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Quirky, Funny and Relatable, 15 September 2006

I caught a few of the "episodes" between Sex and the City and Seinfeld. Instantly fell in love. The writing is great and the characters are extremely likable. Centers around 20 somethings in what appears to be a metropolitan environment (I assume New York). You get some background on the characters from their detailed dating mishaps. Eventually they meet but unfortunately there is a lapse between what I saw on TV which is newer, and what's available on the website, so not sure how they get from point A on the website to point B on the TV. Not to sure if this could make it as a regular series, hopefully if anything, it'll end up as a podcast (it's to cute not to!) Either way, I'll be checking the Sunsilk website for my daily fix!

Oleanna (1994)
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Astonishment, 14 July 2002

I heartily disagree with the comments made before about Oleanna. It's belittling to assume that people don't talk that way. The dialogue, I thought, was the most intriguing part. I didn't want to pull my ears away for fear I would miss something extremely important. The way Carol goes about accusing and sympathizing, to once again accusing, is masterful. John's responses, too, where enlightening. The debate at stake is what ultimately makes the movie. It's simple and complex, just as there is no right or wrong. It's both and it's neither. This is the kind of movie you walk away from thinking, and talking about to you become blue in the face, and I love it.

Made (2001)
Funny., 1 June 2002

Haven't seen Swingers, but will HAVE to see it after this one. Like Guy Ritchie, Jon Favreau knows how to make funny, and not stupid funny. Dark and mature funny. Great movie. You can't help but wonder through the entire thing how Vince Vaughn's character escapes death. A must see for Favreau fans.