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Wild (2014/I)
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A thoughtful movie for quiet reflection, 9 February 2017

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Quite simply, if you want jaw dropping action or revelations then this movie is not for you. I walked with her. Through the entire film. I was there. I saw her pain and felt it. It didn't have me sobbing into my hanky because it was not a pityfest. It was plain and simple. This woman wanted to change or die. I wanted her to make it. I watched her suffer and rage and fall to pieces. Then i watched her get up, dust off and take on another day. I was this woman and I wanted to make it to. Reese Witherspoon as always gave it her all. The only reason it dropped a point was some of the writing was far too small and squiggly for me to read so I had to pause it to check what it said. If you are feeling a bit lost or displaced or at a crossroads in life, give this a watch and see her STRYDE

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There are better things to watch, 21 August 2016

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A virus in released causing part of Atlanta to be on full lock- down.... I do love a good disaster series, when it's done right that is. The premise of the story is good and some of the acting is excellent. The problem is the writing is so far fetched it spoils the storyline. Nothing is allowed in or out. So they send in drone but can't airdrop medication?! Hmmmmm that's not very realistic. Choose to stay at a hospital riddled with infected and bodies rather than a hotel, some mother! People robbing stores for food well why not just drop them food off?! No army personnel in sight when its a chemical disaster?! One cop having to do protection, body burning, med collection out of 4000 people?!!! I don't know but these sorts of details drive me nuts and spoil the overall feel of the show. I am 5 episodes in so let's see where it goes but at the moment I am not loving it.

No Escape (2015/I)
Chewed my nails to the quick!, 2 August 2016

I really feel that this film has slipped under the radar. Probably because the openers are very cheesy and the titles look so old fashioned. I likened them to an eighties horror movie!! I imagine many people watched a few minutes and then turned it off. More fool them. The plot was very good and the pace was brilliant. Pierce was a bit of an odd choice, not sure he fit his role so well but the family unit were really believable. In particular, the kids acting was a real coup, watch out for those two. I couldn't help but liken it to all the current atrocities going on in the world which is likely why it resonated with me. I would watch this again.

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There are better supernatural shows to watch, 26 July 2016

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I found the show incredibly disjointed. I was more than happy with the time periods which definitely held my interest but the story lines just did not fit together well. It was all a bit thin for my liking. I did find the acting brilliant and the soundtrack was appropriately eerie but it just wasn't enough. I didn't understand the ending at all, were they on about the first wife and if so how come nobody else had mentioned it?!!! The twist was good but again didn't make sense as in the present day there would be mention of this strange machine found back in the 1800s. All in all if you have nothing better to do then give it a go with low expectation and then you may enjoy it.

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Magnificent misery!, 12 January 2016

I have really enjoyed this drama series. I had little knowledge of the era and found myself scouring the internet to see what actually happened to king Alfred as I was curious. It's not often something peaks my interest so greatly hence the review. I particularly like the way the scenes are shot. The Baron wastelands, the marshes and fields look so cold and dreary you actually feel transported back to the dark ages. There are very few effects so the actors look like they worked hard for their money. I particularly liked the way Alfred was portrayed, flawed but contemplative. The main character is handsome enough without looking like a male model, rugged and fiery but scarred too which made him more interesting. I was really pleased at the inferance of a second series, I have high expectations.

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Such a shame, could really go places if only....., 9 July 2015

I started so I will finish. I gave it two episodes and now I want to know what happens so I will watch it until it finishes. I am annoyed with myself for wasting my time on it though. It is a frustrating show. I like the premise and the storyline, the problem is the editing and some of the cast. There is a lot of overacting particularly by the two bosses, I mean really, you don't have to be bursting with anger in ALL your scenes! Also, how come the new guy ends of practically running things straight off?! Some of the supporting cast are brilliant but you are left confused about who to like. They are all so miserable and grumpy it's like watching eastenders. Basically, the show is trying to be Luther but fails miserably!

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Dark and twisted humour is delightful, 17 May 2015

I get REALLY cross when people who have a regular sense of humour watch sardonic humour and get all bent out of shape. If you do not understand original British humour, turn it OFF! No one is making you watch it! Right. The show itself is like a fly on the wall drama, much like Happy Valley. It contains the same bitching, moaning and competitiveness that is in the real world. It also shows how relationships and friendships in the workplace grow and how you come to rely on all sorts of people you come into contact with. The storyline is actually quiet dark and gripping thrown in with some absolutely CLASSIC humour such as the cleaners on the phones with their feet up! I can just imagine that happening in darkened offices everywhere! I love it and hope the show continues in exactly the same vein. The characters remind me of people I actually know, because they are real not some shiny gorgeous eye candy who cannot act. Keep them coming folks 😀

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Funny funny funny!, 3 January 2015

I absolutely loved this film!

It was so colourful and cheery which any Christmas film should be but i just LOVED the writing! The storyline is completely brilliant with Santa and his elves being turned into a military operation.

The dynamic between Santa and his own family mirroring the actual lives of many families today. The game board scene squabbling was so reminiscent of my own family that i found it hilarious.

The portrayal of Mrs Claus was ace, reminding me of our very own queen Elizabeth was particularly dry witted and the little determined elf just was the icing on the cake.

Watch this movie, even as an adult, it was delightful

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Fascinating look at how mankind can stoop so low, 1 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this film. It made me feel good about myself! It is, quite frankly like slopping around in a bowl of human filth. It made me feel dirty and superior watching the gradual decline of Russo's moral conscience. Following Jake's slippery slope, i found her performance compelling, the older executive, desperate to cling on to her dwindling power. His performance can be likened to De Nero in taxi driver. Obviously a fragmented being, detached from society seeking out and relishing in the pain of others. It was well written and had me gasp out loud at one point at how low he stoops and i liked the ending too, sometimes bad guys do win.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Why do people like this so much?!, 1 January 2015

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I gave this film five because the acting was really good. I liked the plot twists. I am not a fan of Ben affleck (except for the brilliant dogma performance) but in this he played an unlikeable prat and he played it well. None of the characters were particularly likable and i found the casting of the twin sister odd as they looked nothing alike and she looks about ten years younger than him (i looked because it bugged me and she is actually nine years younger so this is really poor casting). I was getting infuriated by the old slipping out of the back doors without anyone noticing, i mean, really, twenty news trucks out the front door and not one thinks to sit out back, come on people! What really stuck the knife in for me was the ending. I was engrossed in the plot and then it just ended. Literally. Ended. No resolution. No conclusion. If you like everything tied up in a neat old bow then do not watch as you will be disappointed. I am one of those people so this ruined the film for me. Maybe alternate endings could be filmed so we can choose the one we like best....interesting thought no?!

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