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I'm a 25 yr old Horror flick-loving-chick~Horror movies are in my blood...I think...SO this is a list of my Favourite, "Hands Down", Horror flicks of all time. Some new, some old, some just plain crazy. I pretty much designate myself to watching horror movies, not because I don't like other genres...I just LOVE HORROR! I'm not a sick or twizted devil worshiping-psycho-path in any way...promise ;) But give me a choice to watch some mainstream comedy,action,sci-fi,romance etc. popular movie that has a 5 million dollar budget, and great reviews AND a low-budget,too much fake blood, no graphics or green screens, zombie Horror movie-HANDS DOWN, I think you know what one I'd choose. :) It's just the way I like it.

P.S. After the first 20 movies, it is in NO particular order. (it is too hard to list itin order of my favourites all the way thru, cuz I end up forgetting some films, then have to go back and keep switching the order)