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waste of time and money, 20 November 2007

Again I had to write a comment for this because lot of people gave this movie quite good ratings...

It really hurt watching this movie and I watched it until the end only to see my opinion confirmed. It has absolutely no relevance to the real world at all though it tries to give a feeling of how the world looked like and worked in terms of politics and society at those times around 400 B.C., even movies like Oliver Stones' "Alexander", Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" or even Wolfgang Petersens' "Troy" managed to get a more realistic approach done.

Some people might say that this movie isn't about relevance and facts at all, but about entertainment, but even that didn't work out! The plot is stupid and predictable; the dialogs are by far the most worn out and stereotype dialogs I have witnessed in a Hollywood movie in a long time; the movie is filled with plot holes and continuity errors that shouldn't have been there considering the budget they obviously had for it. All the time they try to get some thrilling moments through and a few seconds later they throw in some gags; neither of both works out. The characters are lame, two-dimensional and you can't relate to any of them (in fact watching the movie I hoped for them all to die...).

To conclude my opinion about this movie; it's a waste of time and money; don't watch it, you'll regret it for sure, like I do...

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some really bad movie, 17 November 2007

I just watched this movie and had to write this because of some other comments that were posted here; someone even called this movie "best horror flick recently" or something like that...

I couldn't agree less! This movie is just stupid, not scary, filled with plot holes in the already cliché-seen it a hundred times-wannabe-horror plot. Acting, continuity, gags, thrill effects - nothing worked out in this movie. May it be that it is a matter of taste whether you like or dislike this movie, but i read an awful lot of comments here about this movie that i think really treated it way to good.

You can say as positive aspects that considering the obviously low budget of the movie the cinematography and some visual effects are quite OK, but this couldn't save the rest for me...I can just say; you are not missing anything not watching this flick!