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Sky Murder (1940)
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Nick without Nora!, 12 June 2013

This film is a real treat! People expect a major "film noir" edge and that was not the intent here! Whine all you want but this is for fun! One "critic" said it was fit for "eight year old boys". I disagree. It's witty, fast paced, well acted and directed! Perhaps some of these armchair Siskel and Eiberts should watch a similar film made a year later at Warner's, called "All Through the Night" with Bogie! A humorous spin on fifth columnists at work in the US. I find Donald Meek to be a real riot here. A goof who was remarkably resourceful. 1940 was a tumultuous time in the US, what with the war raging for a year in Europe. A film like this, while avoiding the usual flag waving makes it's point in a humorous light! Pidgeon has Bill Powell's easy going nature as he slowly gets to the bottom of the plot. A pity there weren't more in the series with Pidgeon at the forefront. A great cast of character actors makes this a stand out! Don't miss it!

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Slam Bang Pow!, 19 March 2013

Sure it's a "B" film but it has class all the way! From start to finish, snappy dialogue, great performances and a near breathless pace! Nobody could make 'em like Warner's!

Morgan starts out as a wise-ass and get's himself busted from the force. When his brother is murdered by by the hoods he had a part in busting in a robbery attempt earlier... Quoting Bugs Bunny: "Of course you know this means WAR!" Later Superman star, George Reeves puts in an excellent performance as Morgan's druggist Brother.

An excellent supporting cast keeps this film running at a breakneck pace! This film has "A" written all over it and is a "must see". I can't praise it too highly!

I could go on and on, but you should see it for yourselves and decide!

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Forget the language, a real gem!, 1 April 2012

As someone who grew up on classic Russian 2D animation, I was leery of watching anything CGI, no matter where it was produced! I've seen bits and pieces of stuff made by the various animation studios in so-called "3D" animation - they all stink! I don't care what outfit produced it, I hated it.

Well surprise, surprise when I caught Masha and the Bear the first time I was VERY impressed with the quality of the animation and attention to detail. Once again the Russians have proved the grasp they have on the animation media. no matter what format! The series is an updated version of an old Russian folk tale. In this series a terror tot (Masha) is semi adopted by a retired circus bear and there the fun begins! Masha constantly drives the poor bear to distraction with hilarious results. It's on you tube and is easily accessible! Oh yeah, in case you have doubts, how many you tube programs have nearly 11 million hits! Watch it!

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No wonder they lost the war!, 15 March 2012

A crude primitive excuse for animation! This film was begun in 1942 and not completed and released until just months before Japan's capitulation. The Japanese had been attempting to perfect animation since the early 30's and by this time still hadn't a clue what the hell they were doing! I have a BG in animation and WWII. This story follows the Momotaro (peach boy) legend but updates it. He's the sole human on his side, yet they fight the Brits who are all human. The animation indicates that while the Japanese tried hard, they were still in the stone age as far as mastering animation. Look at the pans of the L3Y's taking off, look at the character turnarounds! Absolute disaster! In reality the taking of Singapore was accomplished by ground troops. Percival and his staff are laughably portrayed as horned demons as per the Momotaro legend. I think the print has been modified and updated. Only good as a curiosity.

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A real treat!, 11 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Caught this recently on you tube and was very impressed! It had major elements of Trek but with the preachy crap and Shatner's over the top acting! The cast was believable and acted more like real people than the Trek gang. They carouse, drink cognac and often rip on others both to their faces and behind their back. Could you see the Enterprise crew doing that? It's stated that it was low budget and on occasion it shows but the sets were pretty damn good and looked better the Trek as well. Often they had an organic quality that showed a lot of imagination. Some things didn't work - like those silly space suits that looked like early 50's scifi. The miniature work was spotty, sometimes it was good, other times not so! I highly recommend it!

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Not perfect but a lot of fun!, 5 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film in the early 60's on TV and remembered little of it. Seeing it again I had a ball! Sure it was bargain basement but it had heart and soul! The cast was excellent. Hayden Rourke who would later play Major Bellows on I Dream of Genie puts in a really campy performance as the general, tongue firmly planted in cheek. It has the feel of Rocky Jones Space Ranger but boasts superior special effects. There's some very clever things going on here! "Do not walk on walls" for example. A very odd film that belies it's humble background and rises above it's budgetary restrictions. Even Dr Wernher (the enemy agent) has a spark of humanity when he helps the major set up the relay but is killed in a fall. When they finally contact the space station and are ordered to get married, I expected the ferry rocket to include a bridal gown and tux. Oh well... Worth watching!

Detour (1945)
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Should be called "DUD-Tour Spoilers !, 29 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Really lousy film! I'd heard for years how "good" it was! Are you kidding? Al's on his way to LA to see his girlfriend via thumbing, so far so good! He meets Haskell who gives him a lift while obviously popping nitro tablets for a bad ticker. Haskell does a crash and burn in the passenger seat. Al tries to revive him to no avail. He opens the door and the lifeless body falls out and the head strikes a rock. Stupid Al dumps the stiff and bails, assuming Haskell's identity. He meets up with the queen bitch Vera and things take a dive from there. Vera is totally without any redeeming graces whatsoever. She makes a virtual prisoner out of Al and suggests a scheme in order to extort dough from Haskell's old man.Al and Vera get into it and somehow he manages to strangle her with the phone cord from another room! Are you kidding??? Women are good at screaming! DUH! Al bails and is again hoofing it from a diner until the cops pop him. Absolute drek and a waste of time!

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I'll keep this short and sweet!, 28 January 2012

I'd never heard of or seen this film until recently on You Tube. Yes it's there! I've seen a lot of aviation films, some poor and some very good and others in between. This one copped a "9" on my scale.

They don't get much better then this, the perfect proportion of humor and drama that always keeps you wanting more! What else could you ask for in a genre film about aircraft and the men that man them.

Great acting and the aerial photography is excellent. Seeing the RAF in the 50's in glorious Technicolor and Cinemascope is not to be missed!

I can't recommend this film too highly! It's on You Tube and there's no excuse to miss it! Happy landings!

Great way to take a bow!, 9 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MS Palmer, doesn't seem to get it that the cast and crew knew this was the last episode and decided to have fun with it! To me it was the best episode of the series and had me laughing from start to finish. This episode runs the gamut from serious to belly laughs! The over the top music that sounds for all the world like Jack Marshall's scoring to "The Munsters" adds a great comic flair! The bit with Sam reluctantly dressing like an Apache warrior is a hoot, but it works! This episode should not be taken seriously for a moment and I'm sure Mike Ansara would agree. If you've been into film and TV as long as I have, you pick up on these things. It's obvious that everyone involved was having fun with it. Also, should any of you catch this episode on You Tube, take a look at part 2 at 8:42 and watch Frank cut a big grin for the camera as Sam picks him up.

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A literate piece of sci-fi, 15 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Until today it's been 46 years since I've seen this film. As a child I didn't see the point and the social ramifications. Sure it's a "B" programmer and loosely based on "The Day the Earth Stood Still" but it has a wonderfully "cerebral" track to it!

Bruce Bennett as the scientist works well. At 53 he was perfect for the part of a nuts and bolts guy with a soul! No bullshit romance stuff, just nuts and bolts! How many "B" sci-fi films of this era can make that claim!

I found myself getting teary-eyed at the end when the usual gun crazy military stooges offed him. If only he'd had Gort!

A surprisingly literate film with a lesson for all mankind. I highly recommend it!

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