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Atlantis High (2001– )
A show that was too good to last
2 April 2008
Any time there are creative shows that people may not "get" (instead of simple shows) and ATLANTIS HIGH is one of these shows. I'm an adult who stumbled across it and found myself really liking the surreal comedy of the show. I describe it to friends as a kid's version of THE PRISONER as if directed by David Lynch.

Everyone has their secrets. We're not sure where this really is or who these people really are....... hmmmm....... sounds like LOST may have ripped off an Australian kid's show!

Yeah, the acting is over-the-top but that's fine considering the surreal nature of the show and the character of Giles has an annoying lisp. But I can overlook that.
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Insight (I) (1960–1984)
Some of these stuck in my mind
13 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Being obsessed with watching television, on Sunday mornings, I would sometimes watch INSIGHT and remember that it featured very good acting and some interesting story lines. Like others, I wish it was available on DVD or online.

Three episodes stuck with me but I do not recall the titles or most of the actors.

One involved some Americans being held in a third world country (or was it America in a bleak future?) and Martin Sheen played a clown. At the end, Martin Sheen was executed by firing squad (I guess he had practice as Pvt. Slovick). He refused a blindfold playfully saying, "I'm afraid of the dark!" To which the firing squad commander snorted to him, "Better get used to it!" Sheen escaped his bindings, saying that as a magic trick, the bullets would pass through him without hurting him (shades of EL TOPO). They shot. He died.

Another featured a time when suicide was allowed and services were provided for someone to complete the task. The man committing suicide was taking a series of several poisons and with each one, I think he reflected on his life. He poured the final chemical on the floor (it looked like corn syrup).

The final one I remember was about a couple who were going to clone their child. They were meeting with the genius from whom they were going to take the samples for the clone. But the genius professor brought in his identical twin brother who was retarded. I think the couple decided to try it "the old fashioned way." I think I can still remember the theme music to the series. I wish I could see some episodes to see how it stands up to 30+ years of memory.
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Head Case (2007– )
Shrink to the Stars. Ditzy, quick & unethical
1 October 2007
This is a fast pace series that is about a psychologist to the stars, though she is completely unaware. Examples include not realizing that her clients that are former childhood stars are now adults. She lives at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She gossips about her clients with just about anyone. The psychiatrist who shares an office with her doesn't have any patients and tries to steal hers.

The show is fast paced to fit into the 15 minute format. If they expand to 30 minutes (hope hope hope), I hope they keep the blistering fast pace.

VERY funny!
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Marooned (1969)
Solid space drama with technology of the day
10 March 2006
I admit that I'm a space-geek and love realistic films about space travel. Of course, APOLLO 13 is the benchmark and near perfect because it was true and accuracy was key.

What I like so much about MAROONED is that it's set in the near-future, using the technology that existed at the time (like COUNTDOWN). It featured a space lab much like the Skylab, launched a few years later, an Apollo CSM, and an orbital lifting body, much like the canceled X-20 DynaSoar. It gives a feel of realism which adds to the excitement.

Though slow at times, it's a solid film that I watch, whenever it's on TV (maybe I should buy the DVD...)
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An excellent movie, if you can find it
27 January 2006
I saw this film when it was looking for U.S. distribution. I never did find out why it was not distributed here. Some in the screening room were in tears while watching this gripping film told in an interesting way.

I described the film to friends as "THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK as if directed by Bob Fosse." I say that because the structure reminded me a lot of ALL THAT JAZZ (one of my favorite films). Lots of cutting back and forth in time with creative ways of showing what some of the characters where thinking.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to find a copy of this with English subtitles or dubbing. Once a French only video rental place said that I needed a French girl to translate for me (I wonder if they rented those as well........). Hopefully, I'll find a source or see it in some other way. Please contact me with suggestions.

A film that I still remember large parts of, after seeing it 20 years ago! --------------------------------------- UPDATE: After a lot of work and expense, I have finally seen this film again. I bought a German DVD(via ebay)of the film, which also had French with English subtitles. I then bought a DVD player that was region free.

While I still liked the film, it lacked the impact it had so many years ago. I thought the pacing was slower than I remembered, but still an excellent film.

The lengths I will go to in order to see some films!
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Better than the sum of its parts
10 June 2005
All in all this is a fun movie to watch. Gotta love the '70's with the politically incorrect dialog and scenes. (Makes me want to "santion" the PC police ruining movies today). The characters are just short of being over-the-top, but again in a mid '70's movie, it works. I also like the fact that there really are no "good guys" in the film.

I'm a sucker for Eastwood action films (not big on his comedies), and for me, this one does not disappoint. I like his character's near fetish for rare (stolen) paintings, which helps to lead him into the story. His dry sarcastic asides are priceless and keep you laughing between the action scenes.

Plot holes? Maybe, but how many films do NOT have them? I accept the story and move on with it.

The scenery is spectacular. I need to see the full wide-screen version, but that's my problem. The climbing and action scenes are very good. Can be real nail biting stuff.

Anyway, beware of the edited version that often airs. Too much is lost in the sex/violence/P.C. edited version.
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The Arrow (1997 TV Movie)
Great story of engineering success and political failure
23 April 2004
I really enjoyed the movie! Given, I am a sucker for films about aviation, space, and engineering. About an all-Canadian interceptor/fighter built in the late '50's, that was years (if not decades) ahead of its time. The true story shows the development of The Arrow, a plane capable of Mach 2, but also the politics that ultimately doom the project. I am glad that it was not ALL "blame the Americans" as it showed Canadian internal politics, personality conflicts, personal flaws..... and ........ yes....... The Americans (who didn't want the competition in aviation from North of the border).

This ranks right up there with space and aviation films like THE RIGHT STUFF, and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON. It is also a great story of concepts ahead of their time getting squashed, like the film TUCKER: A Man and His Dream. A similar story might be (though not yet on film to my knowledge) about Jack Northrop and his flying wing which had a similar development and fate in the US. Of course, Northrop's concept was validated with the B-2...... But, I digress........

Though the budget was low (a Canadian Mini-series, after all), they did the most with what they had. The choice of R/C models for most of the flying scenes was a good choice! It gave the look of the film an organic feel, as opposed to the CG effects, which were so-so. I hope they donated the full-size mock-ups to a museum!

If you love stories about aviation, space, engineering, or cold war history, this is one to find on tape or DVD, or search for on cable! A must see!
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Ted Bundy (2002)
Exploitive version of Ted Bundy story
10 October 2003
This story concentrates on the crimes, which are shown in grusome detail. Little is given to character. It is easy to point to Mark Harmon's performance in DELIBERATE STRANGER as the mark to try for when playing Ted Bundy, and I'm afraid this falls far short.

I LOVE black comedy, and normally I say, "the darker the better." However, there is a montage of Ted's killing spree from Seattle to Salt Lake City that is supposed to be darkly humerous. With fictional characters in a fictional story, this can be fine. However, to try to play the horror and suffering of REAL victims of REAL and terrible crimes, is more than even I want to put up with.

The final execution (no spoilers, we all know the story), is technically innacurate on some details. However, one can hope that the real Ted Bundy met his fate with a fraction of the terror he inflicted on his victims.

4 out of 10
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Lonely Hearts (1982)
Dull dysfunctional relationship of dull dysfunctional people
4 September 2003
In short, this was a slow, measured study of a romance between dull dysfunctional characters. Without giving anything away (there is not a lot to give away, I'm afraid), we watch older characters try to have a relationship in spite of their dysfunctions. Admittedly, this type of slow moving study is probably my least favorite genre.

However, it was well acted and the story ernest. I totally believed the characters were boring and had personal problems. The problem is that I wouldn't want to watch them.

Not my cup of tea, anyway.
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Perfect (1985)
Not as bad as I remember. Plus....LEOTARDS!
19 August 2003
Travolta wasn't bad, maybe even good in this film. Jamie Lee Curits was very cute and sexy. What a smile! Best of all are all the 80's women in leotards of every color. Very sexy to watch.

The love story is predictable, but hey, it is what it is.

I guess I like this film more than I remembered.
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