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If you were alive in the 80s you have at least heard of this show, 7 October 2002

I am so glad to see reruns of this show again. It is so much fun to watch, and it's nostalgic. I like all the characters except for Danny (when he was older his voice sounds....well we won't go there) As the seasons go on, though, Angela and Tony are the main focus of the show anyway. I don't get the whole Billy thing, why do shows always do that? It's almost a guarantee that it's going to be dead in its track within a year or two. Anyway it did run for a long time, and I love the final episode. You get to decide how they end. They need to do a reunion show.

"Friends" (1994)
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The Best!, 7 October 2002

I am surprised to see so many bad reviews of this show. Will let me ask you this, "know-it-alls," Why is it the top rated show in all of America? And don't say it's not because it was the number one show in television this last week. A show in its 9th season, and still number one. I'm sorry but millions of viewers aren't stupid like you're saying they are. The show is just for pure fun and entertainment, and truthfully gets me through the day sometimes. I have purchased all the DVD sets and watch them over and over. Not many other things can make me laugh and smile after repeated viewings. People that are analyzing things such as why no one else sits in the chairs/couches at the coffee house, not knocking on doors before walking in, so on and so on have obviously NEVER seen a tv show in their life. All TV is like that! We like friends because of the familiar setting. Imagine how uncomfortable and time-waisting it would be if they always knocked and waited to be let in the apartments, or sitting at different spots at Central Perk. Well whether or not Friends ends this year, we will always have 9 great seasons that are priceless.

And sorry to the "cynics," but Friends will more than likely never disappear like you desperately claim you want it to. Such popular shows get shown in reruns, and Friends already has top marks on TBS and other channels.

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Fun to watch, 7 October 2002

If you give a bad review of this reunion, the whole TV reunion wasn't meant for you in the first place. It's for previous fans of Growing Pains, who loved the show and had fond memories of it. It's just pure fun to watch them back together again, 8 years later. I did like the whole story line too. The only gripe is the Ben Seaver plothole which I guess they edited out a drinking problem, which makes everything in the movie make a heck of a lot more sense. But nonetheless, it's also fun just to tune it to see how they've all changed. And what about Chrissy!? They show this movie every now and again, so catch it if you're a Growing Pains fan.

My favorite of the series, 16 May 2002

This was the first movie I saw of this series. It got me hooked! Although it seemed really cool back when I was 12 or so, I still like it today. The problems with it are more apparent, of course, but you can overlook them because it's a Freddy movie! It's fantasy, silly, and of course disgusting. I remember always having to close my eyes during some of the death scenes (the cockroach-ew!). I used to be so obsessed with this movie, along with my friends, but others despise it. I think it just depends on the person's personal tastes. Alice is my favorite character of course. She has her own website now and actually e-mailed me back once--my heart stopped! I also have the making of this movie which I found on ebay where the cast and director talk about the special effects, etc. This movie is still fun to watch and it's now 14 years old. Give it a chance and see it if you haven't already!

Spider-Man (2002)
An amazing thrill-ride!, 16 May 2002

WOW, I really loved this movie. I watched the cartoon when I was a kid and everything, but this live action adventure outdoes it for sure! Tobey Maguire was a perfect choice for the main character, and am glad he got the lead. I remember seeing him in Pleasantville with Reese Witherspoon (he knows which movies to do). Well the pacing was really good for the film. Even if you knew nothing about Spiderman you could enjoy the film. There's action, but there's also touching and funny moments. I want it to come out on DVD right now!! But I'm sure it'll be in the theaters for a while now. Go see it!!

"Cosby" (1996)
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Very good!, 2 May 2002

Sorry to all the Cosby show fans out there, but this show is what the Cosby show should have been. I am a child of the 80s and stayed away from the Cosby show. I found it boring and stupid. Just now I noticed this show being played in the mornings and now, finding myself watching it every day. The show really is incredible. The cast works--I think Cosby and Rashad always have that special chemistry. Also surprisingly it has clean humor, which I really like. However it does touch on more real issues. For instance one of the first eps I saw was the one where the girl from Full House (Denise) is having problems with her father (Sinbad) talking to her about sex. Cosby and the daughter also have a conversation about sex, and condoms. But it was done in such a mature appropriate way, talk about quality television. Cosby knows how to do it. The show just works, and I wish I would have known about it sooner. At least I can still catch the reruns now!

Loosing steam, 2 May 2002

This was one of my favorite shows back in high school. It was real, but also had fantasy elements to it (One obviously being Pacey sleeping with a teacher, but it probably happens more than anyone wants to admit). Now in it's 5th season it seems to be loosing steam. It doesn't feel like it's the same show to me anymore. It lost that special part of it that it had in Seasons 1 and 2. I would prefer to watch re-runs of the first 2 seasons than any others. I did however like the 4th season (After the writers realized they needed to get in line after that horrible 3rd season). It paralleled my senior year a lot. If I haven't mentioned already another reason I started watching is because they were in the same grade as I was. So I could really relate. Now I don't really see the show doing well now that everyone's in college. Besides Joey Potter's singing, it's pretty dull. I've started to loose interest this year, but will definitely catch the season finale. I have a feeling next year will be the last season of the show, since that's when the actors contracts are up. I'll always have fond memories of this show.

"Hey Dude" (1989)
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The absolute best, 30 April 2002

It's so hard to describe this show. It was top-notch everything, and I find it interesting that Nickelodeon had something that worked, and then had to change it all. Old nick shows like these aren't shown anymore excluding Rugrats. I hope that they will bring it back, but in the mean time I can enjoy all the 65 episodes on tape, even though they're of poor quality. I like watching them during the summer the most, it's as if it's a time warp to my childhood. Who didn't have a crush on Melody? Who didn't want Brad and Ted to get together? Remember gastrothrombosus? I hope to be able to meet some of the cast members some day, even though it seems no one knows where they're at (Except for Ted and Melody of course.) I recommend this show for all ages, this timeless TV show will never age.