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Dogma (1999)
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A fun film filled with immature jokes., 3 November 2007

Dogma is a great movie to own especially in it's collector edition format but if you don't like corny jokes and profane humor then this is probably not the movie for you.

*** Spoilers ***

The movie breaks most of the rules of the seven art and end up resembling some sort of non-linear, doped-up, whacky story that relate the adventures of a band of weird characters set off ( literally ) to save the world from 2 fallen angels who are up to no good.

*** End Spoilers ***

I loved some of the jokes from the movie even if immature from time to time. The action was terrific although the special effects could have been a lot better. The cast of actors is not that bad ( Chris Rock really save the day in this movie ) but some actors are there just to do some cheap fill-in's scenes that aren't so entertaining.

In conclusion, I would say that Dogma is a good comedy movie but certainly not the best.