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Good movie built on stereotypes, 9 May 2002

I'll admit, the only reason that I went to go see this movie was because Eliza Dushku was in it. Also, until I heard that she was in it I adamantly refused to go see another stupid teen movie with cheerleaders in it. The groups of characters in this film built on all the stereotypes of the world today. For example, the cheerleaders were pretty blue-eyed blonde suburban rich girls and the Compton cheerleaders were all black and didn't know when to stop saying `You go girl!' I think that this brought out a trait in the movie that people could identify with and I liked this. True, the chances of a punk driven teen liking a cheerleader are probably slim to none, they needed a cutesy love story to get people more interested. I think that it is unfair to say that just because Torrance didn't know who The clash was that Cliff should never speak to her again. This movie builds on all the stereotypes of cheerleaders and other specific groups, and they brought it out in a cheesy, but very funny way. This is definitely the movies strong point.