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Without a doubt the best antidote to the usual Christmas claptrap, 7 December 2010

Very creepy in parts, but with a very enjoyable streak of black comedy, this movie is a must see. The fact it's primarily in Finnish with minimal English did not detract from my enjoyment of the film at all (subtitles are really easy to follow, folks!).

The acting by the lead young boy in the movie is excellent and not at all cheesy and whilst this is not a character driven movie as such, I believe there's enough exposition to carry the plot through without people wondering "How the hell did that happen? Where did that come from? How does he know how to control that vehicle?"

If you're sick of plots involving candy canes, people stealing presents and grinchesque characters tamely threatening the holiday season, then this is the movie for you!

"20 to 1" (2005)
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Collective noun quiz: Crock of ?, 25 January 2008

I often wonder when seeing this kind of "quick, to the archive footage, Robin!" type show if, because it contains "Australian Commentary" over what is primarily US footage dependent on the topic if it's considered "Australian Content" for the purposes of broadcast quotas in Australia.

It seems as if the networks here in Australia are trying to "one down" one another in a race to the bottom. If it's not sport or Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, chances are it's "made for TV dreck".

File this uninspired collection of celebrity vox pops regarding archive footage as something perhaps to watch when you want to avoid infomercials. Sadly, however, the infomercials are often more interesting - perhaps what they're trying to achieve?

Amusing, but totally rushed - perhaps wait for a directors cut DVD?, 10 September 2005

The CG was brilliant.. Johnny Depp was at his quirky and amusing best.. The screenplay? Ugggh...

One felt that the "demise" of each child was treated a little bit too much as "Ok.. that's another one down, onto the next one".

The segues between the various demises were poorly thought through and their only redeeming qualities were the various spoofs/homages to other movies (Space Odyssey 2001 reference had me laughing quite a bit... *cue music*), a bit of drug humour ("Do you often have flashbacks?") and various other black humour references (Reference to cannibalism *chuckle*).

I'm wondering why it was so rushed - you would think this second movie would have more than the first, not less. I paid $9 to see it as opposed to the usual $14 here in Australia - and had a good time - I just don't think the movie lived up to its hype.

It could have been so much better!

Crush (2001/I)
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Sure he's cute - but he's not the only thing that carries movie, 5 June 2002

Ok - I admit. I think Kenny Doughty looks amazing in this movie - but beyond his good looks, the movie is carried by a sometimes predictable, but reasonable plot.

Starting out, we're introduced to the three lead females of the movie. One a headmistress - very concerned about her image and never married. A police officer - with child and a bad ex to go on about. The third - a power & status hungry doctor with a desire for recognition and three ex's.

They are almost the "First Wives Club", and indeed there is much verbal bashing of ex's involved as well as some "he left the credit card" behaviour. Characters set - the movie continues.

McDowell's character, the headmistress, arrives late at a funeral - where a young organist, filling in for the regular player (Doughty) catches her eye. What will her two friends say about the ensuing mischief? Will they live happily ever after?

A tissue or two recommended if you're the teary type - the end uplifting, but maybe not what you'd expect. All in all a great movie which stands out amongst the current choices of action, special effects and schlock horror.

Ebbtide (1994)
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Only recommended if infomercials are your only other choice, 7 May 2002

The movie started off with promise; a distraught mother, two suspicious deaths (one in the past), a company with a dubious environmental record and several people who appear to be hiding something.

It quickly descends into two people shedding their clothes and hiding nothing from one another several times. More of a daytime soap plot than a telemovie.

Jealousy, lust and greed take the fore as the search for the truth and justice for the grieving mother are pushed back.