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Beautiful Film, 28 December 2008

This is really a beautiful film! The theme of overlooking one's faults, and still doing what's right, is beautifully played out - Justin Lerner puts us inside the head of an unsympathetic character, who we deeply grow attached to, mainly because of his compassion and ability to keep his cool, despite unfair situations --- it touches that nerve, deep down inside all of us, that believes in compassion, but still wants show an external toughness --- Overall, the film is an awesomely woven story of an anti-hero coming back home and having to face too many surprises -- The cinematography, sound design, production design, etc, are all superb - this is definitely a film made with Hollywood quality, not student --- I encourage all to check it out --- It's also of persona note that the director, Justin Lerner, is extremely down to earth and always looking to help other filmmakers - God Bless him --- his success and talent are due to good karma, in my opinion