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Entertaining, Emotional, NOT a Documentary
29 June 2004
Even when you pull out tiny truths in the overpublicized gossip that streams through Michael Moore's film, you never get a sense that his complete view on the subject of the War on Terrorism is anything other than anger and resentment. With most of the film's positive criticism actually coming from Moore himself, it disturbs me to think that this flick could become anything more than some left-wing sliver's conspiracy take on the topic. Documentaries tend usually to get a firm grip on what has actually happened, based on facts and found footage on more than one aspect of a situation; in other words an actual 'document' into the events. Moore's offering only supplies the viewer with edited footage and tidbits of comparison videos to get his and only his idea across. Seeing this movie only reminded me of the same sad and pathetic attempts made in "Bowling for Columbine" to blame all of the world's problems on Conservative politics. It also reminds me of propaganda; which, oddly enough, is shunned by Moore and other "Fahrenheit" zealouts whenever it seems to appear as the voice of any average corporation. By all means, if you think the flick is good, call it a good flick. But if it endorses an idea so obviously tainted by the filmmaker, it is NOT a Documentary and shouldn't be honored as such.
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Malevolence (2003)
well done horror film.
24 June 2004
If you're looking for talented actors, superb dialogue, and excellent character development... maybe Malevolence isn't your movie. However, if you want to be scared out of your chair, biting your nails or get another great slasher flick under your belt, see this movie. Mena's brilliant score moves very smoothly along with Kimoto's cinematography, the villain is almost a solid example of the typical deranged killer (always nice), and to be honest, the story isn't too cheesy to enjoy. All in all, Stevan Mena has put together a very good slasher film. The mediocre acting, predictable falls from key characters and the sociopath murderer all fall into place to make a great scary movie; and on top of that, it's an original idea! You don't get too many of those from indie filmmakers in Wilmington.

Hell, I can't wait for the sequel.
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The Core (2003)
Good use of creative engineering
5 January 2004
this is a great popcorn flick, pure and simple. it's got action, suspense, drama, comedy, and it gives a decent stab at overcoming the obvious obstacles of getting to the center of the earth. i mean, michael bay would've left it at 'nasa's had these spaceships for awhile now'. at least amiel made the attempts to provide reasons for rock-vaporizing rotating lasers surrounded by an indestructable material called "unobtainium". i like that i can bring my little sisters to see the movie as well, because the only really 'bad' word was said by stanley tucci towards the end of the flick. and that's alright because, well, come on it's stanley tucci. the film is brilliantly done; almost even, to my caliber. those of you who whine and cry about a movie that more than entertains the general public simply because it bends or breaks a few rules in possibility should lighten the hell up. it's called sci-fi for a pretty self-explanatory reason, and if you can't handle creative thought you should mosey yourself over to a disney remake instead.
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at least it's not leno
30 December 2003
i like this show. maybe it's the pseudo-tech lingo or the way offbeat humor. i personally like late night shows where the host doesn't wear a tie and the hostess, well exists first and foremost. martin's funny, laura's hot and funny, and the guests are always entertaining and informative. give letterman a break for a night and try sargent's show. he's almost as funny, and says 'porn' at least once within the first five minutes.
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Air Bud: Spikes Back (2003 Video)
As if one wasn't enough.
24 June 2003
ho lee crap. why did this get made? on top of crappy dog-spiking-the-ball effects, air bud 5 also tries to make us think anyone cares about competitive beach volleyball. sure, the activity is fun, and could be the basis of a bad episode of bay watch, but it isn't a movie. the movie also has a substory in which bud unwittingly steals a big diamond. that's great, only for the fact that it eliminates the chances of "air bud: k-9 catburglar" getting made. on the plus side, slower kids might like it because the dog does things that a normal dog wouldn't do. the smarter kids would say 'big deal', as he proved that when he dunked a basketball over five years ago. my opinion is, let the dog eat his alpo, shoot some hoops for old times sake and live out the rest of his life minus the well-digging, third-rate, kid-grabber sequels.
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Evil Dead: Hail to the King (2000 Video Game)
scary stuff in there...
2 May 2002
If you can't get Raimi and Tapert to make ED4, you might as well buy this game as it's just as awesome. I hate those freakin' ghouls!
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