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War Horse (2011)
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Truly Truly Awful, 14 January 2012

I am amazed that anybody could possibly like this. I did not fall asleep during the movie, but staying awake through the torturous 2 hours and 40 minutes was a challenge. Everyone I was with fell asleep and it seemed like half the theater did as well- in the end they got more value for their money than I did. All I can say is I am happy I paid for another film and popped into this one afterward. I am amazed that this is being considered for Oscars, and even more amazed that there are so many positive reviews.... I mean, it's Spielberg, so of course it is going to have pleasing cinematography as well as an array of his favorite actors, but every single development of the film is so incredibly played out- i mean everything: from the opening shots to the closing credits it is painful cliché after painful cliché with the same played out actors playing the same played out roles.

I'm sorry... I am so offended by this films warm reception that I can't even critique it properly... When I saw it I was sure that it had fallen flat on its ass and nobody would fall for it. It was like a Mad TV spoof of a Spielberg film. If you were thinking about watching War Horse, you might prefer drowning yourself.

13 (2010/I)
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Abominable, 2 January 2011

I don't know what Géla Babluani was thinking. 13 Tzameti was a cool movie made on a shoestring budget and was ingratiating in its presentation. This newer version is completely watered down, soft around the edges, and bereft of all the charm of the original. Everything from the wide angle tracking shots to the roofing opposed to electricity (the whole in the roof was a nice device), the death in the bath as opposed to the chair, the globe hiding spot, the little sister of the protagonist in the original had a more authentic cuteness about her than the WASPY mainstream girl in this one. The protagonist steals the papers instead of finding them outside. All the minor differences favor the original. Surprisingly, even the acting was much better in the original, despite being paid a fraction of this all-star cast. The main reason I wanted to see the remake was because of the cast, but it was a total let-down.

The original was good, but it was good to the point where it was a cool idea and they were able to make it with the budget they had and it worked. It wasn't so brilliant that it deserved a big money remake which in fact hurt the credibility of the film, and in my opinion, the reputation of the director. He had his breakthrough movie, and then he could have followed up with a similarly creative idea. He may have ruined his career with this terrible remake.

All in all this movie just seemed incredibly lazy and it didn't seem like anyone working on the movie cared about the final product. Rourke is entertaining as always, but you can tell it's just another shtick role for him, nobody was making much of an effort here. As a viewer I felt like I was investing more energy into watching it than anybody put into making it, so i started to doze about halfway through.

Skip this movie, it's just not worth your time. Life is too short. If you haven't seen this, then watch the original. But if you have seen this, I think the original is spoilt for you.

Kaboom (2010)
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Very cool, 17 November 2010

I needed to leave a review since the only one up so far was a super negative gay-bashing.

Kaboom is the best Gregg Araki movie I have seen to date. Smiley Face was charming, and Mysterious Skins was just perverted (Mino from Romania should watch that one, he'd love it). It is super stylized in the coolest way, and the presentation is very clean. This movie just has a glossy feel to it that is very impressive. Aside from the color and glitter, the story is very engaging and holds on to you. It is a funny movie, there are scenes that will make you laugh, and some scenes that will give you goosebumps. It is also very eerie at times, the stylistic devices implemented to be chilling are indeed so, and at times it is chilling in a sort of deeper X-Filesy kind of way. Unfortunately, my criticism is that the conclusion of the film is all rushed exposition and not very rewarding at that after the fantastic build up beforehand.

The film deals with sexuality in a very lighthearted way. I find Araki's treatment of sexual taboo's to be refreshing and comical. Not for the ultra-conservative or homophobic crowd.

Red Nights (2010)
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Not very good, 17 November 2010

I just got back from this film, as it was screening at the Stockholm Film Festival. Going into it I had no idea what to expect, and the first 20 minutes of the film are not bad, and even give the illusion that the film might be about something or involve an unraveling mystery of some sort with suspense and layers and that sort of thing, you know, content. Nope. The movie is just about a box from ancient times containing an ancient poison, and everyone wants this (can't imagine why) and is ready to tear each other to pieces over it. The film climaxes with an excessively gory torture scene that goes on for a very long time. Absolutely nothing here, if I could go back in time I'd give it a miss and select a movie with content.

On the bright side . . . the movie looks very good. It is well shot.

Good, good . . ., 13 August 2003

I paid for The Sea is Watching and when i visually learned that the screen held literally four rows of seats, so I treated myself to a luxurious screen playing an equally good (or so I imagine) film. Rhapsody In August . . . what is there to say? I was moved at some parts, well not so much moved as I really felt what they were trying to communicate, especially when they initially visited Nagasaki. I enjoyed this move immensly, and having only seen Seven Samauri when it comes to other Kurasowa pictures, I was very surprised at the abrupt ending of the film. Honestly, I was expecting it to go on for several more hours, but then the abrupt ending happened. When I thought about it, I thought maybe they were trying to communicate the feeling of the bombing . . . you are in the middle of something and then *poof* nothing. I am sure i am wrong though, so I gave this movie a


mainly because I just enjoyed it. I was surprised at the lack of action, I thought all Kurasowa movies were epic battle type things. I have since learned differently.