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Roots (1977)
I understand it now that I'm older
5 September 2003
In 1977 I was 10 years old, and all I remember is the majority of the city where I live was watching Roots each day for a week. I recently bought the video and watched it with my now 10 year old son, who is Black and I show him the importance of getting an education because our ancestors weren't allowed such luxuries. At his age everything is rosy just like it was when I was 10, but hopefully he can reflect back on this movie to motivate him in the future.

Great cast of characters-even though I didn't realize that O.J. Simpson was in it! John Amos was the best and the funniest especially when he kept losing his character's African accent and sounding more like "James" on Good Times! Overall the movie is very touching and will have you experiencing mixed emotions if you're of the Black race, and have compassion if you're of other races that haven't experienced such things. I highly recommend this film and a book called the Miseducation of the Negro as Black family heirlooms-or for anyone who wants to be enlightened concerning a portion of Black history.
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After the Promise (1987 TV Movie)
15 April 2003
I hate that this movie is not available anywhere because I would definately add it to my movie collection. Every time I saw this movie it made me cry because instead of the family services helping the father in his time of need, they made his situation worse by taking his children away. This story is similar to what's going on today-DCFS is so quick to take children from their homes and place them with strangers instead of really showing compassion on the troubled parent. Mark Harmon really did a great performance, as I really wasn't aware of him prior to this movie.
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Mixed Blessings (1995 TV Movie)
7 December 2002
I've never read the book(which I'm sure is always better), but what Monika-5 said is true about the actors. Scott Baio was okay as Charlie but Alexandra Paul was definately a mismatch for him. I guess she was too tall and skinny; they just didn't look right together. It was phony chemistry with the two of them from the beginning. I sympathized with him concerning his first marriage which his wife used sex to keep his attention. The other two couples were okay but esp. Gabrielle Carteris. I always thought that she was a bit too mature for 90210 and it was nice to see a role more fitting for her.
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Star (1993 TV Movie)
7 December 2002
I'm not a fan of Jennie Garth's anyway and when I watched this movie it was with strain. Most of the scenes were silly like all of a sudden Ernie was murdered and they didn't investigate further. He didn't have any other enemies unless I've missed something. I guess it was a lame way of Spencer entering back into Crystal's life because like Elizabeth said, he isn't that type of lawyer. Last but not least the part at the end how he discovered that Zeb was his son. For all he knew Crystal could have gotten pregnant by someone else after he left-it could happen you know! A lot of time and money wasted on this one.
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Fine Things (1990 TV Movie)
very touching
3 December 2002
I place this movie on my tear jerker list. The only part I dislike is the whining of the little girl throughout this movie- she really got on my nerves but what could I expect a child to do when it's only been her and her mom all of her life. Everyone did an excellent job, and of course Cloris Leachman is a classic as always. The part that won me over is D.W. Moffett's role of Bernie Fine. To take over responsibility for another man's child deserves reward. A movie for all deadbeat dads to see!
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Spider-Man (2002)
It kept me alert
13 November 2002
I saw the film on vhs and was very impressed. Most of the scenes were predictable, and why not since most of us were familiar with the cartoon and comic strip anyway? Great acting by all but I wish they had more scenes with J. Jonah Jamison in them. He was hilarious, and my mom personally liked The Green Goblin the way he was skateboarding all over the place. I agree with one of the commentators about the Green Goblin's appearance- use discretion when having youngsters under ten see it because it could be a problem. Otherwise the movie's great and I'm going to go look at it again later.
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12 November 2002
I can appreciate this film because just like the narrator says on the trailer, everyone can relate to this at some time in their life. I really recommend this movie to young girls who think it would be the end of the world if they don't have sex with their boyfriends. Bottom line is that if Bud really loved Deanie he would have waited for her instead of taking his father's advice. The sad part is that after all that has happened, they never got together anyway. My favorite part is when she got the courage to put some closure to her life and move on, in spite of the feelings she still may have had for him. It was a great example to us all in letting go.
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Enough (I) (2002)
27 October 2002
This movie should let every woman know if a man seems too good to be true, he is. The only thing I admire in this movie is the support of her friends in tough times. It's good that Slim's waitress friend was there for her since it was she that persuaded Slim to go after Mitch in the first place. Most of the scenes were out of place like someone mentioned in the comments, like for instance her father Jupiter(I don't know how or why they fit that in) plus the part where she all of a sudden she wants to challenge a man to fight him. I totally understand the frustration and the weariness of being on the run, but I'm sure there were other ways to give him a taste of his own medicine. For instance she could have had her rich father Jupiter hire someone to snuff him out just like he was sending someone after her. I'm not condoning violence, but when you have a child you just don't put your life in danger like that, especially when you're not sure of the man regardless of how much physical training you've had. I know you're saying calm down it's just a movie, but I'm hoping someone's not motivated to try the same thing. This movie is merely a way to show how versatile Jennifer Lopez can be in the movies as well as her singing career. Like Tina Turner I enjoyed Slim's comeback and self-esteem she got from the training but again I think physically challenging her deranged husband wasn't smart. I'll give it a C plus.
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reality at its best
9 October 2002
I give this film an A for the overall concept that you don't know who you're involved with! If it wasn't for mattymatt4ever pointing out the lame parts of this movie, I would have overlooked them all together. I recommend this movie to women everywhere, whether they're divorcees or single parents. The part I really love is when Morrison believed his son no matter what and the part I hated was when his ex-wife didn't. It's sad to say that this is happening in reality when women in the name of love, charm or good looks choose the man over their children. I'm also glad when Morrison chose his son over his current girlfriend. I guess I'm just impressed with his dedication toward his son overall which is very rare these days. Unfortunately I can't watch this film with my children because of the profanity, but other than that I was very impressed.
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The Piano Lesson (1995 TV Movie)
very funny
8 October 2002
You have to come up in a certain culture to understand the overreactions of Charles S. Dutton. They really weren't overreactions, but what makes the film so comical is that there were (and still are) African-Americans that behave that way. What makes it funny is that we all at some point have relatives that are like those in the movie, esp. the part where he comes to visit early in the morning unannounced and expects everyone to get up to greet him. We also have some Uncle Doakers who minds his own business and some con artists like Uncle Whining Boy. Now the part I do agree on is the supernatural aspect of the film. With all the joking and jesting going on, it does drown out the concept meaning it doesn't fit. Otherwise it's a good movie if you want to have a good laugh.
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unnecessarily long
24 August 2002
I thought this movie was too long as someone mentioned in their comments. Also I read somewhere that the term grey flannel suit meant corporate America, which I was glad someone brought that out. Here I am literally looking for him to be in a suit that color all throughout the film! Some of the scenes made me think they were discussing him when they weren't, and some scenes should have been left out altogether. The most touching part though is when Jennifer Jones had to make the decision to stay with her husband after he tells her about his infidelity during the war- what a pill to swallow!
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very entertaining
6 July 2002
It took me years to see this movie, and when I did I was very impressed on how close it was to biblical principle! It also showed me that true talent is a thing of the past according to the actors in this film. Unfortunately I'm sure they didn't get paid what they were worth versus the actors of today demanding one million per film when they're not worth it. Back to the movie- very impressive dancing and singing and as far as acting they were just being themselves. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!
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Cupid & Cate (2000 TV Movie)
17 June 2002
I like this movie because everyone in life sometime could relate to it. It's a typical story about being with someone you're trying to tolerate versus being with someone who's more alive(like her sister in the movie quoted). I can relate being in a relationship where the parents didn't think I was good enough either because I wasn't prosperous or I couldn't do anything for them, and this is what Cate went through with Philip. He was okay but kind of starchy, but Harry comes along and make everything better. With all happy relationships there's adversities, which is what happens with Harry. A good film which makes your heart go out to them both. A little slow in the beginning, and it could have had a better ending but how much can you expect from a tv movie?
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17 June 2002
To me, this is the best Bette Davis movie. It's so hilarious, esp. when her daughter winds up going with one of her suitors. Typical story of someone who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for her life. Pretty good ending though, as she strangely still has her way after all!
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17 June 2002
First of all, it took me many years to see this movie. It came on tv hundreds of times, but for some reason I wasn't interested. My mom had the video for some years also, but the same result. Then one day all of a sudden, I asked her if I could see it, I guess because either I was bored or found the time to watch it. I found out that I really enjoyed it! I tell people that Scarlett O'Hara reminds me a lot of my older sister, spoiled, uncaring and selfish. I'm not saying that to be mean, but it's actually funny to see someone so identical to her. The best characters of all is Hattie McDaniel as Mammy and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. I like them because they are the only ones who saw right through her, while everyone else was so naive. I liked Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes, even though I thought he was an airhead, right along with Olivia de Havilland as Melanie. I highly recommend this movie!
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The Wonderful World of Disney: Cinderella (1997)
Season 1, Episode 7
Talented Cast
13 June 2002
This is one movie I never get tired of. I especially like the fact that it's multi-culturaled, which is a good example for young children. The message is universal, teaching that no matter how things appear at the present there's always something good at the end if you believe in yourself.
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Highly recommended
18 May 2002
I found Burt Lancaster to be very sexy in this movie. He was trim and fit for the role, and had a great supporting cast. It's something how the beach scene was controversial in those days compared to now. Very great acting unlike today where they're putting anyone in front of the camera!
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Humoresque (1946)
one of Joan's good ones
18 May 2002
In spite of the spoiled adulterous brat Joan played in this movie, you gotta feel sorry for her. Otherwise I enjoyed Oscar Levant for his smart mouth throughout the film, John Garfield for looking genuine when playing the violin, and the acting by a young Robert Blake. The hen-pecked father was funny also. Great movie to be watched over and over again!
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16 May 2002
My mom is the classic movie watcher and is a fan of Bette Davis. I didn't realize she went this far back in films. As far as the movie is concerned it just goes to show that being demented isn't new under the sun. A definate must see!
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Right to Kill? (1985 TV Movie)
A typical 80's movie about a dysfunctional family
7 May 2002
I was a senior in high school when this movie came on tv. I really enjoyed it and it showed Justine Bateman in rare form (totally different from her role in Family Ties). It sort of reminded me of the days when my parents were really strict(about going to prom, dances, parties,etc), but this movie takes the cake. Dysfunction at its worse. I highly recommend this movie if you can find it.
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