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Thank God its only 93 minutes, 21 February 2015

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The movie seems vastly overrated to me. The first 60 minutes is a tedious story about an annoying 6 year old brat and his mother who seems to be in a dire need of Xanax. Then the movie gets plain lame. It was just tiresome to watch it. The characters were dull and uninteresting, not a single one appealed to me (dough I have to admit, that the 6-year old kid was played quite well). There is some animal cruelty in the movie, and I don't mean cruelty to bugs here.

Also, the ending makes very little sense (at least for me). I forced myself to watch the last 45 minutes of the movie just to see the ending, some sort of explanation, or perhaps something surprising, something witty at the end. Not surprisingly, the ending is as uninteresting and dull, as the rest of the movie.

Seriously, don't watch it.

And if You start watching it, and feel disinterested - don't force Yourself to stay to the end. It is definitely not worth it, and answers no questions.

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Dull and depressingly sad, 17 July 2014

I was quite hyped to see "The Leftovers", since HBO scored a really long streak of very good TV shows. Sadly, said streak has came to a very sad end, courtesy of the show in question being very dull and uninteresting. I have seen the first two episodes and I'm quite convinced I do not want to see any more of it.

I was expecting something along the lines of the 4400, or perhaps X- Files. What we get is characters with no appeal. Not a single one of them seem interesting, or even, at least, likable. The action is very, very slow, and some parts of it were, in my opinion, annoying. But most importantly, "The Leftovers" are just dull. Sure, the idea of 2% of world population disappearing without a trade sounds like a good idea, but... Somehow there is nothing interesting in there. Just lots and lots of boredom. For me, "The Leftovers" turned out to be a large waste of time.

The show has very good music dough.

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THE worst crime TV-show I have seen, 21 December 2013

"The Following" contains THE most stupid and incompetent law enforcement officers I have ever seen on TV. FBI, Police, SWAT, the so called protagonist are all so incompetent in this show, that they couldn't catch a cold by themselves. No wonder they cant catch a super-villain, because that is the only term to describe this show's leading psychopath. In every episode (at least of the 7 I have managed to see) he is as equally, unbelievably intelligent and smart, as the people that are chasing him are dumb and blind as kittens. That makes each episode very predicable - You know the protagonists are going to do something stupid/get caught by surprise/die in a silly way, way before it happens.

Seriously, if You like TV-shows where the protagonists are incompetent, the villain is super annoying (and obwiously has red the whole script in advance), and like to make face palms every ten to fifteen minutes, "The Following" should be the following show You see. Otherwise, don't bother.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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A comedy? Really??, 18 September 2011

It is by far the worst movie I have seen this year. And I seriously do not understand why is it labeled as a comedy? 80% of the movie it is plain sad. A sad sad movie, about a girl who is miserable. She is lonely, broke, and is loosing her childhood best friend. Between a series of humiliating situations the director decided to add some jokes, or situational gags. I have to admit, a couple of them were funny. But apart from those, we get 2 hours and 10 minutes of a woman being miserable. She is more miserable than Dr. House during hist stay in the mental hospital and after Cuddy dumped him put together.

The only good thing about this the role played by Chris O'Dowd, who is funny and convincing. Too bad, there is only about 25 minutes of him in that 2 hour 10 minutes worth of continuing sadness and misery.

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THE Dullest film ever, 7 June 2009

The movie is dull to the point beyond belief. I've been browsing through the IMDb reviews for nearly 5 years, but this movie made me register here, just so I could share with other people how boring it was. The movie starts slow. Really slow. To a point, that after 30 minutes of it You have no idea what is it going to be about. The actions scenes are one of the worst I have ever seen. I dare to say, there is no action at all, as it is ridiculously slow paced. The acting is… I guess it isn’t that bad, but there is little the actors could do with the plot being so bad. Seriously people, do not watch it. I honestly can not understand why it has such a high rating here. And did I mention the movie was boring?