Another summer blockbuster. Rating VERY BIG 10 out of 10.

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Great show, 24 June 2002

This is truly a great show. Tim Allen and the rest of the cast is wonderful and very enjoyable. The shows are almost always good and everything else about it is great.

Overall the show is a blast and I still watch reruns of it. Rating ***1/2 out of ****.

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Awesome game, 22 June 2002

Medal of Honor Frontline is probably one of the coolest games ever made. You are Jimmy Patterson, a US soldier who must fight off the nazis and do all sorts of missions. The only thing I have against this game is that its pretty aggravating to climb ladders and fall off every single time. The missions are just awesome and you get to play with all sorts of guns.

Overall the game is awesome and you will love it. Rating A+++. (Tied for best game)

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Overrated, 22 June 2002

For some strange reason, the characters don't seem to have any bit of their hearts into the movie. With the exception of Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor, the rest of the cast has bad dialogue or bad acting. Natalie Portman was super hot in this but her chemistry with Christenson was OK. The fight scenes were awesome. Incredible. They were all just too cool. The best death scene is by far, by Mace Windu. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Overall the movie is not too good yet not too bad. Rating 6 out of 10.

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Why did they stick around Cage instead of the codetalkers?, 20 June 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first walked into this movie, I had extremely high hopes. There has been so many great war movies these past years. Like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Thin Red Line, The Patriot, (average) We Were Soldiers, (I guess you could call it a war movie) Behind Enemy Lines, etc. So what could hurt this film? Huh? Well, a whole lot of things. Knowing John Woo is a great director there shouldn't be many problems. Just let me start.

1) Goofs: FACTUAL ERROR: Soldiers don't carry Hershey's because the chocolate would melt and screw the gun up. ANACHRONISMS: 50 star flag was not made. It should be 48. REVEALING MISTAKES: Obvious dummies in flipped jeep after Ben "takes a smoke". Plus, many more. 2) Storyline does not stick to the Navajo codetalkers enough and distinctly revolve around Joe Enders (whose not real). They use the Navajo as plot devices more of the actual reality uses for them. 3) Unrealistic events. How in the hell can Japanese men not lay a scratch on Joe (Cage) and he can hit like a million of them. *Spoilers * Spoilers * In the beginning, a grenade blows up a foot away from Joe's foot and all he has is a wobbly leg and a screwed up ear. He should've been in pieces. Also, in the end, Joe gets shot twice by Japanese with AK-47s and he kills them all with a pistol. In addition, he gets shot in both legs and one arm, and can still be able to pick up a wounded Ben Yahzee. * More Spoilers ahead * 4) How did some samurai come to Christian Slater and chop off his head without him seeing? Or Whitehorse? * End Spoilers *

Overall the movie should be better than it is and the 4 stuff above really messed up the movie. Rating 6.5 (or **1/2) out of 10.

Home Alone (1990)
Entertaining, 15 June 2002

Home Alone is a very entertaining film about a boy who gets left behind for a vacation and must fend off robbers. Machauley Caulkin is great as Kevin and very enjoyable. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are perfect as the robbers.

Overall the movie is a great entertaining film and I recommend it. Rating 9 out of 10.

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Still hilarious!, 15 June 2002

Leslie Nielson is back as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, the hilarious cop who has to save the day. It's still very funny and you should definitely go see it if you've either seen the first, or just like movies.

Overall the movie is once again excellent from beginning to end and you will love it. Rating BIG 10 out of 10.

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