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Poseidon (2006)
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Terrible attempt at a remake., 24 February 2008

This is one of the worst remakes in history. The original had great interaction between the actors and the viewer felt a connection to every actor and every scene. The original also in some ways had better special effects. I will admit that the first scenes in the original when the ship was first hit by the wave were terrible, but after that the scenes were better. You really felt like you were on a ship when you watched the original. The remake focused too much on computer effects and many scenes were laughable. The remake also centered on political correctness and was probably made in Berkley. I hated every actor except perhaps Kurt Russell and could not connect with a single actor and wished that they all would die. I know that I almost died watching this bomb. Most of the newer actors were completely forgettable and their acting was sub-par. I am not even sure who most of the newer actors were. Instead of watching this terrible remake go out and rent or buy the original it is far superior.

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One of the worst movies of the last 50 years, 14 January 2008

Are the other reviewers kidding with their glowing reviews of this garbage. Tarantino is quickly becoming the Ed Wood of this generation. In fact Ed Wood was a genius compared with Tarantino's lack of focus and disjointed scenes. At least 95 percent of this movie moves at a snails pace with the characters sitting around and talking through the vast majority of this film. And lets not forget his trademark 5,000 uses of the F bomb.If his attempt was to recreate the look and the feel of the drive in movies of the 60's then he really missed the mark. He portrayed the only real star in the film (Kurt Russell) as a cowardly sissy. Please do us all a favor Mr Tarantino and never make another movie, it will take weeks for the stink of this movie to finally leave my room where I watched this trash.

13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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One of the worst movies of all time., 13 November 2007

This movie had none of the attributes of a successful horror movie. The dialog was terrible, the acting was atrocious, and the story and set design were none existent. If the objective was to make the worst movie of all time then this movie is indeed a success. At least the title was somewhat accurate since this bomb of a movie could only hold your attention for 13 seconds. I hope the budget for this stinker was kept at under $100; if not then the producers of this garbage should sue the filmmakers for their money back. I would suggest instead of watching this abomination that you wash your dog, go to the dentist, or have a colonoscopy, which would all be preferable to watching this movie.