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The Most Pretty Film that i never see..., 3 November 2011

Precious... (L) Im in love with this movie (L) It's a movie shocking it all masterfully mixed: the mystery, drama, thriller and more eternal romance come together in a so super natural and unobtrusive. Tender, dramatic, beautiful ... It has absolutely everything. A surprise was waiting for years. The players do really well, until the end you cannot imagine where it goes conclusion. The truth is that I hallucinated up also with the soundtrack, these gloomy piano notes I have goose bumps in the final scene ... Mother love, romantic love and love to our poor friend protagonist push for an end to those who make history. A movie from the beginning until you are worried and do not let the sixty minutes to feel uneasy.

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Its not bad. A few sad but original., 25 October 2008

This dramatic thriller saves principally for her protagonists actresses and the topic of the autism. The strong world of the young autistic one that is a witness of the murder of his mother. Movie resembles "Mercury Rising" in feminine version. The only one failure that I find him is the end, when all the problem finished.

An interesting TV film but that limps when the end comes. I have not liked the way of being unrolled by this so rapid end and miser. I think that they could have saved an interesting but not very original work. Especially for the quantity of similarities that has with the led one for Bruce Willis "Mercury Rising" with a Miko Hughes playing the role of an autistic child prosecuted by the villains and that needs protection. Into this case we change Bruce Willis into an irresponsible youngster and to Miko Hughes into an autistic teenager...