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"24" (2001)
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10/10 always!, 17 February 2009

What i found amazing is how can anyone criticize 24 ... The actors are not boring, they all have their own role on the show. Each season speaks about a terrorist problem, and what's the problem? do they look so much alike? no! If you start to watch a episode with all the suspense and REALLY GREAT action, you'll keep sit on the couch till it's end! Watching 24 won't make you smarter or add anything new to your brains, but will definitely entertain you more than any other TV show for 43minutes and you'll pray till next Monday arrives! If you expect a drama, or worst, a similar show to any of those recent movies such as "body of lies", you can turn your head to the other side, 24 only offers what best the TV got, the pleasure of be inside the screen..

It's a perfect 10 in 10 for 24 and Jack Bauer!

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Awesome, 4 November 2007

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i am a completely addicted to series and movies guy, but from everything i had ever seen "how i met your mother" is without clue the most awesome stuff ever created. Barney is like a god, the plot is excellent, all the actors are funny and make us all want to live their life! I'm completely thrilled with this quality, some of you might think that i'm overreacting but at the beginning when a friend told me about this my first thought was "what? how i met what? Such a lame name!" I watch the first and voilà! :D

I recommend How i Met Your Mother to everyone! This series is already LEGENDARY! :)