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the unflushables, 19 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the worst mainstream big budget movie I've ever seen.

The claim that the film stars Schwarzenegger and Willis are totally dishonest. They appear for a minute in a very boring scene.

The script is pathetic, there isn't a single decent one liner,the editing is awful, the acting is so bad that Gary Daniels steals every scene he is in and how the hell Lundgren gets killed by Stallone early on when he's a baddie and reappears as a goodie at the end baffles AND bores me. The claims of wall to wall action are also lies: it's over half an hour till we get the first action scene- a routine car chase that is below par for the a-team- the 80's series not the recent movie.

The fight between Lundgren and Jet Li could have been a standout but its too dark and incoherently edited.

Pathetic. Avoid.