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Unholy Matrimony (1988) (TV)
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Jim Giesike, 31 October 2007

I also know Jim, I worked with him after he served his time and even though I believe he did his time and is regretful. I was very young when I worked with him and even though I have never been a push over or easily intimidated by others, Jim could achieve it easily, Jim often called my by his murdered wife's name, usually acting as if he didn't know he did it, once my employers wife overheard him calling me Patricia, she informed me that I looked like Patricia. And even though this made me extremely nervous he never acted out of line with me. Jim was always nice to me and taught me much about computers, but there was always a nervous feeling I could not shake when alone with him, a feeling that Jim likes to play psychological games with the people around him, I suspect like many people he likes to see how far he can push, but despite this he always behaved in courteous manner. I knew Jim over 15 years ago, while prison and trying to build a new life with the prison counselor he married was still relatively fresh, he endured a lot and needs to be left alone unless he's breaking the law. We all have demons, some more than others.