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The Purge (2013/I)
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Lack of common sense makes any other point irrelevant, 1 October 2013

I had hoped this movie would at least utilize the great tool of being "futuristic" with all of its poetic license to its advantage. Sorry guys, technology wise we apparently stagnated a year ago, or looking at the little robot the kid is "tinkering" with, we stagnated in 2007.

This also isn't a horror movie. Little bit of gore and cat and mouse, but it never makes a go of it.

What proceeds is viewers being ridiculed into believing a successful salesperson/business man has no common sense/ ability to resolve a crisis/ situation management.

Society has accepted this "night of the purge", which is really the only reason this film is set in the future. It's made America a much better place. Apparently America only has one time zone as well. But I guess really, would you choose to put your entire family at risk to protect an armed stranger who you haven't exchanged a single word with?

You don't need to set the film in 2022 for me to say no. If we have to choose somebody to die on a given night, not just "the night of the purge" it's gonna be the stranger not my family.

It's really all about the set up isn't it? You buy into the set up, maybe you'll buy into the feasibility of the horror. You might even consider the various social statements the film is trying to make. You might not be embarrassed for the actress whose big diamond ring the camera seems to fixate on in every shot. She's wealthy BTW. Not sure if you got that the last 20 times.

I suspect the ideas of a horror movie and a political statement were glued together but never actually formed a shape. But a movie was made about it anyway. Unfortunately with no convincing point to make and more holes than storyline... I frankly felt embarrassed for anybody involved.

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Terrible material!, 17 June 2013

No doubt Aziz can be really funny and deliver lines and I am a huge fan of his character in parks and recreation, but there wasn't a decent joke or story in the entire show. I felt like the show was meant for teenagers who still find using dirty words and being crass, funny.

If you still laugh when somebody uses a dirty word you might enjoy it, if you've got to the point where the actual joke containing the word still needs to be funny in itself, you've outgrown this type of humor.

Aziz, stick to delivering lines written by somebody else, you don't have the talent to write them yourself.

Sorry bud, harsh but true.

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Sex, lies and money- Watching people you don't like doing things you don't care about, 23 August 2012

There is no doubt that you're not actually supposed to like any of the characters. This is OK if the show finds other ways of engaging you in their circumstances. It doesn't.

It uses the flimsy setting of a group of management consultants that fly to a different client every week, provide some service that they openly regard (to the viewer) as just smoke and mirrors and then fly off.

Very convenient for providing settings, but the show fails to engage you in the trials and tribulations of their profession, it just relegates them to being a bunch of con men pulling the same trick every week.

Will they come up with an angle that lets them close the deal this week? Will they score the billable hours aftercare service that they never seem to actually provide, as they need to fly back home and finish the episode? Would I care if they didn't and they all got fired? Is any of this believable or interesting at all? Do the writers really expect to sustain the viewers interest in this scenario for more than a few episodes?

There's more repetition. Every trip they take has them coming into contact with these bizarre sex maniacs, which is OK for a group of people with no morality what so ever. But it is just so incredibly unbelievable that it carries no shock value.

Speaking of unbelievable Don Cheadle is the character of stud muffin group leader. He just doesn't have the look and style of the character he is trying to portray. Nor does he provide the sort of eye candy that makes seeing him having sex every week something to look forward to,rather it's a weekly reminder of his unsuitability.

The service the management consults provide seem to mimic the show itself in that there isn't actually anything of substance there.