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Love this show, gotta bring it back, 10 July 2005

I hadn't seen this show in years, then....I was fortunate enough to catch it on a regular basis on T.V. Land about 3 years ago. It was always on early in the morning as I was getting up for work. I taped every episode, in which I am now in the process of transferring them all onto DVD. I was fortunate enough to get every episode but 1 (Test of a Warrior from Season 3). "Anybody out there by chance have this episode???". I think the first 2 seasons were great (the black and white ones), but then it started to get a little bit on the cheezy side once it went color. Once it went color, it became more aimed at children. Especially the episode "Mr. Zero". As great as an episode it is, it was way too far fetched, and moral value teaching. The fact that a Martian who's a total loser on Mars and gets ousted from his people, comes to Earth and helps Superman catch some bad guys, and then is realized by his people that he's OK after all if he can help Superman, is just way too out to lunch for me. But hey, what can you do. Even though I have almost every episode, I'd still love to see this come back to TV on a regular basis. They just don't make them like that anymore.

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Definitely Cheezy, But Memorable, 24 May 2005

I can remember in 1978 when this movie came out. It was aired on October 29th, just 2 days before Halloween. The anticipation for this movie was kind of like being a kid at Christmas time. You know on Tuesday of this week that Rudolph is on Friday of next week. The days can't go by quick enough, and you anxiously await for it to finally air. Well finally, it did. At 12 years old, and being a huge KISS fanatic, that was the best movie ever. I can remember the next day, every kid in the neighborhood talking about the movie, and for about a week, playing KISS vs their robot doubles. To the hard core KISS fan, the tunes rocked. Rock And Roll All Nite started off the opening credits. 12 years old, it was magic.

Now enter 8 years later. The age of the VCR's, and cable TV. I had noticed in TV Guide that KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park was going to be week. Just like 1978, I had to go through the anticipation phase again. But the night finally came, and I had the VCR and brand new tape all set. My movie finally aired. I watched it.......and it was totally and completely one of the most dumbest movies I had ever seen in my life. Needless to say....the movie didn't have the same impact on me as it did 8 years prior. I had come to realize that aside from wasting my money on a blank tape, I had just wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never be able to get back. The songs were still great, and the concert footage was good, but the acting was absolutely horrible. At least Gene went on to do a couple better movies a few years down the road(Runaway, Wanted Dead or Alive).

Because of this disappointment I experienced, I had come to the decision that I would never buy this video. I have since seen it on Ebay, record stores, movie stores, etc. And for cheap money at that. But I know deep down inside I'll either never watch it, or I'll start to watch it and get bored rather quickly. I find it better to hold it as a childhood memory.

In a note to the previous posting about Peter Criss' voice being re-dubbed because it was awful.....perhaps. The real reason is (as stated by Paul Stanley of KISS in the KISS home video Extreme Closeup)...the reason for the different voice is because....after the filming of the movie, the band had to go back to the studio to do what was called looping (re-taping their voices). Peter Criss would never show up, so another person had to do his voice.

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I miss this show, 3 May 2002

After this show's demise from CBS, it wasn't too long before it went into late night syndication here in Boston. Sadly enough for me, I never taped the episodes(except for 1). Since then, I have been on an unsuccessful quest trying to find these episodes. And what makes it even more frustrating, I found out too late that TNT was running them for a short time just recently. I never got a chance to tape any of them. Like someone else mentioned, I can only hope that Columbia House will release them some day.

I didn't watch it religiously when it was on CBS. I really started getting into it when it was in syndication, and I'd catch the New Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock when I got home from working second shift. several episodes that really stick out is The Call(which is the only one I taped); Quarantine; Stranger in Possum Meadows; the one where the drunk driver kills someone, and he's peruaded to by a thriving night club...only to find it's his private hell; the futuristic episode where the young kid(who I think used to be on General Hospital), is too smart for the Government, so he has to be disposed of; the one where Harry Morgan(of MASH fame) can predict future disasters; the one where the scientist was enlarging animals, and his 2 sons get killed at the end by the giant spider; and the one with the Pilgrim girl who can communicate with the college kid in the 1980's.

If any of you fans reading this page owns any of these episodes on video, and has a way to duplicate the, please contact me.