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Simply The Best., 4 March 2009

This, for me, is THE greatest television show of all time. There is no other show that stands to be re-watched as much as this one does (i've seen it probably a few over a dozen times). But when re-watching, you don't just remember the jokes you know, you find NEW jokes. Tiny little back ground gags, subtle little facial expressions. Even just today I noticed a new one. It's incredibly rewarding to spot these mini-jokes, and they add to the depth and layers of the show. The main gags are incredibly funny- Gob's chicken dancing, George SR's flee from justice for example. Not only is it very funny, but the story lines are actually well written and interesting. You get the feeling that as well as making a funny show, Creator Mitch Hurwitz also had a story to tell. You actually end up really caring about the characters- you feel terrible for the Bluth kids, because of their terrible parents. There are even a few touching moments, for example in the pilot, when George Michael hugs his aunt Lindsay. There is so much packed into each episode, it's hard to believe each installment is only 20 minutes long. 20 minutes of hilarity, smart satire, unique and brilliantly drawn characters and writing that refuses to dumb itself down. It may have been cancelled, but that was only because Fox marketed it awfully and let's face it: people are stupid. A glorious cast that included the launching of now very in demand actor Michael Cera top off what can only be described as (and I NEVER use this word) Genius. So unplug your phone, lock the door, close the curtains, put in disc one, season one of Arrested Development and baby, you got a stew going.