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Would love to see it again, 7 May 2004

Like all the other commenters, I would love to see this - I found it gripping, one of the consistently best dramatisations I've seen on television, and as one person said, it followed the books very closely. Acting, atmosphere, pace, costumes and settings were all superb. I thought Michael Bryant in the lead role was particularly good - he had the right air of worried intelligence. Rosemary Leach, too was good - earthy and vulnerable, and Daniel Massey - tortured and irritable. I've heard the BBC deleted a lot of their old television tapes so unless a private individual has recorded it we're all doomed.

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Transcendent, 9 January 2003

My favourite film of all time. Hyper-real and almost hallucinatory in its sensory content and magnificent in its placing of human beings as just another component of the physical world. The little girl's voice-over could have sentimental but comes across as just as detached as the other elements of the film. Overall, one of the creations that makes life worth living. A comment on but also an addition to the richness of the world.